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  1. OK, every year, since I was a teenager, I go with my Dad, Brother, and Dad's co-worker to fish Nunnally and Lenice. It's become a tradition. When I was younger, I remember fishing Bobby & Merry as well. Since the creek system changes every year, Bobby as since rolled into Nunnally, and Merry looks to be almost over-grown, but still fishable. This is all based on recent Google Maps images. This year, we are going in early April. What I plan to do is start at one end of either Lake, Nunnally or Lenice, and walk the distance between to hook up with Merry to fish it, then walk to second distance to finish the link. I plan to start at Nunnally most likely, as the wind typically blows there from the West direction. I've always wanted to fish the lake system within the creek there, hitting Nunnaly, Merry, and Lenice. My question is, how accessible is Merry? I am taking my Madison Creek Pontoon, but also have a float tube. I am very familiar with Nunnally and Lenice, its the area between, surrounding Merry that I'm hopeful that it is still accessible some how, without too much overgrowth to push in with my pontoon. I've attached my plan for reference, and I'm basing my plans for Merry from Google Maps image. I know I will need to walk the distances between Merry from/to Lenice & Nunnally.

    Looking for information on how accessible Merry is still?
  2. Just realized my image didn't upload.....
  3. I hiked into the east end of Merry two weeks ago to check it out since I had previously only fished Lenice. Excessive bushwacking and army-crawling under branches required, limited shore access, quicksand-like mud and the lake is very shallow and weedy with no fish activity seen or found in the few casts I made. There could be a few fish in there, but with the very limited access I wouldn't say it's worth fishing.

    Here's what Merry looked like from the canyon. Can't say I'd go back, but it was a nice desert hike along the rim before you drop down to bushwack to the lake, and I did get to watch a pair of coyotes for a while that were hunting back and forth on the trail by the creek.

    Bobby looked like pretty limited bank access as well. Did see a few float-tubers hooking up there though.

    Lenice seemed to have the most action from the float tubers I observed. There is a nice sandy shelf with backcast room at the east end of Lenice where the creek comes in, I've had luck stripping streamers from the beach there. That's what I'd recommend if you're banking it, but if you really want numbers at these lakes, use the float tube.

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  4. wow- it's really changed over the years. Last fall we past thru Nunnally into Bobbi and went in a good distance. At times thinking we were in Merry, but highly doubtful. Tube or boat fishing for sure. caught some nice fish in Bobbi. As a point of reference for Merry from the road: There are a series of radar and what look like satelite dishes on the south ridge of the saddle mountain (on the side where the ATV's do their thing). You will have already past the last Nunnally lot. Anyway there is a vague overgrown roadon the left in line with the satelite dishes on the ridge and Merry is right in line with this as well.
  5. I haven't heard anything good about Merry. I too walked down to the east end, which used to be about 3-4' deep. Th inlet has changes and there is quite a bit of exposed sand. Last time I fished it I didn't even get a bump. I would stock with Nunnally, Bobby & Lenice. Bobby is some interesting water with a lot of character. I have caught some very nice fish out ot it.
  6. A friend and I tried fishing Merry & Bobby last year no fish lots of biting bugs damn walk was hell too I'll stick to Lenice and Nunnally
  7. I remember from past post from years ago that there was a car prowling problem for folks fishing there, as well as for those camping overnight for the morning action. I also heard that a group was arrested for the thieving, after a year or two of complaints. Any reversion to that recently?
  8. Ceviche:

    I thibk those problems go back about 5-6 years ago. I have heard of any problems for the past 3-4 years. Someone did burn a car in the Lenice lot, glass and wire from the tires remains.
  9. Thanks everyone for the input. And Thanks Chaseballard for the recent picture of Merry. I think I'll adjust my plan to fish both Lenice and Nunnally, one SAT. and the other SUN. On SAT. when I need a break from the water on either Lake, I'll walk to Merry and make a call on shore casts (if possible anywhere). Good Stuff!
  10. Not trying to discourage you from Merry but, flyfishing from shore is basically nonexistent. You could use gear. There just isn't the room for a back cast. And, that sandy area you is in the picture has shallow water that tends to be full of weeds.

