NFR. Shocking Italian Video?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Lex, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Has anyone clicked on this? Do I get a date with her if I do?
  2. The hell are you talking aboot, Lex?
  3. It's one of the banner adds here that pops up on the top of the page. Yes, I'm not right in the head.
  4. Sounds like the cookies on your computer are more interesting than mine are. I just get a bunch of retail banners.
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  5. I think what's most shocking is people still not using ad block
  6. Yup, Adblock Plus and I just about never see an ad on any site!
  7. I'm getting primarily Lexus, Can-Am and el-cheapo DSL... nothing about a shocking video... Italian or otherwise.

    The ads don't bother me. I ignore them just as I'm trained to ignore advertisements in magazine, on TV, billboards and baseball stadium walls....etc, etc.
  8. Yes I clicked on it. It was totally worth the effort :D !
  9. So, do you plan to buy what they're selling? If not... it didn't work.
  10. I'm holding out for the Swedish or Brazilian version.
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  11. My guess is that she's a he.
  12. Mine's for ATV's. What the hell have you been googling, Lex? Better hope your missus doesn't have your password to this site(mine does, dammit)
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  13. ATV's, Airflo fly lines, or the Fall Sales Event from Toyota?
  14. I see nothing. I have a "noscript" program running in my browser. No ad tracking can see what I do without my say so.
  15. You're missing out on all the fun... just sayin.
  16. Hey, no fair, I live in Italy and I'm not getting the video! Just because I use ABP doesn't mean I should be a victim of discrimination! I have the right like everybody else here to choose whether to have fun or not!

    Kenneth Indignant, and also now Sleepless, in Rome
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  17. Kenneth, the "eye-candy" in Rome is most likely far superior to what is in that ad...
  18. OK, I'm techno-apathetic, but would like to block ads. How do I set up 'ad-script', or 'no-block' or whatever?
  19. Don, Adblock Plus will block ads once you download it and then install a "filter list" which tells the program what to block/allow. It's a very simple installation and it's open source freeware.

    Here's a link to the ABP home page (note: since I use Firefox for my primary browser this page is geared for a Firefox download. If you have a different browser it should take you to the correct download page. If not, simply click on that browser's icon on the right of the page for it's download link).

    I use Easylist as my filter list and you can find that here:

    (I hope it's OK to post these links here. Otherwise, Mods feel free to delete them)

    Noscript is a different program that only works on Mozilla-based browsers such as Firefox, Seamonkey and others. It blocks Javascript, Java, Flash and other vulnerabilities. It also can protect against cross-site scripting issues and click-jacking. Just google on Noscript to find the home page.

  20. Lol. I suppose my cookies are geared in a different direction from many here. That said, I wish I had the best of all worlds... A hot Itailian girl riding ATVs with me to zipperlip holes jammed with dry-fly-rising two-salt steelhead. MMMMMM

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