NFR: testing a new I-pad.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Roper, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. The old curmudgeon bought an I-pad, can you believe that? So I'm using a wi-fi connection to boot. What wonders await me next....
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  2. Just picked up an iPod 4g touch last weekend. After a week with this little Gizmo I can see my self with an iPad in the near future.
  3. Next thing we know you'll be gitting a truck with one of those Auto-matic transmissions!!!
  4. I dunno.... probably a touch screen.
  5. Shack Nastys win! You with a new Ipad and me with a new laptop. What has happened to us?

  6. "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated."
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  7. A "Dick Tracy" watch??
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  8. There goes two of the last surviving members of the Luddite Society. There is hope for Ive, he is still trying to buy a new truck with crank windows, an AM radio and the dimmer switch on the floor.
  9. You'll like web browsing on the ipad Mr. Roper. Jesse, don't forget that Ive needs it to be a manual transmission too. Tough to find that combo, maybe even tough to find a company that remembers how to build them with all those manual features.
  10. Better not to forget the manual choke feature
  11. Some folks say you can still special order a non self cancelling dash mounted toggle switch for your windshield wipers but it could delay delivery for up to six months while the geniuses in Detroit try to figure out how to mount it.

  12. I remember these. Or the dash mounted throttle. You had to get them working perfectly of you couldn't keep your engine running.
  13. Roper - you are starting to creep me out. First a cell phone, now an I-pad, oh the horror of it.

  14. Yeah, the next thing you know I'll be buying an auto-loading shotgun...:eek:
  15. In the bottom left hand corner of the forum screen there's a link that says Green-Gray-Light. Click it and you can change to a mobile friendly version of the site. You can also get a nice app called Tapatalk that's formatted for mobile. It's well worth the $2.
  16. I have enough trouble with a lap top and a cell phone. Anything else just throws me. My head can't take all of this in. I'm just an old man
  17. Well, having used ipads for the last two years...I can tell you that you won't be dealing with viruses and all sorts of malicious crap that plagues microsoft systems...and the attendant contant downloading of patches to fix those apple doesn't totally revise their screen interfaces for no good reason (as does microsoft).

    I use microsoft products at work, and apple at home....and it's one more thing that makes the prospect of retirement all the more attractive.
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  18. Chuckin' Bugs. Just sayin'.
  19. I heard that, loud and clear, leaving Friday...:) see y'all Wednesday...
  20. You can do it right on our iPad, and it's free ;)

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