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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Go Fish, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. I'm going to go home tonight and hug my three year old grandson, and cry for those poor little lost lives.
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  2. You do realize automatic weapons are already illegal right? These so called "assault" weapons you speak of are semi-automatic.
  3. I for once agree with one of your posts! One thing to keep in mind is that back in these times (until the Reagan years) mental health was taken very seriously, and the government provided care and treatment for these types of people. Nowadays, the mentally ill have nowhere to go. Mental health is the first thing on the chopping block when budgets are slashed. Perhaps we should reconsider this tactic.
  4. Thank you for the clarification!
  5. Prayers said and will continue.
  6. Those are already illegal in CT and NJ too (semi-auto long guns ex: .223 AR-15). As were the two 9mm s that fuckhole had.
  7. Heartbreaking.
  8. Agreed. And the new ACA, sadly, does nothing to improve the current sorry state of mental health.
  9. As a teacher at an elementary school who also serves on the safety committee of our school, these things particularly hit home for me. Because of it and my tendency to struggle with an overemphasized sense of empathy I need to back away from these moments in an almost callous way. I can't for a second allow myself to compare these children and teachers to my own students and colleagues. That creates far too powerful and image. Instead I will once again use this as another example of why teaching children powerful coping mechanisms is so important. But regardless of mental health improvement or gun control or better yet bullet control (are the bullets for these things also illegal?) these things will continue to happen now and then. Response then becomes of the utmost importance.

    Take care of yourselves folks and help your kids to be happy but not coddled, there is a line there that is healthy.

    Good luck and I wish you all well. I will be fishing tomorrow...
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  10. How many of the older guys like me remember when many rural HS school parking lots had trucks with a gun rack in the back window with 2 or 3 firearms? My HS was like that in rural Wisconsin. During show and tell in grade school many brought their fathers' deer rifle to class to talk about it. Not one firearms related incident for over 50 years.

    I'm one of the older guys that remembers that. I grew up in NE Oregon. All the boys in school also carried a pocket knife... usually a Cub Scout pocket knife.

    BTW: I'm also a gun owner and they are part of my heritage but I can go either way when it comes to restricting assault weapons. However, the guy at the grade school was using handguns and not an assault rifle.
  11. Reports say 27 dead, including the gunman. A very sad day. I feel badly for the kids in Connecticut and their parents who will have to try to explain this to them. I hope my grandson in first grade doesn't hear about it; sometimes it's just better to wait until kids are a bit older to have to try to explain such things.

    The number dead is just about exactly half the number (58) of murders committed by guns in the whole of last year in the UK. Of course the UK has a much smaller population than the US, so if you prorate the number to be equivalent to what it would be in a population the size of the US, it would be ca. 290. That's a pretty big number.

    In 2010, there were 12,996 murders in the US; 8,775 of them were committed using guns.

    Fortunately the murder rate has been dropping in recent years, but in 2007 there were 12,632 murders committed using guns. However, also in 2007, there were 31,224 suicides committed using guns. Someone mentioned the need for better mental health support in this country. Guns are a way too easy out. Don't give me "they'll just find another way" line It simply isn't true; most other ways have a MUCH higher failure rate.

    I'm a gun owner and hunter. I surely don't want to give up my shotgun and hunting rifles.

    Everyone should understand, however, that second amendment "rights" are negotiated rights. That's why we can't own automatic weapons or shoulder held anti-tank guns. The the government and the courts negotiate to try to find a middle ground that "we the people" find acceptable.

    In my mind, we haven't found the right balance, and need to continue those negotiations. The price we're paying for our current stalemate is too high.

  12. I say:

    -If you have ever been found guilty of a felony, no gun permit.
    -If you have ever been found guilty of assualt and battery, no gun permit.
    -If you have ever been found guilty of beating your wife, no gun permit.
    -If you have ever been found to have certain mental/behavioral problems, no gun permit.
    I'm sure there could be more added to this list.
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  13. Yeah, was the same where I grew up and I'm not that old. I think it was actually technically against school policy then, but no one really gave a shit as long as it was hunting season.

    The handguns were illegal for him to posess. So was the .223 bushmaster they found in his trunk. It's also a criminal offense in CT to whomever let this lunatic get his hands on those weapons since he is under the age of 21. Not sure what the penalty for that is
  14. We have not found that right balance, that's for sure.

    Nor have we found the right balance for care of the mentally ill. It's not just a medicate and counsel it away issue. Young men are loathe to seek medical attention, let alone psychiatric help.

    Psychology should be taught in high school as a mandatory course, along with sex ed, fitness, writing, reading, math and science.

    Recognizing mental illness is a critical skill. Understanding what psychotic or delusional behaviors are, correctly identifying paranoia, depression and dementia seem to be requisite tools for this millenium. At the very least understanding personality disorders could probably save kids from getting bogged down in a lot of heartache with their peers, mates and colleagues.
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  15. The guns he used were legally purchased and owned by his mother. He shot her in the face first thing this morning and then went to her classroom and opened fire. Sounds to me like he hated her so much he wanted to hurt her beyond the killing her.

    This is a pathetic human who should have his body burned and scattered in a random garbage dump.
  16. Today a man in China attacked 22 children with a knife. guess thats not important, exploiting a tragedy is. rules on a piece of paper will never stop a shooter. only another shooter can do that.
  17. Yup, another tragedy. The news report even states that "two were badly injured." A pretty good comparison with the tragedy in Connecticut.
  18. Just a point of clarification: Legal private ownership of fully automatic weapon is a state option. The weapon must be manufactured prior to 1986, a $400 transfer tax paid, be registered with the ATF, and in some states registered with the state. WA does not permit private ownership of such weapons while a majority of states do.
  19. These kinds of people will have Guns ,Knifes or whatever they want no matter what the laws are. Criminals don't follow the laws thats why outlawing guns has no results other than the law abiding citizen will be unarmed. A criminals main goal is to break laws !!!!
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  20. im sorry your right, lets not try and actually stop a shooter. Im waiting for the day that Educators stop helping shooters, and actually try and protect our kids.
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