(NFR) Taliban Sighting!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by MacRowdy, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Tell him to take that American flag patch off his jacket else you're gonna have ta open a can o whoopa$$!
  2. Dude he wasn't listening to me.

  3. Tell SAK to put down the AK and no one will get hurt...are you nuts giving him a firearm? By the way the Ceasar Romero mustache is a dead give away...


    Good things come to those who wade...
  4. Hey kids, maybe its not the "best" idea in the world to post photos of the "illegal" firearms you own. But hey, know one ever accused you of being a "genius" either. No worries, I still love you. Delete these monkeys Chris.

    Edit: I bet dwane was behind this. That guy is trouble!:hmmm
  5. New River Mike

    I would immediately compliment him on the stylish sunglasses and ask him if the coat is GoreTex. Ask him if the waders you're wearing make your hips look too big. Hit him up for three dollars and ask him if he noticed a Starbuck's anywhere nearby because you really need a fix.
    Laugh and ask him to point to where the hidden cameras are. Ask him if he gives autographs.
    Basically, make any kind of conversation you can that will make him see you're not worth wasting any ammnunition on...

  6. Dude does have his finger on the trigger, the safety is off, and the gun is pointed right at you...very bad choice

    ~Patrick ><>
  7. Make him your fishing partner.You won't have to put up with crowds at your favorite hole.
  8. Good eye and good call, maybe you can come hunting with me after all...


    Good things come to those who wade...
  9. That is one handsome guy! I'd do him!

  10. no comment

    ~Patrick ><>
  11. Macky, my boy,

    I have answers for most everything in life, both in this world and in others, but I am afraid you have stumped me here today. I mean, if dude won't listen, (and why should he?), then I can't think of too much. But I'm assuming several things. Let me go over these assumptions and please set me straight if I'm wrong:
    1. You have somehow, hard to imagine how, pissed dude off.
    2. Dude is not terribly bright.
    3. You have nothing but your camera and your underwear.
    4. Dude and dude's associate are probably two dudes from Spokane.
    5. You were caught out fishing one of the fabled desert creeks of the Washington Desert.
    I don't know, Macky. So many variables. How long do I have? I mean, how lond did dude give you to get through to me and this board for advice? What sort of time line here? Is there anything dude wants that you won't give dude? If there is, give it to dude.
    Bob, the Oh, so many questions, so little time. :professor
  12. schmokin'reel!!!!

    I KNEW THE BRITISH WERE BEHIND THIS:professor :professor SEE SEE, look at the al qaieda' filson jackets and the english wool scarf:reallymad .... they are amongst us Gandolf, there is no need to fear - BHUDDA MAN is here, dundada da:smokin :smokin
  13. This reminds me of trying to fish around Quilcene. :eek:

    Although I don't think anyone from Quilcene would be wearing shades as stylish as those. :)

  14. First of all yes, I think he is one of the guys from Spokane.
    Second, Whitey is a gay wad.
    Third, Bob you have as much time as you need to come up with the best case scenario for getting out of a situation like this. These bastardos pop out of the woods wherever I go.
    Third, you know what he wanted. Look where the gun is pointing.
    Fourth, why would it be a "Bad idea" for him to have his finger on the trigger and the safety off? He is a Taliban dude from Spokane. He meant business!
    Fifth, the sun glasses I am assuming he stole off of the last poor guy he ambushed. Look at him, all trying to fit in. Definately Taliban from Spokane.

    MAC... the: Please Bob give me a little more here!!!!
  15. Dude..what's the deal??

    Whys everyone always picking on the rednecks from Spokane....its not like they drive Uhauls to go camping??? }(

    ~Patrick ><>
  16. Dude..what's the deal??

    I finally figured out who the two dudes from Spokane are. Pat and his dad. LOL

  17. Dude..what's the deal??


    Think ORANGE ALERT, OK? Call every police agency you can think of--here is a partial list.
    The City Police of the nearest city. (Ephrata?)
    The County Sheriff
    The County Prosecutor
    The Washington State Police (WSP)
    The Washington State Patrol (WSP jr.)
    The Washington Bureau of Investigation (WBI)
    The Washington Attorney's General Office (WAGO)
    The Federal Bureau of Investion (FBI)
    The Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF)
    The Attorney's General (USAG)
    The Counter Intelligence Angency (CIA)
    The Postal People (PP)
    The USDA (USDA)
    The Pure Drug Dudes (PDD)
    The Better Business Bureau (BBB)
    The Washington Department of Tourism (WDT)
    The Office of the White House (BUSH)
    Chris Scoones (CS)
    The Old Man (OM)
    Now stay with me Macaboy; I need you to stay with me; make these calls: tell 'em you are out in the middle of the night in the Washington Desert standing in just your underwear and two dudes from Spokane have got the drop on you and you don't want to drop. Ask 'em for some sort of support; remind them it is cold, that it is dead on in the middle of winter. But, for the love of Patrick, don't tell 'em where you are. I mean, don't give away the location of the trout stream! Send me a private e-mail. I can keep a secret. It'll be just me and the forum here. No one else!
    Bob, the I'm still thinking:dunno
  18. Dude..what's the deal??

    He changed his domain name from xstreamanglers.com to xstreamguerillas.com. :p
  19. Hmmm..Now that you got him to take that flag patch off, just give a good solid tug on that diamond stud in his ear and I bet he yelps like a scalded dog, drops that piece, and runs off hollerin' "elf zubra fee teezak!".

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