(NFR) time to put the hummer in the garage

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by ibn, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. I probably missed where it stated the mileage, but I bet it wont be good enough for me to take it on the cowlitz trip :eek:

    The bench seat folds into a bed....now that is an awesome idea :thumb: My subaru does that but not on purpose or by design :confused:
  2. Oh god, I hope I never get rear ended by that thing, I'd be killed in my Accord.
  3. They ought to send the executives of this company to the front lines of Falluja to help in the fight to keep oil prices low. :)
  4. Thats perfect! With Bush lifting the wilderness roadless rules, I was wondering what I could use to braf around in the woods to find new fishing holes! duck fat, I'll just make my own roads!

  5. hey B...whats duck fat??? iagree
  6. Damn! Now that's a truck! Don't let the soccer Moms see this they may trade in their Hummers... :clown:
  7. I have finished filling out the equipment request form for one of these for our IT dept. and emailed it to our equipment manager. I will let you know what his reply will be.
  8. Some thing big

    you would need a commerical license just to drive it. But what the hey,I'll just use my pocket change to go out and get one. :rofl:

  9. A commercial license? To drive one you should fill out an Environmental Impact Statement.
  10. Are thes bio-diesel equipped? That would be a lot of french fries...
  11. Pretty, some of those larger trucks. They will still end up calling a unimog to get them out of the muck when it came down to it.
  12. AAMMMMEEEENNN on that Chris...I'm a die-hard Ford man, but nothing compares to the Unimog, new or old...

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  13. Amazing, my little Tacoma doesn't stand a chance with those things on the road!
  14. Duck Fat

    Duck Fat... Switch the first two letters...


    p.s... I had to create an "at the girlfriends house" account since I couldn't remember my password to my tighline account... my email is set up at the office, so I couldn't get to it... so in short ~B is me, B, aka tightline.


  15. i new dat...just playn witch ya my passwod forgetin frend
  16. FFb, u will be able to pass under that truck with no problem. If i ever saw that thing on the road without a full load and a huge trailer, i would flag down the person driving. Then i would pull out my ladder and climb to the door, and open it. I would slap the person driving it. The calmly ask, why did u buy this, and walk away calmly. On secound thought, i bet a fair amount of people driving those things are packing a 12 gauge....
  17. Hmmmmm, depends on the gross tonage on that thing, doubt you'll need a CDL. Our big trucks at work (pretty similar chassis to this one) don't require a CDL, since they are under 26,000 gross. Think it's the gross weight capacity with trailer that'll screw you. But if you only use like this w/o trailer rating, should be fine. Looks like it's modified with a bed, so probably well under the 26000 limit JUST for that reason above. This way anyone can drive them (not saying they should, but can).

    To tell you the truth, I drive big trucks for a living in "tight driving" conditions. Not open road ones like big rigs. I'm scared enough watching the soccer moms and the likes driving these huge rigs (can you say BACK FIRST into a parking spot, not nose.......SHEESH).

    But these have "sorta" been out already. They've had these as fancy 5th wheel haulers for awhile now. Just not with the bed in it. Just had 5th wheel hitch in back.

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