(NFR) Registered Voters on this site?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by fatwhitedog, Jan 28, 2004.

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  1. Registered Voters on this site?

    If you actually voted you might find this :smokin freely legal.

    But then again...
  2. Registered Voters on this site?


    how bout' the day i find it free :smokin ill vote! as far as legal, it would be a shame to let the govt. get a crack at this . this is a citizens thang g
  3. Registered Voters on this site?


    You are right. Both sides are much the same in many ways. I can't get too close to either side and not get burned. When both sides are backed into a corner, nothing gets done.

    New laws and rule need to get passed. It would be a lot better if fishing interests could get support from both sides.

    I know some people in some fishing clubs. They don't flyfish but they do vote. They often vote conservative. They are not extreem people, they just don't know how to relate to the other side.

    I just think an inclusive approch may work better than the impasse we are in today.

  4. Registered Voters on this site?

    Hey Fatty, I hear you are a mind reader. How about you read my mind and tell me if I'm registered and or if I vote!

    Also Fat: This is an (NFR) post so you might want to add that to your thread title next time. Personally, I couldn't care less but there are some wussies and some gay wads who get their panties in a bunch over it. I wouldn't want you to get thrown under the bus... so to speak.

  5. Registered Voters on this site?

    Mac, you’re really kind of pathetic. There’s not much to read in there. A couple of Dr. Suess poems and that's about it. Nice ideology though JAFIR.
  6. Registered Voters on this site?


    Fatty you are Hiluckinfarious! Thank you for the Heartfelt PM in my inbox. It gave me goosebumps to know that you've been thinking of me that way!!!!

  7. Registered Voters on this site?

    I'm a registered, regular voter who has never voted for a Democrat in my 17 years of voting. Never could in good conscience. Probably never will unless something changes. Don't consider myself Republican, necessarily. Couldn't stand the whole "Contract with America" episode or the personal attacks on Clinton.

    Just thought I'd be as free with my opinion and honest as everybody else. And yes, I understand that environmental issues are at stake, but so are many other important questions.

    Be interesting to see what names I get called.
  8. Registered Voters on this site?


    I'm exactly the same way except I'm on the other side of the fense. There are two main reasons I'll probably never vote Republican. First, I think the environment trumps every everything, especially profits. Second, I believe in religious freedom.

    And I don't think you deserve to be called names just because you're honest about not liking democrats.
  9. Registered Voters on this site?

    I didn't say I don't like THEM. I just don't like their ideas. For instance, I like Howard Dean and his passion and his style. I don't like the idea of universal health insurance and tax-cut rollbacks. On the other side of the coin I don't like Bush's lip-service on environmental issues nor his free-spending habit with our money, but I like his consistent pro-life stand and his approach to foreign policy, especially Iraq (yep, I'm serious about that). Religious freedom is also a core issue for me. That's another reason why I don't consider myself a Republican - don't like the preoccupation with displaying the Ten Commandments, school prayer, marriage ammendment, etc. The farther the State and the Church are separated the better it is for the Church (I'm also Roman Catholic - for me abortion trumps everything).
  10. Registered Voters on this site?

    My bad. "Like" was a clumsy way to paraphrase your description. You and I would probably disagree on most issues, but I appreciate you intellectual honesty. If more conservatives (forgive me for labeling) were like you, I might actually consider voting Republican.
  11. Registered Voters on this site?

    straight tickets are for those that stand on platforms. platforms were the early rafts that were given historical sig.nif by twain. do you waste a <> or really give time time to know those for whom you vote? just wondering because you seem to have some interesting thoughts on the sight.

    nt...the newbie eastern wa wondering :)
  12. Registered Voters on this site?

    Just a simple response for a simple mind.
  13. Registered Voters on this site?

    I still am not sure what a 4/4 voter is, but I'm registered, and I vote (most of the time; I must admit I've missed a few of the off-cycle votes and primaries over the years). I actually voted for a Republican candidate - once (when I was younger; will never make that mistake again, as he turned out to be a total turd, as has every Republican other than Abe Lincoln and John McCain - just kidding); otherwise have always voted Democrat and can't see that changing. Yes, the Democrats have some shortcomings, but I'm not going to put a check next to a candidate from the party that gives big business everything it wants all the time, and then some. Case in point - big media wanted changes to media ownership rules; Michael Powell, Bush's lapdog chairman of the FCC, actually pushed through rules that went further than big media wanted. There was an uprising by the American people - made one's heart swell with the notion that democracy might be alive and well - that resulted in a bipartisan overruling of the FCC rule change by Congress. Guess what, some Republican hack inserted a little zinger in the most recent budget bill that was passed which raised the ownership limit. I'm not naive that this kind of last minute slip-in is unique in American politics, but this was an outrageous, affirmative effort to flout the will of the people on one of the most important issues of our time: liberals, conservatives, moderates, everyone was against this except big media and a few right wing economists. The amazing thing is that the Republican's pull this bullshit and out of the other side of their mouths scream about how Hollywood and big media are too liberal, are undermining traditional values, etc. I'm tired of the party that cynically let's big business always write the rules.

