(NFR) PS Steelhead ESA listing?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by ChrisW, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. OK I am totally going on memory here, I seem to remember a proposal being considered to list Puget Sound Steelhead under the Endangered Species Act?

    But on a recent search I couldn't find anything. Did I imagine this?

    With year after year of declining runs it seems that this is at least a worthy discussion to be having.

  2. A petition was filed in Sep 04 to list PS steelhead as either Threatened or Endangered. In spring 05, NOAA made a finding to review the petition and began a "12-month" Status Review in order to make a listeing decision (the 12 months timed from the Sep 04 petition). That made a final decision due in Sep 05. Guess what? NOAA missed its deadline; nothing to get upset about, pretty par for the course really.

    NOAA has said a decision is forthcoming soon. It has been a bit tied up in the whole anadromous/resident O.mykiss issue that NOAA has been wrestling with on all of the existing steelhead listings. NOAA has proposed a policy wherein resident rainbows and anodromous steelhead will be counted as seperate populations for the purposes of listing decisions (that's a whole 'nother debate). I believe we are in the middle of the puboic-comment process for that proposal. When that is over and the new policy is finalized, we will see revised listing decisions for all currently listed ESUs (apparently no changes except that Upper Columbia steelhead - Methow/Entiat/Wenatchee populations - will be downgraded to Threatened from Enadangered, another whole 'nother debate), and everyone expects to see the PS listing decision to come out at that time, Jan or Feb probably.

    This post will probably prove me wrong, but I beleive it would be hard to find anyone serious who doesn't believe a listing for PS steelhead is biologically warranted. It's hard to tell at this point, though, whether that would stop NOAA from denying the petition.

    A listing for PS steelhead will probably be little skin off any angler's nose, as the Stilly, Sky, and other PS rivers will probably never reopen for wild winter steelhead regardless, and the Skagit will probably close soon too. It probably should already be closed.

    (How's that for a re-entry: three whole 'nother debates in one post.)
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    In honor of your return I'll save the debates for another posting.

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