NFR One Last Look

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  1. Especially good while the Olympics are on.

  2. Thanks for that Leland, I've heard a lot of those quotes on the radio but never saw the video. Makes me wish it was September!
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  3. I have been finding myself re-watching this game over and over again. First NFL game I've ever done that with. Although I have re-watched several of the NFL films games, they do a good job of breaking it down into a manageable bite.
  4. Joke of the day:

    Knock knock.

    Who's there?

    The team that lost the Superbowl.

    The team that lost the Superbowl who?


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  5. Goodnight Sun

    Goodnight moon

    Goodnight Broncos, from the legion of boom!!!
  6. Damn, that was fun !!! Hadn't seen that one before, thanks Leland !!!
  7. Wow-

    Watching that has got me psyched for bluegills and poppers this spring!
    Plop - Strip - Smack - Bam !!!
    "LOB" Legion of Bluegill!

    Thanks for the link Leland, that was fun!
  8. What did you watch after the Super Bowl was over?

    The second half ... :D

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