    I have no issue with what anyone's conscience dictates on an issue like abortion - I have my own personal misgivings about it. But it pains me when I hear people who will vote Republican just because of their stance on an issue like this. It is representative of why the Republican party has been so damn successful in taking over America in the last couple of decades. They have successfully picked certain wedge issues that appeal to AWMs and religious conservatives, including abortion, homosexuality and a cynical appeal to (and even facilitation of) hostility towards large, centralized government (e.g., Republicans rarely play the race card overtly, but think of how their constant attacks on the reach and role of the federal government appeal to white southerners who believe the federal government is bad because it was federal judges who ruled against segregation and federal troops, the Justice Department and the FBI who enforced court orders and later civil rights legislation?). This while they've created a highly centralized federal government apparatus (Department of Homeland Security, USA Patriot Act, etc.) that is more intrusive on American's individual liberties than any we've seen in the last 50 years. It's amazing that they've been so successful picking the right wedge issues to attract so many people who, when you ask them, don't like the Republican approach on the environment, the role of religion in government and public life, the total beholdeness to big business and the wealthy, etc., etc. I just gotta ask them, how much harm must a party do on other issues affecting our day to day lives and our children's and grandchildren's futures before their position on one or two wedge issues maybe isn't enough to justify a vote in favor of them?
  14. Registered Voters on this site?

    personally I think this thread should be locked. This has nothing to do with fishing or anything close. And also some of the opinions expressed have gone too far. And are completely bias.
  15. Registered Voters on this site?

    Oh fucrying out loud!!! FAT! What did I tell you FAT? Now you've done it FAT!

    Tsk Tsk Tsk

    How are you going to fix this? Will you remedy the situation by a nice friendly FLAME e-mail shot right into Lake Trout's PM Inbox?

    hmmmmmm I wonder what the odds are? :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl

    MAC: The: "I freakin told you so dude!"
  16. Registered Voters on this site?

    All true, but we have to make sure that everybody's grandchildren get a chance to make it into the world first. I will live with all the harm and accept responsibility for the harm that my three boys must someday face if the choice really is between these issues and human life. It's hard for me to be compelled by the gravity of these problems when as a society we are increasingly deadening ourselves to the value of life (when it can be weighed in the balance with other issues; it's a qualitatively different question). Your last sentence is too utilitarian for me. There is a universe of importance and meaning and potential in every human life.

    Otherwise I agree with you. I can't think of a more revolting image than that of a pro-choice Republican.
  17. Registered Voters on this site?

    I made this same complaint once about a different issue but over time my attitude has changed a bit. I think that it is interesting and useful to see the diversity of opinion and perspective within the flyfishing community - even on issues as removed as these. It helps to build respect and tolerance because despite the disagreements we all have a point of connection that forces us to not stereotype each other in the ways we otherwise would. I never understood the "Don't talk about religion or politics" advice. Why not? You learn alot about a person this way and it's never boring. After all, you stuck around long enough to be the 53rd post.

    I live in Bothell too. Could be your neighbor.
  18. Registered Voters on this site?

    If this topic was of no interest to these fisherman, than you probably wouldn't have as many responses, and it would die on it's own.

    Also, isn't "biased" "opinions" a redundancy?

    As for going too far, I would submit that free expression is one of the postives of this forum. I love reading everyone else's crazy, wacked out ideas. I find nothing threatening in that.
  19. Registered Voters on this site?

    My post was to o mykiss. And the reason I posted was that the question was "Registered voters" Not "Lets hear your one sided opinion". Sorry to all for any ruffled feathers. I am a Republican, but I am not what you would call "Right wing extremist". I like some Republican views, but I do not like others. So I just like to hear both sides of the story, and I would like to know that everyone acknowledges both sides. Once again I apoligize to Kalm and everyone else.

    I wouldn't want to get off on the wrong foot being that I am fairly new.
  20. Registered Voters on this site?

    Yup, I agree. I think this should be locked out. This is a "flame" post. Of all the fishing boards I frequent, these NEVER EVER turn out good. Even on some very low key family sites. Some people take politics with a passion, some don't (I for one don't). I vote, I now email (love this computer) my legislators when I have a beef. But after that, it's NOONE's business. Chris runs an excellent site, and posts like this can split the masses. Though, some people can't discern who's being a smart alec or not. So things get even more heated. Now, if there was a forum just for sciences, proposals, etc then put it there. But, there's not. So more chances for the general masses to get involved. Nothing good every comes from these.

    And yes, I've voted every election since I was 18. I now do mail in ballots since my job (when I'm normally working) made it impossible for me to get to ballots in a decent hour normally. So opted to mail in instead.
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