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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Allison, Jun 19, 2009.

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  1. When I joined, 3 or 4 years ago, this site was already pretty big, and yet there were strict guidelines about what's ok and what's not ok to post, and most everything I read on that site was worth reading.

    Time has passed, and I'm only an occasional reader, but I have to say, nowadays, where's the love? I want to read about fishing and things related to fishing, but it seems like most of what I say is "a measurement competition among males". It's gotten really boring, and despite the hugeness of the site, on every thread I can count on blathering comments from...a person or three. Is it really interesting? Mmm. maybe not add it then.....on Facebook, it's only your friends, but here, it's several thousand people with less time on their hands.

    Flame suit on. I'd imagine this will inspire more flaming than actual useful discourse, but hey, some is better then none I guess. Try not to blame the messenger.

  2. I think we have some kids joining so the questions are going to be somewhat to be put up with:)
  3. hey, whats wrong with kids? i think the are fairly cool! :) and i posted a question right before i ever read this, so dont get mad. also ive been lacking posting reports for a while, mainly because i havnt been out for over a month.

  4. Didn't say anything wrong with kids, read my post
  5. The forum is legit. take the good from it and dont invest too many personal feelings on the negative. although I've done it in a thread or 2. no big deal. I've never been part of a forum, where you can speak your mind(for the most part) and not get moderated on your opinion, and cuss words
  6. Most of everything is open now, so the useless chitter-chatter should slow a little.....maybe.
  7. I think the state of the forum is strong. Maybe stronger than ever! Is there useless crap posted? Of course. But that to me is sometimes the best reading. There may have been a little more recently from the over the top shack nasties that we all seemed to experience this off season. But as stated, it's over. The river are shaping up, people are heading out and reporting.

    The forum is strong, there seems to be a much stronger bond between people now. Over time we have met, fished, camped, and drank together. We argue over things because we are passionate for fly fishing. We all bring different ideas and backgrounds to the table and we discuss. If we all agreed all the time there would be no new ideas and the passion for fly fishing and the forum would fizzle. To make this forum work you have to be a part of it. There is a give and take, you can't just surf on the periphery and hope the info you seek will just pop up there for you. The forum is a living breathing entity that you must be a part of to seek the info you desire. Resistance is Futile.

    So keep posting, fishing, fly swaping, arguing, giving reports, not giving reports, asking the dumb and smart questions, whatever goes.

    Tight Lines
  8. Read the threads you're interested in. Skip the ones you don't care for. Tha's what a forum is all about. I've been at it for a few months now and have enjoyed the sharing of ideas. I took some real heat on my first thread because I really didn't think it through and I got set straight. I appreciate that. I also enjoy reading posts from kids like Arthur who obviously has a passion for fly fishing. I wish I had started when I was a kid when I think of all the years I wasted. I got some great flies from my first fly swap and I'm looking forward to sharing in another. Yes, there are some inane threads but they often don't go very far so there isn't really a big problem with them. Some are really valuable as most of us have found out. Stick with it and be a prospector. Find the gold in the forum and toss the scrap.
  9. If it wasn't for the heading at the bottom of the main forum page I would have to read all of what was written to keep on top of the forum. ''Mark Forums Read" this gets alot of use from me.

    I don't find this as interesting as I used to. But my moving to Montana might have something to do with it. I don't read a lot of the sub forums as Hunting is something that I don't do and there is no salt water where I live and I quit tying flies.

    There aren't as many reports as there used to be either. People would write about where they went fishing and not get flamed about a spot. Now if you hold a fish wrong you get hassled or if you tell about a spot you get it also. If you catch something and post a picture, you get everybody who looks at it telling you what kind of trout it is. How in the hell do they know if they weren't there..

    Thank you Allison for posting this. It makes me feel better because I thought I was the only one who thought like this.

  10. I to tend to think that it is the younger generation making most of the trouble. Us older guys just want to see porn and fish. The three "F's" in life is all I need. Fishing, &ucking, Food. Thank you Allison also.
  11. Bazillion and one forums like this floating around on the ol' web. Go sample a few of them then come back. We ain't got it so bad. Life is good on WFF (Thank you Chris and others).
  12. WFF is great for the most part.

    I don't really like folks trying to pick fights with others. I have been guilty of it. so I don't say much even though I dislike the contention.

    More reports would be great. I get the feeling though that they are frowned on for some reason by some of the folks here.
  13. I've been a member of this forum for the past six months. I have found it to be extremely helpful by the comments offered to my posts as well as a number of the threads that are maintained. I am very impressed with the "search' function and have used it numerous times. My impression is that the increase in the number of members is actually a function of the quality of the forum. I'm sure it used to be a smaller, closer knit, friendlier site very similar to what this area of the Pacific Northwest was, say, twenty five years ago. As people found this area, it became more populated with a resulting decline in the very things that attracted them here.

