NFR Lasik ?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by JasonG, Jan 7, 2012.

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    I'm 60 and in the same situation. One eye is still perfect but the other has gradually changed over 15 years to 20/40. Once I started wearing readers I got tired of taking them on and off a hundred times a day and gave up and went with bifocals on the bottom and clear on top, except for the correction on one eye. The super light weight materials they make lenses out of today make wearing glasses much less of a hassle.
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    Hands down, PCLI... these guys are world class bar none. from the moment you walk in, there's no comparison. post op care is just as phenomenal too.
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    Not me - but two people at work I know did just this (the different corrections for the two eyes), the first one it came out great, didn't need glasses anymore for anything, the second, it just didn't produce clarity either near or far, and he went in for a second surgery as soon as he could (make both eyes for far sight) - wears glasses for reading/tying.

    Small sample size, but it seems the results vary. I do not know why.
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    Make sure to barter the price down like buying a car. I knocked the price of mine down by a mortgage payment last January. If they do not like it, go somewhere else. I did it at Lasik plus and know there are in the Seattle area.
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    What does it cost?
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    PCLI says $1500 an eye. That gets you all the pre-op stuff, free enhancement for life, etc. I know clearly lasik (now king lasik) does it differently where they let you select more ala carte i.e. if you want free enhancement for life, it costs x-amount, surgery using a specific method cost y-amount etc. Some folks like to do it that way, but it wasn't for me. I felt kind of like it was a combo of getting a gym membership and buying a used car.

    If you have a flexible spending account and they allow expenses for this, use it. That way you can use pre-tax money for this expense and save essentially your regular tax rate on it all. It takes a little more planning since FSA's usually have specific enrollment periods, etc. but worth the 10%-35% savings.
  7. Jeff Studebaker Kayak Fly Angler

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    Mine was 60,000 Baht for both eyes, including a dozen follow-up appointments over the next year.
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    My health insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, covered all but $300.00 of it per eye. So i can't give you a total out of pocket , as in, you're paying for all of it yourself, estimate.
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    I had mine done by Coal harbour up in Vancouver..they did most of the guys off the canuck hockey team so seemed like a good call...They were 1500 an eye..all pre and post visits included and free tune ups if you need them..
    I had "touch less" as I was near blind...takes longer to heal but no regrets...I'm 20/15 20/20 now...It amazes me to sit on the side of a river and see all the leaves on the tree's etc.

    Need readers but I'm getting over the hill and was told that was gonna stay the same...

    Only regret is I didn't do it a helluva lot sooner..
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    Had mine done in Utah six years ago. Still see 20/15 in both eyes. Incredible upgrade to quality of life. Some of the best money I ever spent, right along with my fly tying vice.
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