(NFR) Sometimes spell check is not your friend

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Jones, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. I think most of us watched with anticipation the story of the missing California couple lost in the Oregon wilderness that ended in tragedy. It was hard not to feel bad for their tremendous loss.

    I don't mean to make light of that situation in any way, but found a recent misspelling in an article on MSN pretty amusing.


    This was the second to last paragraph:

    It pays to proof read.

    Jim Jones
  2. Reminds me of one occasion early in my advertising career when a colleague showed me a framed ad designed by a client's in-house ad department and printed in a major metropolitan daily newspaper. A headline product was 'Dial Soap, for round the clock protection.'

    Problem was, there was no 'l' in the word 'clock'.

  3. That's hilarious Kent. I bet that happens more than we know! I just clicked on the link and it looks like they have fixed it. I need to figure out how to save a web page intact (before changes).

    Jim Jones
  4. I was also in an ad agency presentation to a new client when one of our account managers held up a card that read, "If you have any problems, simply bring them to the manger."

    When I confronted her with the typo after the meeting, she said, "Well I ran it through spell check!"

  5. Go to Google, and type in the word "failure"... Look at the number one site on the list. I'm suprised no one has been called that one on the carpet for that one...

  6. Yak - This is a classic (and intended) result of "googlebombing". Not to go on and on, but another amusing one is: type in "idiot". Same deal, with catchy music.
    Googlebombing. You can easily create thousands of websites that use a specific key phrase (like "failure") and then direct you to a target link like the whitehouse. Because of the WAY google searches, it will come up top on the list. I'm not that techie savy but some folks are.
    I'm sure Mingo could do it.
    (Many extremists for that matter.)
  7. I wouldn't rule out the notion that someone inside Google may be responsible :rofl:

  8. I was doing some contract work for an East Indian fellow named Anup and had Outlook set to correct spelling upon sending email. I uncontiously hit correct spelling and realized after the email had sent that his name had been corrected from Anup to Anus... Funny thing is after working for him for a few months he turned out to be a complete anus. He never noticed the typo in the email though.

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