NFR: The Cat got Bagged

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jim Speaker, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. Edited: I decided this was an inappropriate response.
  2. I give it as good as I take it.

  3. You know man, that really did not sound right. Are you from Hollywood?
  4. Ok, alright, everybody chill... We all gotta put up with those "other guys" to many varying degrees. Back to the point: despite the fact that it's now an indoor cat, it was satisfying to have shot the little culprit in the ass a couple times. Done deal. This thread has seriously outlived its life expectancy.
  5. I'm not sure 'bout that. Just finished removing (and returning) cat crap in my flower beds. My neighbors aren't open to discussion or any attempt at resolution on their part ("How do you know our kitties did that? They are outdoor cats & we don't like cleaning litter boxes. They don't hurt anything. You just hate cats."). Maybe I'll try planting some Mark Walker-Inspired spring-loaded Victor bulbs . . .

    I have a tough time understanding why anyone should be expected to clean-up after or otherwise tolerate someone else's roving pet, regardless of species. Maybe I should train my dog to crap in their yards & climb on their vehicles. Oh, I forgot . . . dogs can't run at-large, only felines can (and I value my dog too greatly to expose him to risk, nor do I make it a point to inconvenience my neighbors.).
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  6. Jim Ficklin, I think you make a great point. It is the responsibility of the owner, not the animal. You value your dog to much to put him in harms way but in reality I think your the one who should be put in harms way if your dog/cat violates your neighbors yard.

    JIm Speaker should have shot the neighbor, not the cat. Why all the hating on cats, we should be hating on neighbors. I know the laws don't allow it, but someone made a point about celebrating the 4th because we spoke up, right? Well speak up again, change the laws so we can inflict the types of damage we are so willing to inflict on cats on our irresponsible neighbors instead.
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  7. just walk over to their yard, drop your drawers, and take a big shit in their flower bed. then tell them, "I don't like scrubbing toilets"
  8. I wonder if Rhodi leaves make good TP?
  9. Let me speak as a cat owner here.
    1) I love my cat, he's a valued member of the family. Tried to make him an indoor cat so that he'd live a "longer & healthier" life inside - he was not buying it. Would you?! Would your dog? Happiest guy in the world now as an outdoor cat.
    2) to those who claim a cat "doesn't know he was doing anything wrong" when he pissed on waders that smelled like human inside said human's garage; you either don't own cats or you are seriously delusional. They definitely exhibit intent.
    3) That Mr. Speaker was thoughtful enough to use a weapon that wouldn't actually injure the cat seems to me like a perfectly reasonable and satisfying way to resolve the situation. An excellent way to reply that No, this is NOT your territory. Non-lethal offense, non-lethal solution. Bravo!

  10. Thanks Northern.

    I've played enough airsoft war games with these things I know exactly what it feels like to take a 400 FPS .20 gram BB to exposed skin at 20 feet. Hurts like a b**ch, especially on the forehead where there is nothing but bone under that skin! Leaves a welt for a couple days or more. Doesn't break skin unless you get nailed by a 500 FPS at near point blank range.
  11. I have always wanted to get into airsoft. It looks like so much fun. I though about buying one but I found out that alot of kids like to play and I do not want to get my ass handed to me by a 13 year old.
  12. Yes if its anything like paint balls that is no bueno. Went to a friends party at a paint ball place in Puyallup and got lit up. Those suckers hurt. I was brave the first round or two but after that I hung out with the little kids in the back nursing welts on my head and neck.
  13. Not as bad as paint ball. Much smaller welts. :)
  14. Good to know. I got my son a cheap air soft gun. He can't hit a thing with it. The curve of the bb is unbelievable. I think if you shot it far enough out it would be like a boomerang and come flying back to you! Hmmm....
  15. There's a huge difference between cheap ones and even the mid range guns. I have several nice ones... my MP5 is all metal electric with adjustable hop up and it shoots super accurate even on ridiculously fast full automatic.
  16. Oh, and btw, those cheap BBs are another culprit for inaccurate shots. But really cheap guns don't really have the power to fire the denser, perfectly spherical .20 and .25 gram ammo.
  17. I might have to get me a descent one. I can think of a few applications for one... Hey son you want to play air soft?

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