(NFR) Sad Day to be a Hokie

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Mike Etgen, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. I know there's a couple or three of us out here - Virginia Tech grads - and I just have to say that the news from there today is devastating. I lived in that part of the country for a little over thirty years and the scenery is all familiar to me. It almost feels as if it happened in my own back yard.

    For those of you who don't know what I'm speaking of, there's been at least 33 people in Blacksburg killed today, including the shooter, after a campus shooting at Virginia Tech. It's a dubious record.

    I know it's not fishing related; so be it. I hope all of you can join me in some thoughtful reflection on this tragedy. Every one of those thirty-three people were loved by someone whose own lives are now altered forever as a result of this senseless act. As is always the case, innocent people who were just going about their daily lives, were gunned down for God knows what reason.

    I hope that the gun rights people and the gun control advocates can keep their mouths shut for just a little while before they stake out their rights to claim this bloodbath for their respective causes. It runs way too deep for sound bites.

  2. I was devistated when I heard the news, unbelievable really. It really scarred me, I don't understand how a person could just do something like that. Terribly sad.
  3. Mike,
    My prayers to you and all the families affected. Let's teach the kids to fish, life is worth living.
  4. My thoughts have been with VT students and families all day. Just horrible. It's tragic such a fine school and all the students and faculty will be scarred by this forever. Godspeed to all.
  5. ABC news already has the poll to see if this warrants new gun controls...sound bites bite!

    Lives mean nothing when there's news to sell...it's sad. Really sad...
  6. As a university professor, this strikes particularly close to home. Especially after the horrible events at UW just a couple of weeks ago. I have friends on the faculty at Virginia Tech. From what I've been able to gather, the biology department was not involved. For that I am grateful.
  7. This is a horrible tragedy. I have been trying to digest what happened all day and just can't get over the shock. Including the 32 people that have had their lives taken away another 29 people were wounded.
    Just sad... really really sad.
  8. My brother is a hokie and my thoughts and prayers are with all involved...
  9. A dark day for us all.
  10. It was horrible to see the media swarm in like vultures, especially at those press conferences. There is no business or political agenda that should even attempt to profit from this beyond simply alerting the nation. Let those involved mourn in peace. My thoughts go out to those involved.
  11. I am at a loss for words....man I wish there was a way to stop this crazy crap!!!
  12. We are all so lucky to be here. We all need to look after one another.
    -- Larry
  13. You're so right there, Roper. I just got home from some work and Larry King and Dr. Phil are already pumping up the volume, as I'm sure everyone else is.

    I guarantee that the town and campus are already overrun by the professional grief merchants, second-guessers, psycho-experts, and other twisted forms of life. I've also no doubt that tomorrow morning, most if not all of the major networks will be broadcasting their daily shows live from Blacksburg. I pity my good friends there.

    Thanks to all of you for your decency over this. Myself, I thought I'd seen a lot of good and bad in my lifetime, but this just really cuts to the core.
  14. yeah, its really really disgusting to see humans doing things like that to one another. this one hits home really hard as I'm an American college student like all those kids. So sad since they all had so much life and vitality just yesterday. there's actually been a rash of violence at the UW lately as well. three kids were shot earlier in the year at house parties, a staff member was murdered in her office two weeks ago, and a friend was robbed at gun point last week. we shouldnt forget though that violence of this magnitude happens everyday all over the world. the bottom line is we as individuals need to do whatever we can to make sure we live in a hate free, peaceful world.
  15. We pray today for the entire Hokie nation. Our thoughts and love are with you here at the University of Hawaii. Coach
  16. I really feel for the people affected, injured and worse, killed. I was in shock yesterday and just can't understand why things like this happen like this. It will never make sense when someone just goes out and randomly attacks so many!

    I've got a couple upstairs from me who are VT alumi and will be checking in with them today. Truely a sad day!
  17. Sad day indeed. My though this morning was that someone didn't take this guy (the shooter) fishing.
  18. SAD...VERY SAD.
  19. I sent my friend/colleague at VA Tech an email to be sure he was okay and to extend my sympathies and to wish him and his students well. My friend is of middle eastern descent, but I did not know anything of his personal history (he has been a professor at VA Tech for over 25 years). In his response he thanked me for my concern and added the following, which put this tragedy into a whole new perspective: "I am calling my family in Baghdad every week and do not know what to expect. It is scary."


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