NFR Steelers Praise 12th Man.....The Refs!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by David Prutsman, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. This pretty much sums it up about the officiating:

    "Not saying the outcome of the game would have been any different, but for sure it would have been a different game."

    - Matt Hasselbeck, from
  2. He might be fat and he might be a bastard...but he knows the game better than you and I doubt he would say Pittsburgh outperformed Seattle. Seattle had a good game plan...poorly executed at times which hurt them. Seattles Defense outplayed Pitts defense..two big plays was there only Offense.

    Penalties can and do change the dynamics of a game...It changes what the Offense now calls and what the defense will do. (It is the same in baseball when a team is up 3 - 1 and pitching...the other team has a runner on 1st and who gets caught stealing. Next pitch the guy hits a people are mad because if he didn't get caught stealing the score would be tied. Instead they lose 3-2. But you can never say that...because now the dynamics of the game have changed. The pitcher can now take chances with certain pitches that he would not have done with the runner on 1st base...thus the homerun ball would probably never have been served.)

    but like I believe and stated...Championship teams find a way to win...Pittsburgh is the champion because they found a way to win when they were quantifiably outplayed. Congratualations Pitt.
  3. Mo, you really need to understand that you are on a WASHINGTON FLY FISHING website. The opinions will be somewhat jaded towards that of the Seahawks. With that said both Madden, Steve Young, and Frank Deford (sports columnist for S.I.) said the officiating is a problem in the NFL.
  4. Okay, how about the non-calls? The horse collar takle on Alexander, the play clock at zero before timeout was called, the OLB offsides by three yards inturn forcing Locklear to hold! The refs were not calling a balanced game, period! If they had been, then there wouldn't be such a debate across the country!
  5. I must be in the worng place... I thought this was a fly fishing site?

    Clearly my mistake.
  6. Fish hunter,

    I think that on posts that are not fishing related we put NFR before the post so that others that do not feel like reading non fishing related material can look over that post.
  7. This is. But if you put NFR(Non Fishing Related) on the thread it is good to go. Granted it drives one nuts to talk about a thing like this game that is now over and done with. All the bitching in the world will not change the outcome. But I feel like this game was over before it began.


  8. When your out fishing you talk about life, kids, girls, sports,
    Jim Swan's awesome casting abilities :p..etc. This is more than a fly fishing site..majority is on fishing but we do talk about other things from time to time and this is a Seattle (Washington State) based home site....and something special took place for many of us these past few weeks so we wanted to talk, discuss, complain bawling: etc.
  9. I keep hearing all this stuff about poor time management at the end of the 4th. The way I understand it was not that Holmgren and Hasslebeck wasted time, but were having to change the offensive paterns based on the Steelers changing to cover. I watched the Hawks change 3 times. The first two times, the Steeler's defense compensated, the third time Hasslebeck changed the formation, the Steelers couldn't compensate and didn't know they were about to get blasted. But guess what, they called a time out that didn't exist. Hmmm.. Yeah, the hawks lost, didin't play up to their capacity, and may not be ready for the trophy, but anybody who says the officiating was even and fair is out of their mind. I truly believe the refs are courted and swayed by the NFL to try to make the outcome of the game in favor one way or the other. Why? Money. The NFL didn't want the Steelers in the Superbowl, so they had the refs make it very hard for the Steelers in the game against the Colts. Guess what, the Steelers beat the Colts and the REFS! That is what Seattle needed to do last night. If you're not the team the NFL really wants to be there, you'll have to beat the football team you're playing AND the referees who'll be calling the game on the fringes of what people will accept and perceive as legal. Conspiracy Theory? Maybe. Truth? I think so. If Enron and Haliburton are crooked, you truly think that the NFL is incable of being a racket? Think again. Where there are huge amounts of money, there will be people motivated by greed and dishonesty will occur.
  10. This game reminded me of that movie, Remember the Titans, or something like that where the refs threw flags on almost every play, in that one game.

    Well enough of this junk. And Porter,when did you ever see me cast?????????????. I'll go out of my way just so we don't ever meet up.:rolleyes:

