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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by paulyr, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. Hey all,
    I am looking for an inexspensive used or new lawnmower. Just bought a house and planning for Spring. If any of you know of one or have one, shoot me an email at or respond this post from 7am-4pm.
    Perferably looking for one with a catcher.
    Thanks guys......:beer2: CHEERS
  2. Good thinking Paul, since lawn mowing season is just around the corner.

    As someone who's owned several mowers over the years, I suggest that you suck up the initial cost, cut to the chase, and buy a Honda. They're absolutely bulletproof. I've got one that's heading into its 8th season, already outlasting any other mower I've ever owned. I spent two or three times as much on a series of cheap mowers as I would if I'd just bought the Honda in the first place.

    Try looking on Craigs' List for a used one . . .

  3. They have honda's at coscto right now. Whatever you get, I recommend a mulching type. Bagging get's old, then you have to deal with the clippings. All I do now days is mulch unless I'm tackling extra long thick and wet grass for some reason... (you can still mulch in those situations, just take multiple passes, starting with your mower set high off the ground and lower it each pass)
  4. I truly wish I could go get a new one, however this is our first house and we're broke. Sell me your at a good rate and upgrade!!:D
  5. I've got one for free in Issaquah. It's no prince, but it's free!

    It runs (most of the time). We've had our disagreements, and I haven't fired it up in awhile.

    No catcher. It's a mulcher.

    I've switched to the old school no motor push style, so it's collecting dust in the shed.
  6. No, I think I'll keep mine thanks! But it sounds like Stokes' offer might be a good one. Take in for a tune up now and avoid the rush once the weather warms and lawns start growing again.

  7. Got one for free- just about to set in out on the street with a "free sign". We just bought a house, old owner left it (I've already got one) fired it up once, ran, however, definitly needs tuneup/work. It has been stored outside for the last ~ 2 years. Has catcher. Only catch- I'm out in Port Angeles- good excuse to come out to fish (hopefully later this month)... Chad
  8. How are you liking that? I have always thought it would be cool to get a reel style mower, but I have heard there is a lot of hassle keeping blades sharp and stuff... Way cheaper too.
  9. No problems....I blow the grass out of it after use and oil it now and then. Haven't had to sharpen it yet. Not that I know how at the moment, but I'll figure it out.

    My lawn isn't that big so it's just as easy to use my own motor.
  10. Hey Stokes,
    I'll take it.........give me an email @
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