(NFR) snow pics of winter storm?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Flyfishsteel, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Flyfishsteel New Member

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    I'm here in Gig Harbor and we didn't get jack, but looks like from the bridge on they got dumped on. Would be curious to see some pics of the 6+ inches of snow people got. My brother sent me a phone pic from Tacoma and it looked about 6". Thanks!

    PS, be careful out there, didn't think it was so bad on the Narrows bridge, people were actually getting out of their cars on the bridge and walking the bridge because of the bad sticky snow...
  2. alpinetrout Banned or Parked

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    NFR:snow pics of winter storm?

    I always thought sticky snow was good. It's the slippery snow that's usually bad.
  3. David Holmes Formerly known as "capmblade"

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    NFR:snow pics of winter storm?

    Sorry - more cell phone pics. We got 7.5" here in Snoqualmie Ridge.

    Here's one of my deck. The lump on the deck is a midsize cooler.

    And here's one of my car.

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  4. Sourdoughs -Marc Chapman, icthyoantagonist

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    10+ inches of snow here in Issaquah.

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  5. gt Active Member

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    not much in sequim save the FIERCE winds, wow, lots of trees growing close to the ground now. we got maybe 1.5" on the level, not much compared to the last dump. the big difference this time was wind direction, due W. roadways out this way range from wet to pure ice, take yur pick.

    thats blue mtn in one of these (reflections from the window as it was too damn cold this am to outside) other two are looking more or less N.
  6. Flyfishsteel New Member

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    thanks for the pics. Man, you people in Issaquah got it bad. Too bad I have the flu, otherwise I'd be out with my kids driving to Tacoma to play in the snow!
  7. Rialto Member

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    How 'bout this photo someone sent into KOMO of a "foot" of snow.
  8. Sourdoughs -Marc Chapman, icthyoantagonist

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    Apparently we got it worse than a lot of places. Took me 3 hours to get from Renton to Issaquah, only to find out all the hills up to the plateau were blocked w/ cars. Had to walk home - only took an hour.
  9. Flyfishsteel New Member

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    What I don't understand is people with 2 wheel drive cars still trying to drive to work or wherever with 6" of freezing snow on the ground!
  10. mdjm66 Member

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    here up just 15 minutes north of the border we have about a foot of snow.

    what is normally a 10 minute drive home from work last night ended up taking an hour.....

    I moved to the west side of the rockies to get away from this stuff!
  11. SteelieD Non Member

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    The kids liked it!
  12. Mulligan Stephen Mull

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    That's a great shot SteelieD...damn I love Seattle.
  13. Dan Soltau New Member

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    Did you guys find any bottles/cans down there?
  14. Josh Benjamin Member

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    We had about 8" in my yard in duvall. took me 4 hours 15 minutes to get home from totem lake in my 4x4 truck that handles snow very well. no pics, sorry.