  11. Here's what today's Daily Fix in the WSJ had to say about the officiating:

    "The referees helped Seattle dig its own grave, with several poor calls going against the Seahawks. Among the many condemnations of the zebras in today's sports pages, two columnists stand out for their ferocity. The runner-up, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Jim Reeves, saw a "constipated flag party." But the winner is irascible Kansas City Star columnist Jason Whitlock, who writes: "A group of middle-aged executives trying to keep pace with a group of highly trained 20-something athletes destroyed America's sports holiday. Pittsburgh's one-for-the-thumb Super Bowl will be remembered as the game when physically overmatched referees and heads-buried NFL executives flipped non-Steelers fans an XL middle finger."
  12. I think the Hawks will only get better next year. Dump Alexander: Mo Morris could be a premier back if he got worked on over the summer. Use that extra money and get us some cornerbacks that don't get injured everytime they come back from an injury(what's up with Dyson?).
  13. In all fairness, it was a total combination of poor referring and poor play by the Hawks. Granted I think the referries sucked BIGTIME on all calls. We fumbled the ball, but they let it go. The Steelers were offsides 3 times, no call.
    It was just an awfull game, halftime show.
    The commercials were the best part!!!!!........:)
  14. Personally I understand the Seahawks lost, I merely stated that the reffing changed the dynamics of the game. I also said that the call was a bad call as the move didn't change the outcome of the catch. Also, if you want a seriously inconsistently called sport, football is *easily* as far up there as basketball. Even the game analysts who are objective stated as such, and I provided a quote to substantiate my claims.

    My point wasn't that Seattle lost because of the officiating (if you read the post I explicitly *stated that*). But rather my point was that the game was altered dramatically because of the penelties.

    Also, could you please not refer to us Seattle fans as Homers? I really didn't feel that was necessary, as this is a Washington based site, and I think it's kind of our right to vent about things?

    If you *really* want to go ahead and do that, then I'll be more than happy to have a flame war with you. But I'd much rather keep things civil! :)

    -- Cheers
    -- James
  15. THe problem wasn't the refs. Seattle had only 7 penalties. Which is a normal number of penalties.

    Look, Holmgren is the problem. Holmgren is a horrible play caller and always has been. They won this season because they had hardly any competition. Holmgren won with the Packers because they had an offense that was awsome and led by Favre who would ignore him half the time. He's great at building a team, as he did. But during the actual game, he might as well sit in the stands and eat a hot dog. If you got rid of Homgren before the game, they would have won.

    Looking at the statistics neither team really outplayed another. The only difference is passing yards. Seattle relied too much on their airgame and the old saying goes: Only three things can happen when you throw the ball and two of them are bad.

    Besides, the Hawks have the Seattle curse. Seattle is not a city of championships.
  16. I really believe that all the dissing of the seahawks during this past week could have carried over to the expectations of the refs during the game.

  17. ive gotta say whenever the hawks got something going on a good was 90% of the time called back because of some ticky tac penalty that could have been called on any play of the entire game... second where were the two plays where the steelers were off sides..where were the refs there? not to mention yes brown did miss two field goals but they were 50+ yards...but the reason they were that long is because on that series of downs the refs called bogus calls which pushed them back from like 40 make them 50... im a huge football fan..not just seattle fan..but all teams..and it was just disappointing to see a game decided by the officiating... yeah seattle didnt play well... i agree...but they did play well enough to beat the steelers...just not the steelers and the refs... who for some reason thought the steelers played perfect defense??? they didnt have one defensive penalty all game... i find that hard to believe!
  18. i think i jinxed them, where ever i seem to live the teams lose..haven't seen a world championship since my tigers won the world series in 68 and i was a small fry....since then i've lived in S.D. and here and we always suck..that said, the ref's stunk BUT Seattle didn't do enough to win...i also think that both this game and usc/texas were bought by opposing teams but that can't change the dropped passes, interception at worst possible time and ANOTHER ray rhodes defensive coaching disaster...the guy is brutal, when it comes right down to it, Pitt. made the 3 big plays it had to to win and Seattle couldn't make the catch or the stop when they had too...should have stayed up on the river all day..knew it too!!!:mad:
  19. Porter you cant talk to me about who knows the game better. I know how "dynamics" influence a game since ive played since i was in 5th grade. Yeah Madden has been a NFL coach and Broadcaster for years but he makes the most ignorant commets any announcer can make. By far he is my least favorite announcers. anything he says is his opinoin anyway just like everyone on here its just an opinion. Pittsburg won hands down and played better football. Congrats to Cowher the longest tenured coach in the NFL. Now lets stop bitching about the hawks losing and go fishin
  20. While next year's going to be very intersting (will we have a case similar to the Philadelphia Eagles?), think of all the cool stuff we're all going to do between now and September. Football/Salmon season is by far the best time of year in the Northwest, but Summer is a close second. Plus, the NCAAB tournament isn't far away. So the order of events for me in the next 7-8 months goes as follows: over spring basketball...springtime dry fly fishing...summer steelhead...montana trip...high country fly fishing...late summer on big rivers...possible baseball again. i get really sad right at the end of football, but there's a lot to look forward to that I forget about when my main thing is Seahawks.
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