NFR Steelers Praise 12th Man.....The Refs!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by David Prutsman, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. I can't..why not? :confused: Madden is considered good because his comments are made to incorporate the viewer with the limited knowledge, of the game, of the terminology, rules..etc.

    Pittsburgh won but played better? :confused:

    I just need to bawling: bawling: I'm glad Chris didn't put a little yellow bus in the WWF Logo (replace the Seahwak logo)
  2. I'm counting 9 days 'til spring training.....

  3. :confused: What? ...The only thing I liked that you said was the word spring...spring = trout fishing Yeah! :) :) :beer1:
  4. Desmond..... You took the words out of my mouth!!! Footballs done :rofl: :rofl: COME ON BASEBALL :thumb: :thumb:
  5. Man, can you say gluttons for punishment? Following professional sports in Seattle is like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer - it only feels good when you stop.:beathead: I know I'm bitter...I need to go fishing.

  6. Have to say that you guys are all complaining quite a bit. I have to agree with William -- the Steelers won. A bit more crowd support wouldn't have hurt, but since half the reason Seattle had such a good season was the ridiculous acoustics at home it's good for a change. No offense all you Hawk-heads, but you really sound like sore losers complaining about the refs. Neither team played well, but Seattle really played poorly. That's what you get playing in the crappy conference and the worst division with a SOFT schedule. Anyway, everyone knew the Steelers were going to win, and they did. Mick and Keith really need to hang it up instead of starting it up. CHIEFS in 07............
  7. Chiefs in 07 :rofl: :rofl: :) :) Larry Johnson was impressive :confused:

    New coach :confused: Damn any AFC team has a chance especially if the Seahawkers are the opponent in the SuperBowl again.
  8. I swear last weekend the super bowl ref's where in a guide's jet boat on the sky,after they scraped egg's across my water I overheard one ref say too the other's "Washington fishing suck's so let's screw the hawk's next sunday" and they all laughed and started chanting "Go Steeler's".:beathead: bawling: :( :confused: :mad:
  9. Steelers didn't play any better. That game was won on two or three plays. otherwise it was even steven.
    Hey, at least they made it to the Superbowl. It kills me that they lost, but they made it to the big show.
  10. Yes, the officiating was awful, so awful that journalists in other cities and at the national level have complained loudly about it (so it's not a figment of 'Hawks fans' imaginations). But sometimes bad officiating is part of the game, and a team has to figure out how to win notwithstanding the bad officiating. It wasn't like the gold medal basketball game of the '72 Olympics, when the refs literally delivered the victory to the Soviets at the end of the game. The refs didn't hand this game to the Steelers. The 'Hawks had numerous chances to neutralize the bad officiating but couldn't couldn't get it done when they needed to. That doesn't mean there's any reason for them or 'Hawks fans to hang their heads. It's still a season to be proud of. And there's a reasonably good chance that we could get back there soon.

    And look on the bright side: the Cougs swept the Huskies in football and basketball this season.
  11. I know its a washington based site and im not meaning to cause any harm. Even if we dont agree on football teams at least we have flyfishing to fall back on!!!
  12. Yes losing a big championship game in HS, college or pros is a bummer I have been through it all.

    Sea Hawks have a good future. Best advise is to get out and fish, you will get over it, it may take a few weeks but you will get over it.


  13. tweeeeeeet, reality check!!!!!

    Pittsburgh won this game with two long touchdowns — a 75-yard run by Willie Parker and a 43-yard toss from receiver Antwaan Randle El to Hines Ward.

    Seattle lost it with a steady accumulation of mistakes.

    The Seahawks controlled the game in the first half. Controlled it everywhere except the scoreboard. The Seahawks gained more yards and won the turnover battle, yet it was the Steelers who held a 7-3 lead at halftime.

    The officials did make several 'questionable' calls. But, the officials didn't bite on the reverse to Randle El and blow the coverage on the pass to Ward.

    The only role the officials had in kicker Josh Brown's two missed field-goal tries was signaling wide right and wide left.

    Here's a sequence that defined the day for the Seahawks and also sealed their fate. They trailed, 14-10, in the fourth quarter and were moving. First, a holding penalty negated an 18-yard completion to the Pittsburgh six. Then, Hasselbeck threw a pass that was picked off by Ike Taylor.

    Then, no 2 minute drill just a steady clock consuming drive for a TD, just another mistake.
  14. I sympathize with all of you hawks fans, but having your favorite team win the Super Bowl is overrated anyways. The majority of Steelers fans had to go to work with a slight hangover this morning just like the rest of us. They don't get a ring, a date with one of the cheerleaders, or a cut of the victory money. I'm a big packers fan and my life certainly didn't change after my favorite team won the superbowl. There are certainly bigger problems in the world to bitch about than referees.
  15. and good luck to the Mariners. Hopefully they can turn it around a bit. Baseball is the true American sport anyways. I really want to get out to Safeco and check it out.


  16. agree... i wish i could put the madden mute on during the televised games like you can on his video games... madden always states the most obivious stuff... "the team that scores the most points... wins the game" "the team that plays the best defense gives up the fewest points" he is a joke!
  17. its not just hawks fans... im a very unbias football fan in general.. read the national newpapers.. read any sports page is questioning this whole game... its a joke! who wants to win a WWNFL championship????
  18. I think you will begin to see an upswelling of sports writers that will agree with those of us bemoaning the refs performance. It always sounds like whining when the losing team does it, but if everybody does it (except those in PA) there is at least a shred of truth to it. There have been quite a few stories written by unbiased sports writers like the one below, including an post game analysis on ESPN Sunday night.

    Jim Jones
  19. Guys.... come one. It's in the newspapers only because its fodder for those losers to write about. Sportswriters are the worst, and if you believe what they say, I've got a bridge to sell you. They just want to throw stuff out there to hear themselves talk. They're just like politicians.
    Believe what you want about he game, based on what you saw, but don't use sportswriters as the reasoning for your argument.

  20. oh trust me im not basing my opinion on what the sportswriters are saying..ive watched probably 4-5 football games every weekend since the end of august(college and pro) this year..and its by far the worst officiated game ive seen this year... let alone probably the last 5 years... that Big ben touch down reminded of vinnie testaverde and the jets vs the sea hawks a few years ago... how many times do we need to tell the officials a helmet crossing the goal line doesnt make it a touch down... and its not even necessarily the calls that the officals made..its like they waited to make them..that official didnt see a touch down til big ben put the ball across the line well after he was down... and then the replay proved to me..there was no touch down at all... or the DJack touch down.. the official looked at the defender complaining then threw the flag... like he didnt know what to do? come on guys you are professional officials ..look professional on the field!
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