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  1. Does anybody know of any college scholarships available to fishermen and hunters?
  2. Sure, if you're a straight A student or a creme of the crop athlete (and you just happen to enjoy fishing and/or hunting), many colleges may be interested in talking to you about a scholarship.
  3. being hispanic always helps too!
  4. Ive been looking at colleges lately and a couple weeks ago I googled something like "fly-fishing scholarship". I only found a few. I think it stated that the recipient must be VERY committed to there to studies in the fields of environment or biology.
  5. what class are you, 07'? 08'?
  6. ok, since your not in my class, ill tell you one scholarship, go to watrailblazers.com and click on scholarship, im really not quite sure what the requirements are but im sure it has to do something with the outdoors, i could be wrong though.
  7. bigman,
    I have been on the "inside" of the scholarship committee decision making process and, for whatever it is worth, here is what I have learned/what "they" are looking for before "they" hand-out the BIG money.
    1. Your research needs to be ORIGINAL. However, you don't have to create a new Enlightenment era/redefine the way we conceptualize the world. Yet, you will need to explore, for example, novel domains. In other words, has anyone researched the similarities and differences between how people from Laos/Cambodia conceptualize the ritual of fishing v. say white middle class Americans? This is just one silly example. There are endless.
    2. Make sure that your research question is extremely clear!
    3. Make sure that your research question is open ended.
    4. Make sure your research question can be researched/How will you go about compiling your data?
    5. Once you have picked two or three schools, research the props that will be going over your application. Without being really obvious "write" your proposal to their interests.
    There are a few more "points", but believe me there is so much money out there. It's not that hard to get funding. In fact, even for us white guys, there is more funding than there are qualified applicants. I swear; they are just waiting to give money away. Shit I sound like a bleeping infomercial!
    If you ever get going on this, let me know. I have written these for friends, my wife and for Non Government Organizations to the United Nations. They all got a lot of money.
    Good luck,
  8. Check Out Fafsa.com.
    It Is A Federal Thing I Used. I Only Had Pay About A Grand For Four Years Of School.

  9. Anybody know any scholarships for hunters and fisherman?? Or for people who want to go into law enforcement?
  10. I am graduating this year, and on all my applications I am including my love of flyfishing and my part in the youth team in 2005. I think it will help out a lot, but I am mainly trying to get a scholarship off golf and move south where the weather is warm and fishing is warm. I am trying univrsity of memphis, montana, clemson, and texas. Maybe lsu and georgia, but I am not sure.
  11. Are any of you a member of a fishing/hunting group that gives out scholarships?? THANKS
  12. I know many FF clubs give out scholarships but they are usually only to students that are working on some sort of fisheries related research; not just anyone interested in fishing. Additionally, most of these scholarships are smaller and you'd need a dozen of them or so to pay for school each year. I doubt, though I could be wrong, that there is a hunting/angling scholarship that will pay for 4 years of college (except for maybe one like the shimano one that thousands of kids will apply to).
    You've bumped this a couple of times making me worry that you really haven't gotten a direction in this search. While this is a good forum to inquire about anything, and people on this thread did provide several great leads, it won't be an easy place to find a scholarship.
    You need to take slowrip's advice and figure out a direction you are going to take in college and why that is, and write one hell of proposal letter. Then you need to figure out what schools you are applying to, which I assume you have already done, and apply to every scholarship each institution offers. Then write two or three proposals which you can change the details on for each application. One for law enforcement and another for hunting and another for fishing. Use these to apply for all the scholarships you can find through your guidance counselor or the web. WHile you may be tempted to write one proposal/letter, it really won't be effective and will probably get overlooked because reviewers will think your not focused or have figured out what you have done.
    Another thing to think about is that many states are looking for law enforcement officers with 4 year degrees. If you decide you can transfer to schools in those states for a reduced or sometimes free education. These, however, tend to be very competitive programs and you will usually have to start your law enforcement career in that state.
    Im not trying to be condescending here, just trying to give you some good advice. You may already know much of this, I don't know, but your bumping this thread makes me think you're lost in the water. Talk to your guidance counselor and/or even consider contacting the school(s) you plan to attend for help with scholarship searches. No one wants you to have scholarship money more than the university you will be attending.
  13. Check out the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (rmef.org). They give some out if you are going into the wildlife field. Id also check out the mule deer foundation, Ducks unlimited etc. Good luck
  14. Join the army and earn that money young man! :)

    Kids these days. Always lookin for a handout! j/k :)

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