NFR Steelers Praise 12th Man.....The Refs!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by David Prutsman, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. I'm gonna guess Pabst Blue Ribbon. Or maybe Professional Bull rider (though the latter would be one heckuva toss...)
  2. Pabst Blue Ribbon = Putrid Beer Runs

    And it's Canadien! :( :(

    I had the same inclination.... but with all these new guys drinking high sugar caffeinated power drinks I wasn't sure (Power Blaster Red, Pink Bull Rage or whatever the hell they are called..yuk :( :( :clown:

  3. Sorry bro. I was just she-at talking. I'll put down a PBR with you and laugh about the overall pitifull Superbowl.


    PS.. While I do like flossing for the glory pic, I don't drive a Hummer ;)
  4. desmond, great pics. keep them coming as i am printing them and sending to all the guys i know. there is one i saw at a tav that i need to get to send to my buds. thanks. mike w. p.s. i am limited to my computer skills.
  5. Thanks Bri -- just hurt my feelings a little. I mean shit, all my fishing buddies rail way more fish than me anyway. I can put back shitty beer with the best of 'em though... PBR is the proud heritage of beer-capital USA. Since 1844, sloppin' swill. Come on now, you Washington guys drink latte's and shit on the river anyway right?........
  6. Ouch!!!!...that one split the uprights from 50. :) :) :) :beer2:
  7. Latte's? No way man, give me drip or give me death! I'll take it black please!
  8. I was watching the Dallas Stars womp up on the Nashville Predators a couple of nights ago on OLN and one of the refs made a bad call and one of the TV commentators said, "Man, for a minute there I got a flashback of the calls made against Seattle" EVERYONE knows the Hawks got ripped. :mad:
  9. Yeah well its over and done with. almost a week later and you guys are still wanting pity or God to strike down and say that the seaCHICKENS should have a super bowl title. while you are still throwing yourself a pity party im gonna go and catch some 20lb stripers on my 8wt.

    Tight lines and good beers
    Anheuser Bush products are superior to all others
  10. Who's asking for pity?
  11. you are screaming it i can see it all over your face hahaha.
  12. Not only do you not know anything about football, your taste in beer sucks.

    From the land of the micro brew:beer2:
  13. I know it's a little late to be beating this dead horse, but...

    For all of the "we won and that's that, stop whining" Steelers fans out there, you certainly remember the aftermath of the ONE bad call that went against Pittsburgh in the Championship game, right? AKA the infamous Troy Palomalu play?

    Joey "Conspiracy Theory" Porter flat out accuses the refs of cheating them because the other team was the favorite.

    Then a rather upset Steelers fan vandalizes a ref's house for it.

    I'm just curious if anyone thinks Steelers fans would have that "let it go" attitude they've been preaching to us if they were in our place. I'm thinking not. Your team got their ring, so congratulations. Did they earn it? We'll never know...
  14. well the hawks didnt deserve to win it
  15. whatever you say.
    man you gotta love people who chime in unannounced who havent even been participating in a conversation just to say that i dont know anything about football and that my taste in beer sucks. Bud and Bud light may be superior to all others but i do have a micro brew here and their beer sucks! the only other one closer is boulevard in KC and their wheat is amazing.
  16. NFR Steelers Praise 12th Man.....The Refs!..The truth shall set you free!!!

    It was just announced that Tochett was involved in a gambling ring that was connected to the Philadelphia Mob who leaned on the referees from the Superbowl. Tochett and Wayne Gretzky's wife , who is really the mistress of Jerome Bettis, worked this mob and wagered a half million dollars under the name Senorita Escobar de Autobus' and assisted the mob in leaning on the refs to get her quote " Big ol' BUS " the ring he deserved. ESPN deportes just reported this... :cool: :beer2:
  17. WTF? I've watched in silence as you and QHays come in here rubbin' everyone's face in it. What's up guys? Don't you have any good FF boards where you are? So people want to cry in their beer about a tough loss. WTF is that to you? I'm guessing you've both done it yourselves for teams you support. It's a time honored tradition. I think you made your points about 75 posts ago. The more you keep bashing people the more you just look like a couple of loudmouthed jackasses. And just to resolve any doubt, I'm over the SB; have been for about 3 days. What I don't like is you coming in here running your mouths to a bunch of people who have a lot more history and credibility on this site than you could ever hope to.

    By the way, Bud sucks. Get a clue. You really need to get out of big MO. more often.
  19. Thanks for saying what I was thinking!:thumb:
  20. Mo-Ron,
    Just stating the facts, bud. Bud and Bud light are piss water. The fact that you only have "a" micro brew in your area says alot. Cheers.
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