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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Oneweight, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. Looking for a little advice from our technically savvy members...

    Video Editing Software - I have a mini DV vid cam and have taken tons of fishing and kids footage and am attempting to start editing and making sense of it all. I'm using Pinnacle Studio 8 and it kind of sux as far as my newbie self can tell. I bought 300gig of external harddrives so storage is not an issue. The software only allows me to save footage in like 8 minute intervals and takes forever. The editing is pretty basic too. Now, I'm not producing professional stuff here...just taking 50 mins of my daughter drooling in a high chair and making it into 10 mins....same with miles of floating a river to actually catching fish.

    What do you use or recommend for software? Is it relatively easy to use? How is it for dumping 60 min tapes down and then chopping it up, adding some music etc? I'd really like to not drop mucho $$ as again, I'm just compiling and probably burning some DVDs in the end. Any advice is greatly appreciated. BTW - I'm using WinXP so telling me to buy a Mac I'm sure it's easier but not in the budget this year!

    Secondly....on to audio. What do you folks recommend for burning music? I've used Windows Media Player but it sux for burning CD to CD as you have to actually save the music to your hard drive first and then burn. I would like to just go disk to disk. Thoughts....

    Thx from the not as technical........

  2. NTFS vs FAT32

    I have the old Studio Deluxe that came with Studio7. It works, but you get what you pay for. I can capture video, edit and kick it out in any format. I have an older DVD burner too. If it is only allowing you to record for a couple minutes then the file system on the hard drive is set at FAT32. That will only allow about 10 minutes of record time, then it can't handle any files larger than that. You have to format the entire hard drive to NTFS. This will allow you to record video at any length or at least the size of the hard drive. You wont be able to burn DVD's of anything larger than what FAT32 can handle which means your DVD can only be made up of shorts. NTFS will allow you to burn an entire 7.5 gig DVD at full length and uncut. Burning large DVD's will be easier in NTFS. You really have to search through the Pinnacle forum/data base thing to find this info, plus all the updates you may need for XP, the card you use to capture video with, etc. It's a drag to figure out and installing updates you don't need will cause crashes, but when it is up and running, it is a very cool thing.

    One other thing, once it is all set up, burning a DVD may take overnight, but then I'm running Intel Pentium III / 1 GHz Processor.
  3. Adobe Premier is good, but probably way more than what you want. You might want to check out Premier Elements. I haven't used it myself, but if it's anything like PhotoShop Elements is to Photoshop, chances are it will do everything you need at a fraction of the price.
  4. I have used elements a little, and liked what i saw. I have a Mac at home and mainly use macs for editing. I can say that if you have acess to one, imovie is one of the most user friendly eiditing systems i have ever used. It can't do some of the things final cut or premier can, but its way easier to learn.

  5. we use adobe premier at work, great product but probably overkill as alpine said. iagree at quite the cost. have had only brief looks at elements, but it seemed promising. does anyone out there have a copy of elements?
  6. Limewire File Sharing Network has a copy of Elements.

  7. Thx for the info guys and keep it coming as I'm still learning...

    Matt B - Thx for the heads up on Pinnacle...it is confusing.

    Also - What do you all use to burn disk to disk audio? I'm not copying copyrighted music, just backing up my old music... ;) I've heard Nero and Roxio but they're both $100 and more peripheral stuff than I need....ie. video editing, backup, media mgt etc.


  8. Not real sure on the video editing stuff, but what I've seen from other people's projects if you are going to get serious in deep with it and if you are planning an puter upgrade, and iff'n you have the funds a Mac is the way to go. But for music and other copying and image burning projects, I've used Nero, on the windows machine, and it will copy and burn anything and in any format you throw into it. Fairly cheap to pick up at any office mart type store, or if you don't mind a little piracy it's always somewhere on usenet in the warez groups or on a fileshare.
  9. Hmmm, was looing around and noticed that the latest greatest edition of Nero ultra 6.6 is 99 bucks. I' was using 6.1 on the windows box that doesn't have all the editing stuff on it and I've seen that go for less than fifty bucks. Some stores should still have an earlier version. Hope that helps, but I think it's gonna be kinda spendy for you. But for what it's worth heres a couple of links for you to check out lots of info anyway.


