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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Allison, Jun 19, 2009.

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  1. Allison Banned or Parked

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    right on, forum looks better already.
  2. Mark Moore Just a Member

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    Geez... if relationships in the real world were just that easy to manage I could use it on my wife and get a lot more fishing in.:D
  3. Michael Thompson the flavor of BADFISH

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    shit is no laughing matter!
  4. Matt Smith On the river Noyb

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    See what I mean! This is awesome! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  5. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Very cool feature Chris, you have it all here. Any way to tell how many users put me on their Ignored list? Just kidding, but I'm sure I'll be on some. I'm trying to evolve into a better user, I'm just a slow learner.
  6. doug rose Member

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    Allison--Thanks for the voicing what I--and I'm sure many other members--have been thinking for a long time. The only thing I would change in your last post is that perhaps "boys" may be more accurate than "guys." I hope you hang in here. As for "Haunted by Waters, I know him. He is an excellent fly fisherman, and I'm sure that most of the serious steelhead fly fishers on the site know who is. He is also pretty big, so I doubt that fear is the reason he doesn't use his legal name. Maybe he was trying to communicate something about his feelings about our sport.
  7. ReelFlyBro Team Short Bus

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    to me this thread is beggin for attention. Notice the 'I say' part. just callin it as I see it. oh, and by the way. got my flame suit on as well.
  8. sothereiwas Member

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    I like the fact that this forum is moderated in the manor it is. Deal with problems in a private. As soon as you make strict blanket rules this site will turn into ifish in a matter of months.

    The problem with our society is that no one can deal with being offended anymore. They want their own personal edited reality and in tern feel the need to push there warped idea of how things should be on everyone else. There are a few people on here that annoy the crap out of me but adding them to ignore list really takes away from the full context that makes up many threads. If you want an overmoderated fly fishing site with daily tea time and imoticons that give hugs and pats on the back then start your own. You probably wont have much content to edit.

    Thanks guys its the best fly fishing site on the web.

  9. Stonefish Triploid and Humpy Hater

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    Please add me to your ignore list.
  10. Go Fish Language, its a virus

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    Thanks for making me laugh Brian.

  11. Chris Puma hates waking up early

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    Dammit! The ignore function doesn't work when people quote text.
  12. Buck "Ride'n Dirty."

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    Ya Allison, throw me on there too. I don't want to some day find out that I was added later because yoou don't like my content that day. Let's just get it over with.
  13. Reelucky New Member

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    Wow! I think you guys have the " I ain't shit in real life so let's be a dick on the web" thing covered.

    Real Catches for your significant others I am sure. I do now understand why there is a womens fly fishing club.

    Make the sponsors proud boys
  14. Trent Ugly member

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    Me, second, third or whatever # in the line of people who don't agree with everything you think, say or do.:eek:
  15. lylelovett666 Active Member

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    Allison,after reading this and your other posts you seem about as much fun as a paper cut in a salt mine.You should try to relax.Have you tried fly fishing?I find it does wonders.
  16. Trent Ugly member

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    You've just been ignored:thumb:
  17. lylelovett666 Active Member

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  18. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    I'm not electronically ignoring any WFF members. I will read and digest anything from everyone. For me that is a way to learn. Even my nemesis HOOKER who berated and bashed me occasionally posted value in nooks and cranies. If I get blocked or ignored, fine. I'm also not going to bash Allison. Think about it. In some instances we all are dull, abrasive, helpful, complimentary, mean or supportive. Don't get your knickers in a bunch!
  19. Coach Duff Banned or Parked

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    Abrasive? You calling me abrasive Eddy you mother%^(#$)^ sonofa#(%&#* cock#($&%(#)$ ? ABRASIVE?!!!!!! Why you #(%*#()#)U%()#Y?&?&*))$&)#)U#! Love ya Coach:D
  20. Dizane Coast to Coast

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    Prophet Mumbles speaks.:thumb:
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