NFR: The Cat got Bagged

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Speaker, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. if cat owners really loved their pets they would keep them inside. not because they might get shot by internet tough guys but because indoor cats lead longer and healthier lives.
  2. Sad, but anyone who believes a cat won't boogie over that 7' fence is delusional.
    Plus, after looking at the fence's construction, looks as though any cat under 50lbs. wouldn't have any trouble slipping between the slats.
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  3. We had a cat once that would climb up the side of the house to get into the second story window. He was a nut. He lived outside until one of my neighbors ran him over.
  4. True story, that I'll only tell the pertinent portion of.

    A friend had a Springer named Barney. Barney had lots of energy and smarts and would often foil Brian's containment efforts and take off on adventure. One day Brian gets a call at work from a frantic woman he doesn't know who relates that Barney just killed her neighbor's cat. The woman had got ahold of Barney long enough to read Brian's contact information on the collar. Now Brian is frantic and driving around Kirkland searching for Barney. In desperation he calls Kirkland animal control.They don't have Barney but ask what's going on. Brian worridly tells the tale. The animal control officer says "relax Mr. G........, it was only a cat".
    The story continued some years but we still quote that authority.
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  5. The cat in question is now an indoor cat. Talked to the neighbor politely.

  6. I guess that would make sense. The cat pissed on your shit inside the garage vs outside the garage. LOL
  7. Wow. What a perfectly sensible solution to your problem. Who would have thought that talking it over with the neighbor would: i) lead to a resolution, ii) maintain civility in your neighborhood, and iii) save an animal from unnecessary pain. If there's one downside to this its that the internet crowd will be deprived of one more topic to get themselves all worked up over (insert 'rolleyes' here).
  8. The posts from the big babies that have an issue with poppin one in the ass a couple times with a plastic BB are really annoying. Sometimes, no a lot of times, I really hate living near Seattle... pfffft.
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  9. Yeah. I friggin' hate those types.
  10. I live in a rural area, people think it is fine to dump their unwanted kittens in our area, my neighbour and I killed twenty -three feral cats. .410 was the object of choice.
  11. Me too.

    Where I live we use 223s. No pain. Single shot to the head. Cat problem solved.
  12. Not sure which one is funnier.................

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  13. Unfortunately whenever you start a thread, you are going to get all kinds of people replying. The best thing you can do is just simply ignore there comment completely.
  14. Naw. Calling em on it is more my style.
  15. ARE Jim Speaker after all...not Jim Listener....
  16. Wow, what an instigator.
  17. Kick his ass Seabass.

  18. If everybody were listeners, and always have been, and we were never speakers............We would not be celebrating the 4th of July today.
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  19. Damn straight.
  20. I don't fish for Hydrolagus colliei...

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