    I appreciate your thoughts about the quality of the posts and your concern that it is changing. A thoughtful reminder is a good thing. We're all fly fisherpeople and we start with that in common.:thumb:

    I'm heading out the door now to see what I can learn from many of you at Lake Tye.
  14. Allison,

    I agree that it seems like there is more mindless dribble. The benign response that start with “I agree with what you say but this is what I do” and what they do doesn’t amount of a hill of shit and bespeaks of a lack of knowledge about the sport and filled with fluff. The old, if you can’t talk the talk then baffle them with bullshit and it seems getting higher post counts are more important than saying something useful. And yes, attitudes do cycle through the year as this closes or that opens and it has been that way since the 6 years or so that I have been here. Back when it was just a couple hundred of us, it was really intense with the elitism, but most have mellowed with time as they came to understand that one can’t hide behind a computer screen. On this forum, you will run into the people that you may have mouthed off to. Other types of forums don’t have that and your ID stays safe. But what I am seeing is there are not just a couple hundred coming in at one time, it could be thousands. So instead a smaller population having to learn the ropes of forum etiquette, several hundred are having to learn at one time. Scoones seems to have relaxed a bit lately on bouncing people out of here, but I think that is because of the sheer numbers of people now and I believe he has been busy with his life, not that he deserves one. JK. For those of us that have been here a long time, when we see real extreme cases of stupidity, we may call him and give him or the mods a heads up.

    I myself, can tell by the title of a thread what is going to happen and don’t even read them. What kind of sunglasses should I get? Do my waders make me look fat? Why are the native Indians killing my fish? On and on it goes. I think the do the fish feel pain thing has come up a million fucking times. It gets old and I say less and less. I actually have to force myself to answer the same questions over and over.

    The phases seem to go like this. First it’s mass enthusiasm over catching a six inch bow. Then mass questions on how to catch more six inch bows. They accumulate knowledge and their fish get bigger and the stories are good. Then they get into the teaching phase, but there is always somebody who knows better. Then the shut down phase, less posts, just come to look at the fish pics in the gallery, etc. Then they go into the terminal stage of lurking. Now this is not the lurking stage that a lot of people do in the beginning. These cats have no balls to talk or they see how silly it is and just don’t add anything to the forum. We are all at some point in these phases. It makes for a hell of a mess.

    The solution? There isn’t one. Except for the individual. Take what you need and leave the rest and go fish whilst the morons talk about nothing for hours, wasting good fishing time. All the good info is passed through PM’s anyway with the friends you make. It’s too public now, but like I said, there is no cure and the population keeps growing.
  15. We are doing fine here. The forum has changed significantly over the years and of course it is not as tight knit as it was when first started. Maybe not as cliquish, perhaps not as intellectual and certainly not near as funny. But for what it is-a mature forum in terms of age-it is not that bad. We have lost some really good writers over the years but have also shed a lot of belligerent abusive a$$holes that had a lot of political or religious baggage to dump on us.

    About the most radical fringe groups we have right now are the Toyota whackco's and the diesel nuts. Everyone else seems relatively ambivalent and pleasant to get along with. I have met and fished with quite a number of members by now and can include some of them as the best of friends.

    You can take the good and run with it or see the bad and bitch about it. Whichever you do says a lot about yourself so reread what you have just typed before you hit the submit button.

    Keep on postin'

  16. Mr. Smith, well said sir.

    Being on four fishing forums, without a doubt this is the best. It's a great place to meet new friends and enjoy company. It's like a second home. Sure there are duplicate posts where one could just search and find the same thing (such as what float tube to buy), but overall, the quality of the posts are superb. I'm glad this forum is full of such great folks like you all. It makes for fun community events we organize. The heart of the forum is us, as a collective unit. We organize fish-a-thons, send countless PM's, goof-off, and fish hard. It's WashingtonFlyFishing at its finest. Scoones is to be commended. What a great place with such great company. The forum sparkles with great decorum - It's fun to log-on here. Man I should be fishing right now :) But I got my SF fix earlier in the week...Rock-on ya'll!! rsfg
  17. I have to agree that over the years the forum has gone alittle side ways. To many tight lipped reports. Then if someone does mention a name or place all hell breaks loose. I guess what bothers me the most is the questions ,where should I fish, what line ,what rod, what fly, why not just have someone cast the line for you, and you take pic's. Not enough research on the part of the poster,regarding the reg's , maps etc. Some of us have spent time and $$$$ to go to places and see if there is fish a road etc.etc. my 2 cents
  18. Not sure I follow the last post, TM. The forum is more tight lipped, people get ripped for naming fishing places, yet you're not happy that people ask where to fish, what to use when they go there? Isn't that what every fly fisherman does when he tries new water? You've never walked into a fly shop on water you've never fished, asked where to go, what flies to use, spent maybe 5 bucks and walked out?

    I'd think this forum is about sharing experiences about fishing. At least, I hope so.
  19. It is about sharing experiences, the key word is sharing. You will get flamed by asking the cliche where do I go, what fly do I use, what rock do I stand on question. But if you do a little research, hit the river, tell us about your trip, the conditions, what worked for you, what didn't. Then you ask a pertinent question, then you will receive the feedback that this forum is good at providing.
  20. to be honest I cant remember the last time I asked a fly shop where should I fish. I guess I do research ethier by book, internet, maps etc. I have sent pm's to members that I have know for years and I asked for suggestions. So I guess I'm guilty of the same thing I bitch about.
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