(NFR) Taliban Sighting!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by MacRowdy, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Dude..what's the deal??

    Look, we all know you can NOT win a land war in Asia, Charlie can't surf and the US Dollar is strong. However, Che and his crew from Central America can Win that land war in Asia, Charlie is too busy fishing to surf and your average every day Freedom Fighter can't get any love?

  2. Wow, this is a sad day for gun owners. :reallymad This is the kind of crap I don't want my child to see and not to mention that should I have done this my ol' man would have beat the living crap out of me for playing with a firearm in that manner. Firearms are not toys and should not be played with as in the photos. The fact that everyone has played into this is sad. And you wonder why the gun control freaks are having their way with deminishing our gun rights. My 2 cents and a very sore spot for me.

    I may stick my foot in my mouth alot on this site but I have my limits.

    speycast :hmmm:beathead:beathead:beathead
  3. Speycast: But if you are unwilling to have anyone tell you what to do with your firearm, how is it that you are most willing to tell someone else what to do with theirs?

    Bob, the No, I don't approve, but then I'm not someone else's mother.:dunno
  4. Well, reading over my post I most certainly did not tell anyone how to use their firearm. Maybe it comes off that way and I do apologize. Careless behavior is what the gun control people thrive on to take our rights away, not to mention the careless (imho), however humorous, handling of firearms in such manners. Again, my 2 cents. If some are offended, I'll buy ya'll a beer and call it even :beer1:

    Too bad that some attitudes for environmental/fisheries activism/issues don't carry over to other issues. But we do live in the United States of America and people are opinions.

    Speycast, my 2 cents, again. and again
  5. Why is it always fun and games until a few people get offended? You can trust that there were NO Rowdy's hurt in the shooting of the above photo. 2nd, the clip was empty (I think). I give you credit for the fact that YOU police what your children watch and see. What was a harmless picture not intended for the board turned into a picture that may indeed show a lack of care if one does not know all behind it, as they say, a picture can tell a thousand stories. Rest assured Vinnie that I handle firearms with care and safety in mind. I am not offended at all, if one of the perhaps many children out there I MAY fathered were to see this, I may be offended as well if I were not trying to avoid support payments!

  6. Ladies I am going to repeat a little quote from an old sage of a man and then I am going to sing you all a little song: "He who is offended when no offense is intended is a fool. He who is offended when offense is in intended is also a fool."

    Now for my song: "Wussies and Gay Wads! Wussies and Gay Wads! Wussies and Gay Wads!"


    To Speycast and any other people who we have offended. Sorry we've rubbed your sore spots. And I am sorry you couldn't take a moment and find a little humor in our banter. I am sorry you are offended at this kind of thing and last but not least I hope that you've learned a valuable lesson from the insightful advice from Babs (the sage of the board) in regards to dealing with a situation like this one I found myself in. If you ever are accosted by the two guys from Spokane may the powers that be deliver you from their pointing guns!

    Much Love,

    MAC...The: Careless with all things of firearms and women...
  7. ...famous last words - "the clip was empty". Almost as good as "I didn't think there was a round in the chamber!!"


    A little natural selection can be a good thing. Heck, we can use a few more candidates for the Darwin awards this year. And I don't even believe in evolution :rofl
  8. Now Now Now, MacRowdy, threatening me is not the right thing to do. If you can't handle constructive criticism then you should not be willing to post such material on this site. This the last of my messages for this post.

    Speycast, I'll be your Huckleberry.
  9. MacR -

    Look at the bright side, the selector is in the semi-auto position so you'll only have two holes in you.


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