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Discussion in 'New Features, Site News, Issues Info.' started by knothead, Aug 23, 2008.

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  1. Ed Call

    Ed Call Mumbling Moderator Staff Member

    I've been fishing Hooker. I post when I'm not fishing, but I've been fishing. I don't think my waders or boots have dried in weeks. Who's fishing at 10pm or midnight? Not me, but I'm up and reading as much here as I can. Reading this one has been a drag though.
  2. knothead

    knothead Banned or Parked

    I could really care less about Buck,Yard or Alpine, they are inconsequential. It is through the piling on, that personal information was disclosed. I have contacted the coward who disclosed it. I will deal with it on my terms. I did contact a moderator. Yes, I am bitching.
    And your your probably right, the women on this forum, can probably hold thier own with, " get the sand out of your vagina"
  3. Daryle Holmstrom

    Daryle Holmstrom retiredfishak

    Don't close this one Chris its been the most entertaining of 2008
  4. Matt Burke

    Matt Burke Active Member

  5. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    Ok, no offense here. But I've NEVER EVER been contacted by Knothead about anything. Nor have I ONCE had an email from Buck as well. So, I'm assuming there wasn't a report sent out directly to us. I'm thinking it's all through Chris directly. Because last time I checked Chris was the Admin and owner here, Ibn and myself are the "mods". So, unless my PM box (or email) is broken, I've missed the bus here. So, when was this email to me. I don't care about rants or posts like this. BUT, I don't like hearing about emails that I'm supposedly getting and being biased towards some when I've yet to get one.
  6. Jerry Daschofsky

    Jerry Daschofsky Moderator Staff Member

    For clarity (and the way some like to edit later to avoid being chastised later) I thought I'd quote what I've had a problem with.
  7. Loopy

    Loopy Member

    Refreshing stuff!

  8. Chris Scoones

    Chris Scoones Administrator Staff Member


    Your spat with Buck has been ongoing for some time. There was a valid item to bring up with your approach and so I did, but I kept it offline and approached asking for a favor to rest this thing. Now you can't let it go and call it out so I'm pressed to fix this. I wonder how I'll do that.

  9. Buck

    Buck "Ride'n Dirty."

    I did email Chris because you mentioned me in every post you had, just asking him to tell you to stop. I sent a letter at the same time to you telling you I come here to talk about fishing and to meet people to fish with. That's all. I did pick up a fish in the Snoqualmie with my hands and put it back on the river side. I did have a member take a pic of it. Both of us are new to fly fishing, new to this site (sort of). I got a bunch of shit for it and I had Chris take my profile and delete it and I started a new one. "I" don't like having my real name up here, that is my prerogative (sp). So, Me, calling you a dick-weed, telling you to eat shit, and whatever else, you called me a few choice things too (mentally ill, alcoholic ect..) So, I'm just having fun back. Seems like you and I work it out or not, I don't care. Personally I'd just like to come here and talk fishing and stuff like that but I'll leave it here in your court.
    Go fish.
    As with this other shit about, Alpine, Backyard, the closed post you got slammed on or any mod shit, I got nothing, don't even know what you talking about, must be something else. Buck....doesn't want drama. Thanks.
  10. chadk

    chadk Be the guide...

    Coach, once again, stop pretending you speak for the whole board and the whole Pac Northwest, and the fly fishing community in general. Thanks.
  11. knothead

    knothead Banned or Parked

    Good lord, who is that hiding behind you trying to take swings at me, Chris. My main issue was the fact that one of two individuals decided to use my personal information to further thier rantings. I will will deal with them outside of this forum.
    You my friend may want to look at actually moderating the sexist, vulgar, crap that gets posted on your forum. You might even be able to attract some new sponsors if you did. Sexist, vulgar crap is not fun nor is it gentlemanly.
    But, hey, you got to play to your target audience.
    As far as wondering how you might deal with me, Who cares.
  12. jabseattle

    jabseattle jabs

    Knothead you are a knucklehead for posting this crap..shut the @#$%^ up already..
  13. Matt Burke

    Matt Burke Active Member

    God Damn my cramping is horrible today!
  14. Sloan Craven

    Sloan Craven Active Member

  15. Kent Lufkin

    Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

    You're not the only one who needs a Midol here.

  16. SteelieD

    SteelieD Non Member

    Seems like you don't really like here. Why don't you just go away and save Chris the trouble.

  17. Matt Burke

    Matt Burke Active Member

    Oh Christ Kent, every since I woke up this morning, I knew this storm front was coming in with some rain. I feel bloated, none of my pants fit and my nipples hurt.
  18. dryflylarry

    dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

    This crap on here is a waste of my time. Get a life.
  19. Jim Wallace

    Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

    Hang in there, Matt. It appears the worst has passed us here on the coast. We're a couple hours ahead of you, weatherwise. I had stomach cramps from laughing :rofl:so hard at this crap, but they're gone now.
  20. Matt Burke

    Matt Burke Active Member

    Thanks Jim, you're a good friend. I think with the support system here on the site, we can all get through this.
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