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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by William Wallace, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Guess I am bored but wanted to show you all my new tattoo of a mahi mahi I just got. Plus the Wallace family crest which my brother (rt), nephew (L) and I (M) got.

    Just wanted to see if anyone else out there has any great fishing tattoo's.


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  2. I got a tattoo of a strawberry that gets bigger sometimes..
  3. My best one is from a Halibut hook while longlining in the Gulf...ripped my ringfinger from the palm to the tip...oh wait, that's a scar! Not much for tatoos, but those are cool....sure glad it wasn't a ratfish!:rofl:
  4. Wow....I'm not normally much of a tatoo person, but that Mahi Mahi is seriously three shades of BAD-ASS!!! Very nice work. May I ask where (or from whom) you got that done?
  5. I've got a few, mostly from Hepatitis C-days in the orient....no, I test negative but I'm lucky.

    my favorite is three tiger sharks tearing through a tuna net, fighting over a fish...on the remains of my left bicep:hmmm: one shark is probably in my armpit by now.
    sorry, no digital camera yet, but my Bday is coming up.

    Wallaces- kickass burns man. Family pride:thumb:

    remember, one day you'll be like me--your tattoos will be older than your employees:D
  6. Nice lampshade material. :thumb:
  7. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
    Oh man I'm getting a strong visual on that.
  8. Damn, I thought that said "Show me your tit". I was hoping for an onslaught of flyfishing's best man boobs.
  9. Bhhhhhhrrr.
    just got another strong visual.:eek:
    Oh man, now I'm going to have nightmares
  10. I've been thinking of getting one. A Brown trout chasing a fly on my forearm. But Like I said I'm just thinking about it.
  11. Go for it Jim ya only live once.
  12. Lucky thing you didn't combine the crest (Pro Libertate) and the Mahi Mahi. It would have said "Free Fish"...

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