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  1. :)Posted for those who are interested.
    Done on the new BBQ rottisserie. I converted it to natural gas since it's 86,000 BTU's and don't care to refill the $$$ propane tanks every week!.

    1) Dry Rub made with Smoked Paprika, Red Pepper Flakes, Garlic/Onion pdr, Salt/Pepper, Brown Sugar and a pinch of Cumin/Ginger/Cinnamon. All ground fine with the mortar/pestle.
    2) 2 racks Pork Baby Back marinated +24hrs. in apple juice, vinegar, bourbon and a very small amount "Claude's BBQ Brisket Marinade" for a little extra smokiness since they weren't being smoked. (love smoked ribs)
    3)Removed and patted dry. Very light skiff of mustard rubbed in.
    4) Generous amount of "dry rub" applied. Refrigerated for one hour and pulled to the counter for another hour before placing on the skewer.
    5)Placed in the "Q" with the marinade strained and poured into the drip pan and turned on the motor. Lid in full "open" position.
    6) BBQ fluid used as needed.
    7)Ribs after the first hour. I have a small spray bottle filled half apple juice/half straight Kentucy bourbon to mist any "dry" areas until the natural juices begin to run and baste the ribs.
    8) Second hour into the cooking, I propped the lid about half closed with a piece of "all-thread" since a breeze had picked up. I inserted a digital meat thermometer (probe type) between the bones and into the thickest pieces. When I got a "read" just over 160 degrees, I basted one rack (left) with my "secret sauce". You know the kind; "if I tell "ya, I gotta kill 'ya" kind. I turned off the heat, closed the lid and left the moter turning to even up the juices and "sticky" up the sauce.
    9) On the cutting board. Basted ribs in the back.
    10) Donna's killer potato salad with Yukon Gold, Red, and Purple potatos, Kalamata olives, hard boiled eggs, Maui onion and yada yada yada.
    11) Yellow Zuchini, Green Tomato with Goat cheese veggies

    I would have liked to add a pic of it dished up, but it didn't last long enough for that. Even the smell of them cooking attracted the neighbors. "Great ribs" would be an understatement.:D

    Hope everyone had a fine Labor Day:beer2:
    (eat you heart out Bitteroot!!!:rofl:)
  2. Are you willing to ship to Canada??!!
  3. Hey fishdontcare, I don't care to see your first production run with some uber clean bbq. I want to see some smoking hot stuff taken out of that baby after a hundred days of stellar food production. I just ate and you've got me all growling and salivating here...and that makers mark next to that makers mark glass is just putting me over the top. I'm sensing a road trip is in my future.
  4. Those do look mighty good Mark! I hope you're basting the back of your throat with the Makers Mark and basting the ribs with something from the "bottom shelf"! Hey, anyone who has a grill with a built-in refrigerator has my respect!!! Tell Donna the spuds look great too, but, yada yada yada must be one of those artsy, craftsy things that only grows in CA. I can't seem to find it at my local grocery store :D.
  5. Bitterroot, the yada yada yada is on the top shelf right next to the hamana hamana hamana:rofl:
    I'll cook up some slightly edible fare for anyone that would like to come to our humble abode. You would all be welcome. (BTW..BYOB):thumb:
  6. The barbeque is just too clean....sign of a very sick mind.....LOL
  7. Oh, are you talking about how well patinnad my BBQ was at the Hohdown? It should've been stainless inside, but was pretty black from all the smoke that has went through it. :) Just takes time, Mark will get it there. :)

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