(NFR) Seawawks?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Porter, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. I predict the Pats and the Saints in the 'bowl with the Saints winning it all.:thumb: :eek: :hmmm:
  2. I'd be happy with the Saints winning. I don't like the pats though. Payton is a great QB and he should have a ring on his finger. Big time players make big time plays in big time games.
  3. Next year KC? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  4. Patriots fans are thankful for number 80- Troy Brown. -3 rings, 4 super bowls, and one hell of a slot corner. That strip he made was emblematic of why the Patsies always have a chance. Not always the fastest or largest, the Patriots players are still generally better football players.
    The player to watch is Mahroney. Due to the Chargers blitz happy D. The Pat.'s rarely played him. That won't happen in Indy.
    Fished a bit today- no fish, really cold.

    From Red Sox Nation Northwest,
  5. So, a definition of 'sucks' would be...? Perhaps well below average? So any team that we beat is even blow that, right? And any team that just barely beat us is about the same, right? Because if we truly sucked then it would be easy to steamroll over us. Not the case. Even with a horrendous bout of injuries to key players the 'Hawks didn't fall apart and didn't get knocked out in the first round. If the 'Hawks suck, then so does at least 60% of the NFL. Which may be true...
  6. Why could we not convert 3rd and 2?:beathead: :beathead: :beathead: :beathead: That screwed us over. I hate how the team that scores first wins. They should play through the OT.

    GO RED SOX, this is the year
  7. First off Seattle is my team. Now having said that they will not win a super bowl until they either get another QB or have all the other parts to make up for the problems that our current QB has. I'm sorry but he is one of the most overated QB's in the league. He's not bad he just is not that good. So now we can get on with the only true sport of our great nation which is Baseball. I look at Football and Basketball as fillers between Baseball seasons. AHHH Flyfishing,Baseball & Beer thats all one needs for a happy life. Can I have an AMEN !!!!!
  8. Can I make it RootBeer? Then you have a hearty amen from this brother! Yeah, go ahead and bring it, I'm ready.
  9. You can make it anything you want brother !!!
  10. Sorry, Kevin, but no amen from me. Watching baseball is like watching paint dry:)
  11. The Saints should destroy Chicago unless they self destruct.

    I enjoyed watching the Seahawks game: pretty decent defense given their handicaps in the backfield, occasional spurts of good offense terminated by way to predictable play calling. In the end, I guess I was just glad they didn't get humiliated on national TV as there was no way they were going to beat the Saints with a team held together with duct tape and chicken wire.
  12. iagree AHMEN!!!
  13. Marino and Moon :confused: oops...Marino did get there...Once! And lost to Montana:thumb:
  14. Big Tuna, I'll forgive you now. At least you flyfish !!
  15. I can't help if wonder if Seahawks (ospreys) would make good tying material.:rofl: :rofl: :beathead: :confused:


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