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  1. Very good game. The hawks came on strong, bobbled enough to give some suspense and excitement, then stomped them for the win.
  2. Sloan-

    Quote: "Who was talkin Smack, Jeff?"

    Oh, no-one in particular. It was just my message out to all those that I had to listen to over the last few days tell me how bad Seattle was going to get crushed. One guy even bet my buddy Chris, $50 that the Redskins would win by 10 points.

    The smack talk is not over. Now I am hearing it about how the Packers will send us "packing" back to Seattle. But I will not waiver, I believe! I AM A HAWKS FAN, WIN or LOSE, Sane or Loony as a June bug! Thank-you, thank-you very much, AND Goodnight.
  3. We got the space needle fizzle forgotten, now lets gets the snowmen curse be undone.
  4. I'm glad I was WRONG! Good on ya, 'Hawks!
  5. two mediocre teams didn't make it worth watching very closely. ugly game!
  6. Nothing ugly about the Hawks defense, unless you were on the Redskins side of the ball.
  7. Be fun to watch 'em in Green Bay.

    "We'll take the ball, and we're gonna score!"
  8. it'll be a tough game against green bay, but we got a chance
  9. That was a sweet game. my sister is friends with some lady who's husband is the head ticket salesman for the Redskins so he sent her 4 tix to the game and pregame field passes. I ended up going to the game with my folks and my brother in law. The seats were way up there, but I had some binocs and we were under cover. Anyhow the pregame field passes were sweet!!! We got them from a redskins guy though so we had to stay on their side of the field, but it was still awesome. I took some pics with Mark Rypien and he showed me his super bowl rings even though we were all decked out in our Seattle gear!! He was a real class act. Got to see TJ Howdoyouspellhisname doing the pregame down on the field. It was great!!
  10. Go Pat.'s

    Go Sox,
  11. very lucky! they play this way against a good team onthe road and the will be golfing the next week. they were lucky last year to win that dallas game as well. ia am all for rooting for the home team, but also realistic as well. the defense did look good most of the year. hassleback has not looked great for two years and the still can not run the ball!
  12. iagree Well said, realistic, and objective.

    I, too, root for the Seahawks because I love the Northwest and it's a fun team to watch.
    However, they're not my main team, so I look at them more objectively than I would my own. IMO the Seahawks are still just a tier below something great. The 2007 team is less than what it was two years ago, even a year ago. Considering the discrepancy between talent (high) and performance (low), I would point towards their leadership (Holmgren and the offensive coaches) as the hindrance; they need to draft well here, soon.

    Can they beat GB? Yes, but it will take the Seahawks playing great on all sides of the ball, and for GB to have a poor showing. But I don't think a vet like Favre is going to come this far to choke at home against an underdog.

    Easy for me to sit here and criticize, so I'll put my predictions out there for the Superbowl matchup: Patriots over Green Bay. Might go down as the greatest SB in history.
  13. can you root for a team that is on "corporate welfare"??

    It is even owned by the one of the richest men on the planet and your paying for his plaything!!!!
  14. Thank goodness this got redirected into a political whining thread. I was getting worried there for a bit.

  15. Very Lucky??? We dominated the whole game minus a little 2 min run theat they had. I thought our defense looked very good ...the o can definetly use some work but you guys give the Seahawks no respect. Even if they beat the patriots in the superbowl people would still be talking shit.
  16. Seahwaks never get any respect. I dunno much about the history of football but seriously...........When are they going to get any credit for being an above average team in the NFL where any team could beat any team on any given Sunday?

    The same people who say "...on any given Sunday..." also say the Seahawks will lose to almost any team they play.

    Every win the annoucers make excuses for the other team's loss and downplay the Seahawks wherever they can.

    It was the worst with the 49ers games, anyone notice that? How could you miss it!

    Never seen a team get so much love (The 49ers) after they were smeared like a bird turd. Annoucers talked about a come back in the last 4 minutes with the Hawks up by 30 or so to ZERO.

    It is like hearing Fox News talk about Barack Obama.

    I will say it again, the Hawks are a force in the playoffs because their team has A LOT OF EXPERIENCE as of now in these big games. That is more important than a little winning streak or one good QB or one star running back.
  17. You know I have to some what disagree with the statement about how the Hawks rank up with the superbowl team. Quite honestly I think they are better then they were. The offense is not as good as that year (still high scoring), but the defense is way better. Heck even Burleson (Who leads the league in return yardage) has made our special teams better then that year as well.

    Oh and the vetran Brett Farve and green bay are honestly not that much better then Seattle. I could easily see this game going our way, lets say we get a lead and Mr. Farve tries to play catch up starts flinging the ball over over and gets picked off 3 times. I seriously don't think it would be a matter of the Hawks having to play the game of their life and green bay having a terrible showing for the Hawks to win.
  18. I think it is time for the WFF Seahawk Fish!!!
    I was at the game and I still don't have my voice back!
  19. Kerney and peterson will hit favre so many times his old brittle bones will break and green bay will have lost its 120 year old superstar for the night and we will win.
  20. iagree

    Best post yet on this subject.

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