( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a living??

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Roper, Dec 11, 2003.

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    Hey Salmon Candy:

    Perhaps we should do some networking over our flyrods sometime. I have a few clients in the small business/estate planning category. (see my post above)

    Where are you located?


    Willy Gevers

    Hope you will have a fishing experience like the one in Luke Chapter 5:6-11 ! :)
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    This is one incredible amount of posting from everyone!! I knew we were all over the spectrum of employment and this just proves it. Thanks for all the input everyone. I think im going to stay on the train for now and see what happens over the next year or two at the most, then pursue something I find....unless something falls in my lap between now and then. I actually just got this new position a few months back as a business analyst and it may work its way into a position that is what I am looking for?? Only time will tell??

    100 responses!! :thumb

    ~Patrick ><>
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    ( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a livin...

    I thought since everyone else was posting I should to.
    I recently went through a major change also. I was a chef for over 20 years, I worked it all from greasy spoons to cooking for President's, (not that much difference there) cooked at a fly in lodge in B.C. for a few years and even owned my own place for a few years.
    About 6 years ago I noticed there were not a lot of grey hairs in the old kitchen so I went back to school and got a degree in CAD which has translated into a pretty good gig. Now I am a Project Manager/Move Coordinator for a large areospace electronics firm here in Redmond. The pay is better, the hours are less and I get pretty flexible hours working around the projects that are going on. Do miss cooking? I still cook at home for the wife every night which earns me lots of time fishing and cushions the blow when I buy a new rod or boat or whatever I think I might need.
    Bottom line do what you love, and hope that leaves some time for work.:smokin
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    ( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a livin...


    I too work behind a computer the majority of the day and a few years ago I too started to get those pains. To help ease some of those aspects I started laying a course in which I would be able to do a day or two of my work by working remotely from the main office. This helps free you up from some of the monatany but also saves you some valuable travel time as well.

    From there I then started saving up and got a small cabin on the east side of the Cascades a short drive from the Yakima river (that I sold to my wife as being a good fix up/investment for the future). In that area you also have potential for renting it to aid in the additional payments if needed. The 4 full seasons and change of scenery has really helped break things up a bit. I did plan it so that it is a resonably close drive from Seattle but it is also in a place that offers high speed access and most importantly a break from the busy west side.

    About two years after I started planning this I am now able to work a day or two a week from there and still sneak down to the Yakima for the morning or evening hatch. I know this is not an answer for a completely knew carrer/occupation but I have found that it has revived me with my job and opened up a lot of new time to better enjoy living. I have to say that it has really helped reduce a lot of stress that was building up from the 5+ day grind.

    I must also admit that this was my Plan B, which I started planning after Plan A of winning the lottery didn't seem to be getting any closer.

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    ( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a livin...

    I deal drugs!!
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    ( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a livin...


    hey do you work for the state or feds?

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    ( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a livin...

    Hey Patrick,

    I got my BS in Enviornmental Science down here in Oly and started going work for construction company in San Diego doing monitoring work of the construction guys...watching them making sure they didn't do to much hard to the enviornment...have worked the last couple of years doing the same thing but with Natural Gas Pipeline project in Southern CA, NV, AZ and love the work but its kind of spotty when nothing it happening....but it gives me time to fish and live off what I make during the past couple months....speaking of which...need to go fishing sometime this week...

    !!! so to anyone that is out there I am looking for work as we speak!!! Know any biologist work to be had...would move to other state other than WA to do it :thumb ...... lol

    Take it easy

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    ( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a livin...

    Better late than never, making a change in what we do is not always an easy transition or a matter of our own choosing. I spent 20+ years in advertising; radio, TV, print and cable TV. I thought I would always be doing that but things changed. Won't bore you with details.

    Now I work as a mortgage consultant, for Pacific Northwest Lending, out of an office in Kingston. Only five of us in this branch office.
    I can only say I wish I had started doing this a long time ago. It is very challenging and interesting work.

    Actually it's more fun than anything I've ever worked at before. I don't punch a clock, I ride the ferry everyday (when I go to the office, I can work from home too) meet many kinds of folks and I can work anywhere in WA or OR.

    As a mortgage brokerage firm, we get to custom design financing options that do more than just offer a lower interest rate. Sometimes it's like being a detective when you start putting all the pieces of a program together, that keeps it very interesting, to me at least.

    And I will have more opportunities to get out and fish on weekdays, as a result, +++++.

