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  1. Everybody shut the fuck up! Get off your fat asses, log off and go fish. My God! Pussies fighting on the internet, take a step back and look at yourselves. Shame.

    The Fly Fishing Syndicate
  2. That was harsh!! All I know is that at least the Mariners didn't let Ichiro get away. Thier past has been to act as a farm club for great players like Ken Griffey, Randy Johnson, A.Rod and just let them shine elsewhere. Wow, they can make good decisions!!!
  3. Thanks. My intent was not to bash the Coach. He calls it like he sees it. Got to admire that in a person these days. :thumb:

    Without all the different personalities here this place would be pretty boring. Now if we could just get Mr. Lawless back......
  4. I'd love to but have to work. Probably be out on the salt this evening though.:thumb: Is that good enough for you?;)
  5. Nice timing. Slippery mentions the 'lowest common denominator' and SAK shows up. Did you guys plan it that way??????
  6. Blow Hard. That is someone who is full of shit really. Now the last guy I taught to steelhead with a fly hooked 12 and landed 8 in his first winter on the Skagit. This is going once a week, sometimes two from January 1 to closure. His first steelhead to a fly was a 17-18 pound wild hen. He learned who to spey cast in the same time period. That's not too bad. He was a good trout fisherman, but hadn't caught a steelhead in three years of trying, including a couple 500 dollar trips with a few of the "untouchables" in our state. Those are guides who half of you run around asking to sniff their jockstraps, but hey, we need jocksniffers too in this world. Is catching fish everything in flyfishing? Hell no, but walking around in 24 degree weather getting skunked isn't a whole lot of fun is it ladies? Right now I am figuring out the bluewater thing here in Hawaii. I have one book by Trey Combs, made two phone calls and I'll tell you how it goes next week with my 2 - 12 weights and the 17 foot Whaler. The biggest bone I have caught is 32 inches since I've been here, but they are tough, big and the numbers aren't great. I fish every day here whether it be ten minutes in a canal or 8 hours on some flats. I have a lot of fun watching you clowns take yourselves seriously on a daily basis. I am a pretty decent flyfisherman, and a pretty good football coach. This site is supposed to be fun and if getting the geek nation army revved up and going after Coach Duff is fun, then bring it on! My white glove is ready. See ya, I'm chasing bones today.
  7. Too much $ in guided trips...
    $1000 rod and reel....
    50 cent home tied fly....
    $50 tank of gas....

    My first fly-caught steelhead with Coach Duff.......Priceless

    P.S. please save the crying about my error in gently lifting this baby out of the water for the quick picture. She swam away just fine.

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  8. Just another day for someone who listened to the blowhard.;) Hurts doesn't it ladies.:beer2:

    And Porter, we (Warriors) quit playing BYU when they left the WAC years and went over to the Mountain West. The last time we played them they were 11-0 and they left here with a 77-32 ass kicking. The forward pass is legal now buddy.! Your old coaching buddies Knute Rockne and Alonzo Stagg say hello!:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Got kind of quiet out there didn't it?

    Really, really quiet out there. Hmmmmmmmm.............
  9. :rolleyes:
  10. Hey Coach, ease up on the smilies, my retinas hurt just listening to you.

  11. Coach, just wondering where the insecurity comes from so that you have to be "over the top, let me say whatever the F** I please, and then toot your own horn to proclaim your greatness as a guide. When the thread is working it's way into obscurity you ask why us ladies have no answer to your questions.

    The reasons why there are no responses is because at this point there is no dialogue. Your "white glove" will become yellow in a hurry because there is no one left to play with on this forum other than yourself! Sometimes "safe sex" is in the palm of your hand.... Keep that glove on!
  12. I just can't believe you people 71 replies on a NFR thread. Go fishing or just take a drive and get away from this stupid computer.


  13. Amen Jim! Finally, you made some damn sense you old coot! Gonna be in your hood next week, you should send me your 406 number so I can come drink your beer!

  14. Yeah, Ya'll best go get a room...:eek:
  15. it is funny ain't it??? Tuna Friday and Sat, bye ,
  16. Sometimes when I don't get enough fishing time in, I stroll into the bathroom at work, walk up to the urinal and hold down the handle. I close my eyes and pretend I'm in the mountains fishing a deep pool below a waterfall of crystal blue and foaming white water. My first cast is a beauty, rolling out perfectly, placing my fly gently on the water 4 feet upstream of a rising monster cutthroat. The cutthroat gracefully darts toward my fly. Just as I'm ready to set the hook the asshole in the next stall lets one rip and I run into the hallway screaming ROCK SLIDE ROCK SLIDE!!!!!! :rofl:
  17. Super funny!
  18. :rofl: :rofl:
  19. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :beer2: Coach
  20. I can't believe I just read four pages of this bullshit....I'm one big FUCKING loser.

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