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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by PT, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Why can't we communicate on this forum without all the profanity? Pretty simple to get your points across to other people posting on this forum without calling someone a b*$#ch. Or telling them to F off. Free speech is great. But, respect is given to those that show respect.

    F this and B that! Use a thesaurus. Maybe you'll learn a new word.

    Better yet, direct your anger at someone who choses to fish a fly under a piece of foam. :thumb:
  2. I love that comment!! PT any posts in particular? I haven't seen something as extreme as you talk about

  3. Just take a look at this post. You know when you're trying to get a 5 year old to express themselves verbally you say "use your words, c'mon just use your words". You say that to them so they will think about what they want to say and then find the right words to convey their thoughts.

    Too many times this is the best an adult can come up with. What a learning TOOL!
  4. There are so many operative 2 or 3 word responses... Trouble is I agree with you totally so I can't use any of them...

    Drove up the Methow today, talked to Greg, just getting off the river with 5 nice trout on dries...WooHoo!
  5. most people do PT, but your always gonna have some clown that does it on purpose just to start crap. i wouldn't sweat it, he doesn't represent a fraction of the people on this board
  6. I had not read that thread. Wow!
    What the... Ok use my words.
    That guy needs may need some help expressing himself in a more descriptive manner. Generally calling someone a bitch = wanna fight?
    Cursing has its place though. For instance, I spent the afternoon saying F'ing Tigers while cleaning the garage. It was kind of theraputic.
    Tigers 6 - Sox 5,

  7. I'm not the internet cop.:thumb:

    Kind of funny. Seems like you can judge many people's age by how they portray themselves online. And no, I'm not 65!:p
  8. Wow, wow, wow!!! I can't believe that comment. That was way beyond the scope of this site. The problem with online communities, is that you get individuals that are repressed in society, but become aggressive online (i.e. losers in society = online jocks)

    Its too bad since with that kind of language, he should duke it out with all the pockedmarked teenagers on yahoo chat. I don't want to encourage that since this individual might be seen later talking to Chris Hansen on Dateline on "To Catch A Predator." Then, this Catholic boy (me), might have to say "Sh*t, I know that guy!!!"
  9. Buddy and I got skunked again today. Probably just him venting a little steam after having fished with me for ANOTHER day!;)
  10. PT,

    Seems I recall that morons have about an 800 word vocabulary. Some folks these days have about a 20 word vocabulary with every fourth word being an expletive. I'm not sure what that makes them, but genius it ain't.

    Communication skills have never been more important, nor more lacking in the populace.


  11. Salmo, I had enough "anitfreeze" flowing thru my system the one time I met you (hmsp) that I missed the next couple days of my life. Giving others a bye is something we should always do. Best of luck getting your back healed and look forward to more info I can put in my fishing folders...

    800 word vocabulary, well... I probably fall into that category. At least I'm smart enough to stay away from Stam's farm animals.:thumb:
  12. He's been tossed, by the way.
  13. I am totally amazed with the way that this site has always been kept decent over the time it's been up and running. Chris and the mod's do an excellent job of keeping the "ne'er do wells" at bay.

    There are so many words to express emotion why use those very few?:confused: Most of these words are so over used that they fail in their purpose to communicate the intended thought. They are often just useless noise.

    Thanks to everyone that dares to be different by eschewing those few words!! :rofl:

  14. I'd like to say I'm sorry if I had typed words that are not exceptable on this site.
    Sometimes we just need to vent a little. Oh, the other excuse is I used to be a logger.
    I had a great afternoon in the Teanaway Saturday, check out the pictures.

  15. Your past "bad" words will only be excused if you PM me the exact location where those nice fish were taken.:thumb:
  16. Personally I don't mind the language being spiced a bit here and there. The line is crossed when that's all you have to offer and use it in a context that's belligerent.

    I have some changes in the works that should mitigate the impact of such personalities. It will also lift those within the community that come with something to offer.
  17. As I stated before, I don't mind the bad language if it's just mixed within a conversation. But in the past it seems to be contagious. One person starts cussing in one thread, then people see it as being acceptable in other threads, then it gets to be pretty common. Then after a while you see it disappear and things get back to normal.

    I just brought this up to try and point out this is a place of many visitors and the words that are written should be thought out and delivered in a somewhat respectful (of others) manner. Just like walking thru the mall. People should show some respect.

    Now Mingo on the other hand. He can type whatever he wants because I never read his crap anyway. I just like to check out his reels and assorted fly boxes.:eek:
  18. PT
    I didn't put an X marks the spot but if you check the trips & pics I do kinda tell ya just where to go.
    You don't mind if I tell ya where to go do ya?
    Dirty Dog
  19. 33 posts in 2.5 years .... Have to wonder aloud why did he signed up in the first place?:confused:
  20. Don't know. Don't care.

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