(NFR) Sonics Get #2 Pick!!-welcome K. Durant

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  1. Durant seems like an awesome player. But, for a city to pin it's hopes on a 19 year old kid is something I just don't understand. Should we all support a new stadium now just because we're getting an incredible young player. Look at the past. Many "can't miss" players turned pro and had average careers.

    I'm not saying he won't turn out to be a superstar but I'm not about to go out and buy season tickets or support a new facility just because he's coming to town.
  2. I think some people are buying into Durant being an unbelievable superstar because they want the sonics to stay. If people act like he may or may not be an all-star, nobody is going to be willing to pay more taxes for a stadium.
  3. I am willing to pay more taxes, but i think your right about that. The only way to get a new arena is for companies like Boing, Microsoft, etc. to pay for it. Does anyone know any millionaires who are looking to invest in a new arena? I'm in for $300 of that helps.
  4. NFR:Sonics Get #2 Pick!!-welcome K. Durant

    How can you say only Al Jefferson and JR Smith...what about Okafor, Gorden,and Deng???
  5. NFR:Sonics Get #2 Pick!!-welcome K. Durant

    We were talking about the players taken after Swift.


  6. Now someone is actually starting to sound like they know what they are talking about. Rip City Baby!!!!:beer2: :beer2: :beer2: :beer2: :cool:
  7. NFR:Sonics Get #2 Pick!!-welcome K. Durant

    Players after Swift... The players you mentioned, all excellent, but Okafor has been a serious injury prone big man...
  8. NFR:Sonics Get #2 Pick!!-welcome K. Durant

    And Swift??? Seems to fill same shoes as of now.
  9. NFR:Sonics Get #2 Pick!!-welcome K. Durant

    true true...
    Let's see how this season goes!

    Oakefor is trapped in Charlotte...2nd only to Atlanta for the purgatory for young talent...

    Question 2--will Rashard sign here? Sign and trade or outright leave?


  10. Sorry Porter and PB

    Lesson: posts are sometimes difficult to understand after indulging in Friday night Mexican...i.e. margaritas:beer1:
  11. I certainly hope he is the answer to the Sonics and helps the team immensely. I hope that Ray Allen and K. Durant can bolster the team and lead them to the playoffs in 08' As far as the Jail Blazers, Panhandle, STHU!!!
  12. I agree with you obi, the Jail Blazers, ha ha ha, are no match for the revamped Sonics with K Durant.
  13. NFR:Sonics Get #2 Pick!!-welcome K. Durant

    I would't say that having an ACL tear makes you injury prone, just unluckly (unless of course, you're Danny Manning). Okafor has had a bad back, bad ankle, and if I remember one pull adominal muscle....

    But either way, I would definately rather have Okafor than Swift, but in a couple of years, I think that Swift will be the kinda of guy who could give 30+ minutes, 12 points 8 boards or so...
  14. being 7' and 12 p 8 reb will get you a max contract with Seattle!
    See: James, Jerome,
    McIlvane, Jim-- Moore, Miki-- Baker, Vin....and the list goes on...Terry Cummings,
    remember...patrick ewing even played here...

    I will take 30 min however. But that makes nick C tradable...too bad I like his game
  15. The only thing the Blazers are gonna win is an award for having the team with the most marijuana related incidents in the league!
  16. O.K dumbasses.... your words will come back to haunt you. I'm writing your names down now so I can rub it in your faces later:rofl:
  17. I don't see how Nick is tradeable though... He's either going to be the starting center (and the Sonics give up shot blocking) and Swift spelling him, or he's going to be the sixth man to spell a foul prone Swift and Chris Wilcox...
  18. I know it doesn't make sense...but I bet lots of teams will inquire about Nick.
    He would be in my starting 5 or #6, but I am suspicious that they will try and get another PG or a vet/draft pick for Nick. KJR was reporting that Chicago was interested, a reunion with Heinrich and the young Bulls.

    I am with you James, I hope not...he is a valuable player.

    Blazers...still 2 players away from legitimacy...PG and a solid PF who can score a bit...
    Oden will make them a playoff contender...but the Jack/Dikau combo will hold them back...

    Pryzbilla might want to schedule some college courses for graduate school or a vacation...he won't be busy..so might LaFrenz, Schenser, and Outlaw...maybe take up fishing!!
  19. The Blazers may be young, but we will see in a couple years what the Pacific Division Conference standings say. Pretty good money says Portland is heading in the right direction. I'm with Adam, title in four years. There are a few guys that still need to go (Miles, maybe Z-Bo, and I don't really care about most of the bench) but I can be patient since the team is now basically made up of quality players with good character for the most part.
    As for the Jail Blazer/Pot smoking reputation, they earned that. However, the locker room is almost cleaned out of that crew, so you are going to have to find something else to pick on them for.

    "Blazers...still 2 players away from legitimacy...PG and a solid PF who can score a bit..." Interesting because Jack is a valuable trade comondity that several teams are trying to get, and I guess having the only guy in the NBA to average 23/10 doesn't count in your book???

    ".but the Jack/Dikau combo will hold them back..." it looks like Jack is on his way out as he doesn't get along with Nate, and Dikau will never be a factor. Spanish Chocolate might be the starter before the season is over, and they will probably either add a vet PG or draft one so your prediction probably won't hold true.


    As long as we can keep Bill Walton off our bandwagon I will be happy.
  20. I love you Mike. RIIIIIIIIIP CITY!:beer2:

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