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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by PT, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. I'll check out the trips page. And no I don't mind you telling me where to go. :thumb: I've probably already heard it before and didn't listen then either.:p
  2. Giving nymphers a hard time is a hate crime, just thought I would let you know:cool:
  3. Some people just like to sit back and watch. :cool: I do the same at parties. :clown:
  4. iagree

    When I read posts like that, my first thought is something along the lines of, "Does your mommy know you are using her computer?" And, I find it hard to attach any credibility to whatever follows, i.e., don't care...

    Well put Chris, I could not agree more.
  5. Shoot, dude, I thought we were going to fish together some time; looks like my 699 word vocabulary and my foam will be fishing sans PT! :)
  6. Crap? Crap? I pity the fool..................................................:rofl: :rofl:
  7. Salmo said it pretty well. I need to find the other 750 words that are hiding somewhere in my vocabulary before spouting off like this. I just listed 51 words I use in my own vocabulary and if I find 750 more that would put me just past the moron stage.

    I bet I could find a couple hundred different ways of asking someone to hand me another beer.:thumb:
  8. PT my man! Now you want to come on a free website in the good ol' USA and convince us real sly- like (politically correct delivery with heart string tugs) that we should all stop swearing or"profaning" when we post. I think that IBN and Scoones and the rest of the moderating reaction team do a hell of a job letting us be fishermen and worse yet, silly flyfishing addicted men. Scoones has a quick hook and will park someone's ass in a New York minute if it gets out of hand. Which in translation is a bunch of overgrown kids running around on rivers with 700 dollar spey rods instead of cane poles and bobbers which a bunch of us started with. It is a hobby that we all love and is a part of our life. This site is an extended verstion of it. We drink, we swear, we argue, we fight, we laugh and we cry. Then we piss on the fire and get ready to do it again the next morning at first light buddies again. Its fishing. Quit trying to screw up something perfect, corporate America tries to live by those bullshit standards and then they all pay 500 bucks a day so they can go fishing and cuss a little bit and do what we do all the time. The site isn't British flyfishing or I wear tweed and fish cane and inherited 50 million from my Mum and Da who used to hang out with the Queen, its Washington Flyfishing. We don't bitch when you don't swear do we? We're easy like that in the Evergreen state:rofl: :rofl: I just want everyone to get along and show the love.

    From now on out I promise I will work on my shitty swearing habit.:beer2: Coach
  9. PT, did my wife put you up to this...?:clown:

  10. Coach, you don't know me. And please, don't pretend that you know my motives. It was a simple thread I started. More than once when the internet cops have jumped on someone for posting something, or more recently, when Leland posted a trip from the Orvis shop and others bashed him for a topic that would benefit the shop (they are a site sponsor) my comment to said idiot was let the mods do their job. I agree that the moderators here do a great job. Don't read more into what I've said than what was actually said.

    All I brought up was that we can get our points across without some of the bashing/bad language/etc. that takes place from time to time. I've read enough of your stuff to know that you are passionate about your opinions and from time to time take things "over the top" to get your point across. So be it. But, if you have to use profanity just to make your point then in my eyes you don't have much to contribute.

    This isn't coming from someone that wants to censor anyone's free speach. It was just a guy pointing out that we can show each other a bit of respect in regards to the communication that goes on here.

    I'm no Greener and haven't spent much time at a desk with some lefty professor spewing his agenda at me. Just one person's opinion here. Isn't that what many folks such as yourself fought for?
  11. "Which in translation is a bunch of overgrown kids running around on rivers with 700 dollar spey rods .... We drink, we swear, we argue, we fight, we laugh and we cry. Then we piss on the fire and get ready to do it again the next morning at first light buddies again."

    Coach - you got a mouse in your pocket? That's all I can figure when you say "us" and "we"... ;)
  12. Pt I don't have to know you to know that this profanity thing is attempted 5 times a year and goes nowhere, so I thought I'd have some fun. I guess you are the guy to change the world. Show me to the Cool-Aid James Jones! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Whatever. Coach
  13. Yeah, I'd say he did a pretty good job with both the Flyfishing Goddess threads you started. . .
  14. Did you buy that hat like that in Bellevue, or is is all folded up and bent just right from years in the bush chasing steel? Just wondering. As far as the fishing Goddess goes, it was kind of sad that she can strike fear into grown assed men through a computer screen. Most of the fellas (some of whom she has gone after for years) got a good laugh and toasted her crazy ass. Then they forgot about it. There is a reason she quit guiding. Some of us (PT ;) winking back at ya) pissed ourselves and pleaded to have the 115 pound internet "boogieman" stopped before their nightmares started again.:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :confused: It was fun for a day, so why bring it up now "cowboy"? Coach
  15. Fly fishers as a group have a reputation for being a bit judgemental of other's behaviour, whether it be in the manner of fishing or personal conduct. Obviously not necesarily true of all, but it occurs frequently enough for that label to be commonly assigned. I personally don't care whether or not someone uses a little off-color language. It does not affect me in any significant way, so I have no reason to try and prevent or discourage it. I enjoy the diverse range of personalities out there, and I like to let people be who they are as long as it doesn't impact me.
  16. F#$k this s@#t, man! WTF is wid' all these peeps, b!#$hing about how's we gotta' talk, walk our talk, here mo#$erf$%%^ or anywheres what's wid this sh$% anyhow? Who the F needs more vocabulary man? Anybody wid' a command of language or sh&* or command of anything man, can get the fu$%^^ point across widout a hole lotta' words, ya' know what i'm saying, man, ya' know WTF I'm sayin'? Whoa dude, like ya' fu#$^& know whadimean? who needs 800 words?

  17. Do you hang around 2nd and Pike? I hear that all the time LOL Word to ya mutha!
  18. Well put Salmo g....:rofl: :rofl:
  19. Coach, I'll leave it at this. In a couple of your posts in this thread you've spoken for me, attempted to brand me, and somehow you think you "know" me or my type. Well, you don't. It's easier to just jump on someone who's point you may disagree with than acknowledge that maybe they do have a valid point even if their opinion is different than your own. Having read enough of your posts I do realize that concept is one you just don't get.

    I'm not looking to change this forum. Just thought I'd give my opinion on one issue. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Tight lines.:thumb: :thumb:

  20. :thumb::rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ptyd

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