    Break from the water? What is that.
  11. I knew that comment would be questioned! :D
  12. sad to say but you missed the good times at Merry and Bobby as well. when i first started my days over there like most i went to Nunnally and Lenice first. then i discovered bobby first and finally merry.
    both of those shallow little lakes/ponds were great early in the year. by the middle of june the heat and warm water would slow things down. but the C-mids, damsel, mayfly action was great.
    boy the amount of sand now in merry is something.
  13. I'd say it is too much work to take the pontoon boat into all those locations in one day, but doable in a float tube. As said previously, there is a lot of brush around Merry, and you have to be careful of all those long thorns in the Russian Olive trees/bushes, even branches on the ground. On my last visit to Merry one of those thorns put a hole in one of my float tube bladders, so be careful when brushing up against the tree branches or setting your float tube on the ground.

  14. I agree with the above, the times I hacked through the prickly Russian Olives and overgrown brush, I should've fished Lenice. Seen a lot of broken window glass there....
  15. I definitely do not plan to park at the old lot for Merry & Bobby. Plan now is to fish Nunnally Saturday, Lenice Sunday. Friday when I arrive I'll most likely hit up Nunnally too. Staying at a near by hotel all weekend. I'm thinking Saturday, after I cruise thru Nunnally, I may take a side exploration to Merry to check it out, without the pontoon. See if I can toss the fly from shore, or drag my spinning rod along just for that part. Curiosity wants to know if its fishy; just don't want to ruin my gear and pontoon in the process.
  16. Bobby is still a very viable option. The area called Bobby actually breaks into a number of sub areas. The first (west end) is a pool with current that usually stays open and always has cruising fish. Second is a longer area, not very deep that does choke up. Next is a deeper pool that stays open, and can have good action around the edges. Finally, you get back to the eastern "headwaters" of Bobby/Nunnally. There is creek flow in from Merry, and also a number of springs. Gets really weedy, but water stays cool from the springs. It is great fun to cast into the springs, easy to see, and the fish will crush you fly. But then they head into the weeds, and its game off. Bobby can have some of the best dry fly action in the Nunnally area also as it is shelters, shallow, but has places for the fish to run and hide. And of course, if the wind is howling (gee, does it ever do that there?) Bobby can provide some haven.
    Due to all the weeds and shallow water, it is best to use a pontoon as fins can get really hung up. Don't expect big numbers back there, but a fun diversion from Nunnally.

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  17. Fishing trip went just as expected! Arrived at Nunnally, late Friday afternoon; too windy to really get out and do anything in the Pontoon. With all my additions to the boat (fish finder, electric Trolling motor, and GoPro mount) I spent the evening in a cove, testing my set-up.
    Saturday was perfect; wind blowing form the North, sun, and a little clouds....even sprinkle rain for a couple minutes. Fishing was awesome of course. Captured some good video off the GoPro, now I get to edit it all. Fish ranged from 14" to 18", fat and healthy! I had one fish on, I wish i could get back. It was a Tiger Trout. Beautiful in color, very mature, fought hard, and spit the hook out just as I went to net him. That's what keeps me coming back of course.
    I didn't make it over to Lenice, but I did cover the whole Nunnally Lake; from west to east where the creek enters. Whatever was thrown at the fish, they took...didn't really matter the cover or type, they ate up them flies! Had a friend in the group even trolling with a frog jig, and he was successful. The group made out well on the trip!

    The big observation was how low the water level was in Nunnally, some pockets even the pontoon was dragging through. Talked with one guy fishing who thought it may be from the Columbia being low at Wanapum Dam. Any other thoughts?!?
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  18. It seems most lakes and rivers are lower than average this year. One particular lake I like to fish this time of year always has a waterfall that I enjoy looking at and hearing. It's suspiciously absent this year. While the lakes in question might very well be affected by the drawdown, it seems to be an eastern statewide epidemic this year. Way below average snowpack year. At least in my neck of the desert.
  19. Well, the irrigation canals just started running so maybe some lakes will come up somewhat.

    However, at our cabin at 3000 feet there was NO RUN-OFF this year. Everything just went into the ground and dried up.

    Down at the main house it appears that wildflower season will be a bust due to lack of spring rains.

    Thank God, for the Columbia River and Franklin Roosevelt for Grand Coulee Dam.....otherwise we might be in California!!
  20. Thanks for the report

    Interesting about the lake level

    It is usually lower this early in the season and rises later as irrigation season gets into full swing.

    but sound like it could be lower than normal


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