    So, anybody needs to refinance or buy a home for the first time, get in touch, we'll talk about what your goals and needs are, and I'll roll up my sleeves and see what we can do.

    Change can be painful, very, but it can also be a blessing.

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    I figured I would also post another late reply to this topic. Currently I work for Dunn Lumber in Bellevue. It is a great place to work if you have no aspirations of being anything other than a lumber salesman. Right now I am going to school at the University of Phoenix to earn a BS in Business Management. I have about 1 year left of school and currently I have thought a lot about hunting for another job. Dunn Lumber is a great company, but if I ever want to get into a managment job, I need to get with a company that has more advancement opportunities. We'll see what happens. Like I said, in the summer I plan to actively pursue other job possibilities.


    "10% of the anglers catch 90% of the fish." Happy fishing!
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    Well, I just finished up a career with the Coast Guard
    doeing Search and Rescue operations, some law enforcement,
    marine safety, and other stuff. Overall really enjoyed
    what the CG is about - just hated the politics and the
    games of some individuals who had no business being in
    it. I learned thru the CG that I really enjoy teaching
    and coaching (actually doing volunteer work with Special
    Need Kids - and coaching soccer). Was only able to pick
    up a couple years of college along the way. I'm currently
    in limbo land right now, trying to figure out how to put
    everything in one basket and keep a family together at
    the same time (currently being put under a lot of
    pressure even with a modest pension). In the mean time
    have written an article and putting a book together on
    fly-fishing - (really do enjoy teaching and sharing)
    Hoping it will all lead to some type of outdoor career working with kids, adaptive physical education,
    something along those lines - I'm actually finding out
    it's a little bit tough staying at home - definately
    domistically challenged! Patience is a tough thing when
    you have a lot of energy. Once you find your dream job
    hang on to it - no matter how much money you make,
    truly it's not the money that counts (even though it is
    a necessary evil so to speak).
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    full time grad student chasing a career in troutology, school can be cool, but as a wise friend said, fish first. let me know if you or anyone else is looking for an apprentice fishing anything. best of luck to you and thanks for the past fishing advice, as soon as i get to put it to use, i'll let you know the results.
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    Well you know it's never too late...up untill last June I was working as an aircraft mechanic since 1990. 4 years in the navy and the last 8 at a company called TRAMCO. I too made a career change. I have always wanted to become a wildlife biologist since my high school days now I'm attending YVCC. Although my wife and myself have decided to move back to Lake Stevens here very soon and I'll attend EVCC then off to WSU.

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    not on the subject but "piscean" what winery do you work for? i got out of ewsc(now ewu) in 1966 and taught science and math at othello for 30 big ones. i have fished most of the 70+ lakes in the basin and some were not good. now i am a subcustodian, truck driver, and sell fire wood in my spare time. i am having a blast, working when i want or need to buy a toy, and playing when it is the best time to play.
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    Hope I don't incur the wrath of those who may have been "wronged by the system," but I am the Chief Criminal Deputy of a county prosecutor's office.

    Spent a few years prosecuting meth cooks, and dealers, then moved up to prosecuting sex offenders for a couple of years. Prosecuted just about everything in between over my 10 year career, and now I'm sort of the administrator/go-to guy for the rest of the prosecutors in the office.

    Being a courtroom lawyer was what I always wanted to do, after professional ski racer and studio drummer, of course, and prosecution keeps me in the courtroom on a daily basis.

    The money sucks, but my quality of life more than makes up for it. I put in some long days, but I'm pretty much over the learning curve, so It's mainly a 8-5 job for me. I keep a spare setup and waders in the trunk and frequently fish a local river that's about 10 minutes away from the office during my lunch hour. It's amazing what 30 minutes of fishing can do for your day.

    At the end of most days I can look back and truly see that I have helped the people of the State by putting away a drug dealer, thief, child molester, and yes, sometimes even a poacher. Our county has a large elk and deer population, and a major salmon & steelhead destination river, so we have our share of fish and wildlife cases. My six year old son is impressed that I work with the police and put bad people in jail. He likes to watch me on the "Here comes the judge show" on the TV channel that shows Supreme Court arguments. It's rather easy (and fun) to impress a six year old.

    I've done a bit of teaching on the college level, and fantasize about an early retirement as a college instructor in a Montana college/fishing town. Either that or build a lodge-style house in Packwood with a bunch of cabins I rent out to skiers in the Winter and fishermen in the Summer. Do some local guiding and tie some flies.

    That's it for me.