NFR Serial Killer spent time on Olympic Peninsula

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dave Westburg, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. patrick, my point didn't come out as clearly as i meant. with five supposed killings on the peninsula there have no idea about who the victims might be. the national park says there are no missing person reports that match the times of his supposed killings.

    just seems fishy to me, and i don't doubt he killed some people, but he might not be the dreaded serial killer he attempted to portray himself as.
  2. ahh, ok. :rolleyes: my mistake.
    He probably had plans for his BS stories, but decided to kill himself instead after realizing how bad his life in prison was gonna be.
  3. His name is Alex MacDonald... You'll be OK as long as you behave yourself. But DON'T try to break into his truck or take fish illegally. Pepper spray just makes him mad. Unlike bears and cougars, if you see an Alex MacDonald it's best to run. But take your clothes off first. For some reason he likes it when people fleeing him are naked.
  4. Waterfront tavern in Belli-wash had Bundy, Bianci (hillside strangler) and the DCsniper as patrons.
  5. These sickos and other predator types usually prey on solo hikers or campers, or those whom they see as weak or easy prey.
    I hike and fish alone a lot, and I'm getting old, so I'm going to be getting a good concealed carry handgun or two, and start packing one with me everywhere. Seriously. There's too many meth heads and heroin addicts running around these parts lately. :mad:

    On a more upbeat note, I'm leaving now for a paddle to some place where I never have to worry about any such types being there.:cool:

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