  10. Costco is carrying a great software package by Roxio. I am at work so don't have the total name of it but it comes in a bright orange box with the name Roxio in it so that should narrow it down. It costs like $59 after a rebate and is really easy to use. You can download and edit photo's, video tape, import DVD's and more. You can then put it all together in a storyboard with transitions, text and special effects and burn it to DVD.

    I am not one to spend a lot of time reading manuals so having the program be simple to learn and intuitive is a must. This software is really easy to use and works very well.
  11. One of the big strikes working against you is the external hard drives. It really doesn't matter how big and fast your hard drives are, if you are connecting them via a USB cable.

    As for your software, it seems to be hit and miss based on your system. I started using Pinnalce 8, and I am using Pinnacle 9 now. I don't have any problems with it. I've got an older computer (AMD 1 Gb processor) but it is fairly loaded with memory. I have 640 MB of RAM. It's the RAM that seems to make things run the best.

    Another thing to look for is where your virtual memory is located. If you haven't played with it, it is probably on your internal C drive, but double check it. Make sure it is not on your external drives.

    As for your music software, Nero and Roxio are both good software. I'm using an older version of Nero, so I really can't speak towards the new software. One thing you might want consider is downloading MusicMatch Juke Box. It's free, which is always good. It allows you to rip your music into MP3's, , and re-burn them as you see fit. You've got plenty on Hard Drive space.

    Another piece of software worth looking at is Windows XP Movie Maker. Last time I looked at it, it was free.
  12. My advice.

    If you are using an external drive, it'd better be USB2 or Firewire. USB1 is just not up the task.

    I really don't like Pinnacle - the software is complicated, unintuitive, slow, expensive and crashes a lot. I've used it to make a couple of DVDs of family life which I send out as mother's day gifts for my mother and my M-I-L. They love it, or maybe they just say they do.

    One piece of software that I am impressed with, and which is free is the Windows Movie Maker 2 which you can get through Windows Update. It has insane video compression when you use WMV files. Its interface is similar to P8 -- I haven't used it yet to make a DVD but I doubt that it could be worse than P8. One cool feature is that you can adjust the brightness of the video, something which P8 sadly lacks.
  13. Thx all for the guidance...I'm looking at Macs as a possibility as the upgrade I need to do to my pc warrants at least a look. They really seem easy to use on the multimedia side.

    Any Mac users out there with thoughts on video/digi image/audio editing on a Mac?

    thx again for the info...not only have I learned a wealth of ffishing info here...the breadth and depth of knowledge on subjects such as this make this such a great community.

  14. I don't think you would regret the purchase of a mac if you plan to do video editing. All new macs come with imovie and idvd. If you get to a point where you want to go beyond imovie you can upgrade to final cut express or final cut pro. The enhancements and plugins for imovie continues to grow though, and some people stick with imovie and put together some really nice stuff.

    final cut is pretty much "the standard" for digital video editing. Major motion pictures are now being chopped in to place on macs.

    If you want to go the cheapest route, since you already have a monitor and keyboard you could get a mac mini for 5 or 6 hundred bucks.

    be careful though macs can become an obsession! and you may find yourself on chat boards evangelizing apple computers :thumb:
  15. We bought a 15" Powerbook for Christmas with 1 Gig of RAM and the Superdrive. With Adobe Creative Suites and Microsoft Office, it set us back about $3K. We had been saving for some time for the purchase. Owned Mac's years ago - started with the Apple II GS when I lived in Tacoma, but ditched them for PC's after a 6115. My wife had kept on using them at school, though. I have really been impressed with the Mac OS and the iMovie. My wife took the Mac out of the box on Christmas day. By the next day she was making classroom lessons with audio and video and ripping them to DVD. The system has never choked. I'm going to use it to convert old VHS family videos to DVD, however, I think I'm going to need an analog to digital converter between my VCR and the computer to upload the data. I'm a Mac enthusiast again.


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  16. Second the Mac but am a total Mac enthusiast. iMovie is awesome, its commonly used by news stations for editing video. I use it all the time at work to edit my movies of moths mating at night. Quick and easy. Works well with Quicktime for sending or DVDs. Plus if you get a Mac, you can pretty much forget about computer viruses- no more buying and updating that pesky anti-virus software. :cool:

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