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  1. Actually swapped the batteries a few weeks ago. No dice. Just going to have to wait til summer to see my garage door at night.
  2. Try turning on your cars headlights, This could be the solution to this lighting crisis. Now if I could just solve the rest of the worlds problems!!!!!!!
  3. Strange turn of the thread... solar powered walkway lights. Oh well, I think the original topic has been beaten to death and the horse just isn't going to get up.
  4. Having fun at the range, shooting varmints, admiring it in a collection, hunting, protection, etc. What's a resposible use for alcohol? As far as I can tell, there are far fewer and yet it's "responsible" for more deaths each year than "assault rifles". For the record I don't own an "assault rifle", and just because you don't own one or understand why responsible gun owners do, doesn't mean they have no good uses.

    Probably the best feasible solutions (or things that would help) I've seen on the various threads are more strict requirements for obtaining guns (license to own, metal health tests, etc), a required safe if you own more than X number of guns (and possibly for any high capacity semi-auto weapons), more security at schools. Not sure I've seen it, but maybe you need to show your gun ownership "license" in order to buy ammo. I could be wrong but it seems many times these shooters steal these guns (don't own them) and obtain ammo through commercial outlets.
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  5. Just exercised my right again...took less than 30 minutes...there are still a couple of things about WA I still like ;)
  6. Second what Tom said, Craig. We regularly stored a ton or more in our barn, and diesel was all over the place. No problem getting more, either.
  7. People who need nitrates and buy it get looked at. People who try to buy it but have no history of it, don't own a farm or work on a farm, or who the seller does not know at all, get looked at big time. You just didn't notice. Ask the guy who sold it to you.

  8. Nah, small town where everybody knew everybody else. We've had the place since we got in from Spain in the late 1700's though, down in CA in Yolo county. I doubt anybody even looked up.
  9. Probably not... but if I rolled in and wanted a ton of nitrate they'd look up! :p

  10. The purpose of fragmenting bullets (hollowpoints or similar) is to prevent over-penetration. The media likes to hype them up as being designed to cause maximum devastation when it suits their needs, but really they're so you don't inadvertently shoot through your target and hit an unintended victim. Interestingly, I saw this quote in a news article recently, which was much more accurate:

    "A bill introduced in the South Carolina legislature Tuesday would allow school employees with concealed weapons licenses to carry guns at schools. The bill would require those workers to be certified as marksmen and use only breakable bullets to avoid ricochets."
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  11. Be sure to purchase the good ones that fragment.,14319/

  12. Yet another good reason for a semiautomatic weapon:


    While the mass shootings get front page headline news, its the thousands of these situations that dont get the national news. Please don't let sensationalism override doing the right thing.

    A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government. George Washington

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  13. Sorry to revive this exhausting thread, but I feel compelled to share what is, IMHO, the most thoughtful analysis of the gun violence and gun control issue I have yet read (and I have read many). This is from Sam Harris, who is infamous as a vocal atheist. His conclusion about guns is that we cannot control them because of what I said somewhere in the beginning of this long thread: The gun genie is out of the bottle in the US. These are long articles, but highly recommended no matter what side of the issue you are on:

    Follow-up article answering critics of the first:
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  14. Everyone over-complicates this. We already control some guns successfully: fully automatic weapons. You can't just go to Cabelas and buy one. Most of us could get the permits to own them but we just don't bother. We could do much the same with assault-type weapons.

    The gun lobby likes to get their people motivated under the guise of "they're taking away our guns". No one has to have guns taken away. Just change the permitting process.

  15. I'm working with one local school on improved response planning. When we get it working we will spread the plans to other schools. It is time to stop making schools such an easy target with compliant victims waiting too long for law enforcement response. It is time to change the equation.
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  16. Before younstart discussing current firearms laws please take the time to do

    at least a little research. You cannot get a permit to legally purchase a fully auto matic firearm in the state of Washington or a short barreled rifle or shotgun.

    A few were grandfathered in about 20 years ago here in WA. Good luck finding one.

    Try purchasing a fully auto in Illinois, California, NJ, NJ DC CT, MA .

    I think gun owners are concerned because of the general lack of information by the American public. Plus the average citizen is so Ill informed by gun myths they are easily manipulated by anti gun campaigns like the ones Obama are starting this week in the MSM.

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  17. Wow an actual solution instead of hysterical anti gun hyperbole

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  18. The point of the posting was an example of effective gun control. It works. People who had these guns got to keep them. They can even transfer (sell) them.

    There is no reason why something similar can't work for assault style weapons. Other than knee-jerk claims that "they're taking away our guns".

    I remain convinced that it will take more than one simple "fix". And I think that one facet of the problem is the image of the assault weapon in the hands of a "hero" figure.

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  19. This seems to me to be an unfair depiction of the thread. I have read all the postings and not seen any "hysterical anti-gun hyperbole".

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  20. Ribka, hyperbole be thy name.

    (I note that your hyperbolic and racial attack on our President has been removed from another thread)

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