(NFR) Seawawks?

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  1. I am so surpirised to see no one posted their opinions? :confused:

    Mine...good game..two good teams and if they played ten times they would be 5-5. We had the ball in OT and started out well but did not capitilize. I feel sorry for SD. Awesome coach .....LT was upset but hey :confused: but Brady is making a mark on the books that will surpass Mr. Montana. Dude is Mr.:cool: NE vs. IND turning into a classic :thumb:
  2. NFR Seawawks?

    Man, what happened to the NFL? THe Bears-Seahawk game was rather ho-hum, but was redeemed with a nailbiter ending. The Pats game was no better. Those four teams played awfully sloppy to be in the second week of the playoffs. The games yesterday weren't that great either. Is it me? Or is the NFL lacking this year.
  3. NFR Seawawks?

    c'mon mariners
  4. NFR Seawawks?

    Parity makes for boring football. Bring back the 'dynasties'.

    And don't tell me NE is a dynasty. That's an average team at best. Well coached and probably the favorite based on track record, but, an average team at best.

    Bring the flame!:thumb:
  5. NFR Seawawks?

    NE = Dynasty ...not even...it's a kingdom and the King is Brady :thumb: :clown:
  6. NFR Seawawks?

    <Is it me? Or is the NFL lacking this year.>

    I think it's you. Seahawks game, no penalties in the first half. Sloppy? :confused: A few mistakes but overall I thought well played an exciting.

    The Eagles / Saints last night. Unexciting? Maybe you need to find a new sport!
  7. NFR Seawawks?

    Lack of penalties doesn't = sloppy. Missed blocks, dropped balls, and otherwise preseason mistakes make me think that its a bad example of football.
    I think the fact that the Saints are in the Championship game is a sign of the apocolypse.
    Maybe the awesome college bowl games spoiled me.
  8. NFR Seawawks?

    I think the awesome college games and that lucky shot we got in the cowboys game made look forward to something that wasn't possible. Seattle, with the exception of last year, is a One and Out team. It really is too bad I had to cheer on the Seahawks since my favorite team the Broncos barely missed on the playoffs in that wildcard game. Oh well, after Feb. 4th all of our teams will be undefeated. Peace.
  9. NFR Seawawks?

    well, i gotta give my opinion, so here it goes. Both teams played really well, Not having Tommy Harris really hurt the bears, they almost looked timid at times. They didn't get a whole lot of pressure on us but Hassellbeck just wasn't sharpe, he never got into a rythm. Jackson had two drops that would have got a first down and kept the drive going. It seemed like we couldn't make the big plays when we needed to. Alexander had a good game running between the tackles but the cutback lanes weren't there. I think he only had one play where he was able to cutback and get to the outside. Overall, out offense did good, but not good enough. Our defense definately stepped up for having all the injuries. Kelly Jennings and Jordan Babineaux didn't have great games. Babs really missed an oppritunity with the pic on the first drive. That could have been game right there if Grossman lost confidence. I know the players say that what the media says doesn't matter, but all the talk about him not being a good quarterback and making too many mistakes has got to get into his head a little bit. The main problem i see with this team that we need to address over the off season through free agency are big plays, maybe bringing in a SS or CB, nate clements will be available and could definately help us. The other is our defense getting worn out from the run in the 4th quarter. Ive seen it time and time again. We hold them to sya 45 or 50 rushing yards in the first 3 quarters but give up 70 or 80 yards in the 4th. We could bring in a big DT to help that. I heard were going to have around 26 mil in cap space over this off season, not sure where were getting that exactly, i know Tobeck's retiring so that accounts for some of that but definately not 26 mil. My prediction is Saints beat Bears, saints have too many weapons for them. Indi beats pats, Manning throughs for 350 yd and 4 tds. Then saints over indi because it would be a better story for the nfl if New Orleans won after the hurricane... Only joking about that last part, i do think the saints will win though, ive said that since mid-season and am still saying it now.
  10. NFR Seawawks?

    Well Seahawks played us better then I expected especially their D with all of the missing starters, this town will be really hopping this week as every one was waiting to see how Rex would do, and the D after the Packers fiasco, will be an exciting week here in the Windy City and Bear weather is arriving today single digit temps cold the rest of the week, should be a great Championship sunday with the Colts and Patriots followed by the Bears and Saints.

    Got to get a new Bears hat.

    Poor Marty S. really wanted him to beat the Patriots who I despise.

    So I am looking forward to an Indy and Chicago SB, we shall see, at least it is an exciting end of NFL season unlike most others for me.

    BTW, Hasselback is very good, just a little off yesterday, but I like him.

    :beer2: :beer1:

  11. NFR Seawawks?

    win 4 games by a winning field goal, gotta lose one by a winning field goal.
  12. NFR Seawawks?

    I thought the seahawks played very well yesterday. In fact, I feel better about this loss than I did about the win against the Cowboys last week. Alexander finally got on track last night, the defense played very well especially with the depleated secondary. I do have some concerns with Hasselback. I don't know if it's the injury, or the fact that he had to play a bigger role with Alexander and the running game down for so long. He's a smart QB and when he's on he's great, but all this year you could just see something wasn't right with him.
    I agree with Rory about getting a SS or CB and solidifying that secondary. Our biggest problem defensively from the superbowl and on has been giving up the big plays. In the superbowl we had the steelers at 3rd and 26 or somehting like that and they convert. Against the frickin Vikings Chester Taylor, he sucks, breaks off a 90 yard TD run. We give up too many big plays
  13. tough loss for the seahawks. ugly win for the bears.
  14. NFR Seawawks?

    Good game! Not being a Seachickens fan I'm happy! But think it is karma...Romo won the game for Seattle last week. As for the Bears being a 13-3 team they owe me a new floor...I wore a path Sunday pacing back and forth!

    I too wish NE got stomped...SD gave up some HUGE penalties late in the game only to help Brady tromp down the field. All I can say is it would be pretty funny to see Chicago play New England in the Super Bowl since it is the same match up only 22 years later, however, I do not think it will be the same 44-10 result. I would say either Bears win by field goal or Pats win by touch down.
  15. Ugly win? What would you call a week ago for Seattle...pretty? I think Seattle played well, the bears played conservative...how could they not? with a QB that is either 100 or 40 pass rating? The Bears defense sure didn't win it for them...but did help contain Alexander a few times late in 4th. IMHO it was a good game, good match up, and it could have ended the same but vice versa.
  16. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/columns/story?columnist=wojciechowski_gene&id=2731418

    Thats enough said right there. The Hawks outplayed the Bears, but lost the game. Hasselbeck had a few errors, but they were at critical times. The Hawks only needed 20 yards to give JB a shot at kicking the game winner, and they failed to do so twice. Its pretty good considering we were an injury depleted lineup. I won't be surprised when we get healthy we dominate again, like last year.
  17. NFR Seawawks?

    Friggin SD recievers *stunk*. I don't know if I've ever seen a game where so many reasonable passes were dropped in critical situations. There should be some cuts after this game....
  18. NFR Seawawks?

    Realize that the Seahawks were down Trufant for the game....
  19. Said it last year -- saying it again. Seattle sucks... Sucked worse this year. The Pats are undeniably a dynasty, SD lost because Marty has no mojo, Romo should be Ohno, and next year it's KC... Flame away.
  20. KC is a huge disappointment. They have one of the top three most dominant running backs in Larry Johnson. If they can't figure out how to win with that guy on their team then there not gonna get it done.

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