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  1. Why do the Seahawks always make it close. They never can jsut shut out a team. They always have to give them life in the 2nd half. wE can get away with this against bad teams liek the 49er, but what about against caroline, dallas, giant, colts, broncos etc. I dont knwo f we can do that and still win games against good teams.
  2. NFR Seahawks

    So trout990, did you miss the game last week against St Louis ? Todays game was still a win! I was at that game, last week, and believe me there is nothing wrong with our team.
    Can't believe you are down on the Sea Hawks, who have the best record in the league, with nobody even close!
    A win is a win buddy.

  3. NFR Seahawks

    A win is a win buddy.


    So True and especially in a league like the NFL. Be Happy...Road Win. 8-2 four game lead. If you feel like this what are Colt fans saying.....BE REAL.
  4. NFR Seahawks

    And the Super Bowl MVP is.............(drum roll in the back ground)...........

    Shawn Alexander!!!!!!!!! MVP MVP MVP!!!!!!!

    Nuff said,

  5. NFR Seahawks

    I agree but you gotta admit, we dont play that well in the second half
  6. NFR Seahawks

    and nobody say anything about shaun alexander getting a record for most tds or yards in a season. You will jynx it.
  7. NFR Seahawks

    or super bowl
  8. NFR Seahawks


    I told my mom (she loves the sea hawks) at the start of the season that they were gonna go all the way. After the wins in pre season, they looked un beatable.
  9. NFR Seahawks

    990, it was definitely ugly. But like others said above, it's still a win. Good thing there isn't any "BCS" stuff in the NFL - the 'Hawks would've dropped a spot or two.

    Keep you're chin up - we're 8-2!!!

    It was a great weekend for football - the Space Needle was Crimson & Gray, the Cougs pulled it out, and the Seahawks won.

    GO COUGS!!!! :thumb:
  10. NFR Seahawks

    Winning 'UGLY' is still a win! Shows how hard it is to win on the road. Carolina lost in Chicago today, so the Hawks have the best NFC record. The key to almost every Super Bowl trip is homefield advantage during the playoffs!
  11. NFR Seahawks

    They are winning games that they use to lose.....something has changed and it is for the better....no Super Bowl prophecy here...but a playoff win seems reasonable...provided no big injuries.
  12. NFR Seahawks

    The reason we dont play as well in the second half is because we play to hold the lead. This is that Mike Holgram likes to do. I dont like a lot of his play calls in the 2nd half. If we would stick to the same game plan as first, I think we would put a lot of teams away.

    This year they are doing a lot better at sealing the deal.

    Im a football coach so it really drives my crazy sometimes.
  13. NFR Seahawks

    The only injuries that will really hurt us on the offence would be the O line. We have the best line in football period... Shawn is a really good back, but honestly if we plug in Morris or any other decent back there going to have huge games.
  14. NFR Seahawks

    It's all about entertainment, close games keep people on the edge of there seats and interested.
  15. NFR Seahawks

    do you think ladanian tomlinson would do better worse or the same as alexander behind our O line
  16. NFR Seahawks

    ohh and i think we need to get another CB. Kelly Herndan jsut doesn;t have the speed to kepp up with WRs.
  17. NFR Seahawks

    The truth of the matter is; any other year we would have lost today's game. If this is their worst play then it's gonna be a great year.
  18. NFR Seahawks

    I think he would do the same. I dont think Alexander would do as good on any other team.

    Thats just my opinion
  19. NFR Seahawks

    The players can do the job but Holmgren is often outcoached. Better coaches recognize his tendencies and take advantage of him late in games. I agree that he should keep the pedal to the metal for 4 quarters every game instead of getting a lead and 'prevent-defensing' us into a heart attack at the end of the game.

    I am encouraged that coaches around the league are showing some more balls lately by going for 2 point conversions at the end of games instead of the dreaded sister-kissing ties and the inevitable boring OT. College does OT better by giving each team a chance.

    Hopefully this is the year the SeaLice actually become the SeaHawks!

  20. NFR Seahawks

    Speir61, I totally agree with you about Holmgren playing very conservatively in the second half. I think playing conservatively is fine, draw their safeties close to the line to stop the run and short pass, but then let it fly every once in a while. Not only will that often be explosively successful, but it serves to keep the safeties more honest, making the conservative game more effective.

    It hasn't really hurt the Hawks so far, but look at what it did to Doba and the Cougs this year. They are the best 4 win team in the country...I really believe they could have been 10-1 just as easily, if Doba would have played a more aggressive 2nd half.

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