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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Speaker, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. I don't know shite about modern guns but jeebus that is the most sophisticated air rifle I have ever seen. I didn't know such things existed. What is it and why is the end of the barrel thicker than the rest of the barrel?

  2. FX Royale .25 caliber, pre-charged pneumatic air rifle. "Thing" on the end of the barrel is a barrel shroud. Supposedly helps stabilize the pellet; it does help support the barrel. All I know is that this piece is incredibly accurate.
  3. Painted a German Shepard with blue krylon spray paint once for chasing our calves, never seen him again.

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  4. Jim,
    by chance was that f'n cat an orange tabby? My wife inadvertently left the garage door open one morning a few weeks back and one had the balls to enter the house and try to pester my son's cat. I chased his ass back into the garage, watching him trying to climb a window and fortunately for him, he found his way back out from where he came. Next time i'll be ready with my pellet rifle.
  5. So what makes you think we'd welcome the kitty? Nobody I know has a toy gun; even their kids shoot real ones.:eek:
  6. that's a nice little .25 Jim!
  7. I'd welcome the kitty... might be a new source of dubbing and an idea for a new fly swap.
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  8. Good point.

    FYI, real guns don't make for very good games of capture the flag. Ya know... "It's always fun til somebody gets killed." isn't exactly saying that works too well... And ya know the 509 isn't all so hard as nails that nobody owns air soft guns and goes out and plays games shooting each other with em either. You, from what I gather, but not the whole area code.
  9. Nope. Real dark gray fluffy cat, almost black. Just a little east of Jackson HS.
  10. Chasing a defenseless cat? Really
  11. (tiniest violin)

    Chasing? No no... LOL. Standing up, taking a couple steps, and pulling a trigger. NOT chasing.

    Maybe I'll ship it to New Jersey so it can mark its turf on your goretex waders.
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  12. Trash can 2/3 full of water, Styrofoam peanuts about 3-6" deep and a piece of fish "floating" in the middle. simple but effective trap.
  13. Crap, I'd end up with a barrel full of cats! Haha
  14. Thanks, Alex. I actually have 2 .25's. . . the 2nd is a Daystate Airwolf MCT . . . same optics, but it has an electronic metering system & an electronic trigger. When I do my part, the MCT outshoots the FX. I keep it zeroed at 75-yards & mil everything else. Photobucket wouldn't load the only picture I have.
  15. We have cats out here called "mountain lions", You may have heard of them.
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  16. :eek:
  17. defenseless my ass , It has claws !!!!
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  18. The things that really bother me are these dang dragon flies that keep flying around my yard. Luckily they are predators and I can target them with my "fly" rod. I simply make slow casts with a size 28 PMD and they take it mid air.

    Now let me tell you about all the dang little tweety birds in my yard pooping all over my grass, they need to go as well, I don't give a crap that they don't know what they are doing, they need a solid education and I've found that rocks and a bird feeder work best for them. I lay in wait with my rocks and when they hit the bird feeder I hit them.

    Now cats will take a mouse pattern stripped through the grass, but I think they feel pain unlike the whole fish no pain thread.

    You guys and your sissy guns, real men throw rocks and cast flies at pests
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  19. YES, describes this thread. Well done sir.

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