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Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by rmenefee, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. rmenefee

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    Can anyone please recommend a fairly good waterproof camera that might be under 500.00$ ?

    Thanks in Advance.
  2. Jim Jones

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  3. fredaevans

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    Gad Zooks, we have two 'Jim Jones' on the board (Jim here, and JD Jones in So. Oregon.)

    Jim here brings up a good point .... water PROOF or water RESISTANT. Very few of the first without the use of an external case; several may be water resistant to rain even, perhaps, to 10' of 'debth.' Cost of one to the other will really vary a lot. If you want something more than 'point and shoot' (fixed lens) you'll probably have to take a good look at cameras that come with/retro-fit a fully waterproof case.

    For a good look at what's available, hit the B & H Camera web site.
  4. Fred Aldridge

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    Olympus has a few models that are very water resistant. Haven't had a problem with mine yet in the past 3 years. I use it for skiing as well as fishing.
  5. Willie Bodger

    Willie Bodger Still, nothing clever to say...

    Second on the Olympus. They are also fairly impervious to knocking around. They market them as shock and water resistant. And the water resistance generally has more to do with pressure constraints on the working parts. So, are you looking for a diving camera, or something for pics on the water? Pics on the water are fine with the Pentax or Olympus. If you want to go deeper, then you really should get a waterproof housing.
  6. lx-88

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    I second the Pentax Optio. I have a Optio W10 and love it. Not having to worry about it getting wet is really nice. You can put it down about five feet without a problem.
  7. I will be following this thread, I would like to know what people come up with.:D
  8. g_smolt

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    Pentax Optio W10 for all the underwater pictures in my gallery.

    Come to think of it, most of the above-water pictures too.

    I have an Olympus "water-resistant" camera as well, a Stylus 410 all-weather.

    Gimme the Pentax any day...much better pic quality, better options, all-around better camera.
  9. easymends

    easymends 8100XP

    Another for Pentax Optio. Amazing quality for a camera at 279.00. Even the underwater pics come out decent. Great camera for any fly fisherman.
  10. tythetier

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  11. fish-on

    fish-on Waters haunt me....

    Here's another for the Pentax Optio W10 or W20.

    You'll never hear any complaints from me. I've taken it swimming, fishing, wakeboarding and snowboarding rain or shine. The key word is WATERPROOF. No need for external casing and so on and so forth. It does have zoom albeit digital zoom. Takes great macro shots and photos from afar. I've taken pictures of itty bitty hummingbirds from a distance ( another hobby of mine) and it comes out crisp and clear. It also takes awesome videos and definitely below your $500 budget too.

    Best of all, I don't have to worry whether how much water it can resist. And being worry free when you are out and supposed to be enjoying the outdoors is a must for me.

    Tight lines,

  12. Kevin J. Burnham

    Kevin J. Burnham Active Member

    There better be one in my stocking this year !!
  13. Rory McMahon

    Rory McMahon Active Member

    Id check out the canon digital elph, they sell a waterproof case for it and if i remeber right, it has an underwater light setting. I forget which model sou you'll have to google it for more info.
  14. jackchinook

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    I've got experience with both Canon Elphs and the Pentax Optio W10...there are only very subtle differences between the W10 and W20. I have a digital Elph (canon) and underwater housing as a personal camera and a Pentax W10 for work.

    All in all, I prefer the Canon Elphs w/housing overall but that's not to say that it's the best setup. The Canons offer me, personally, a more intuitive operation and I feel that it takes better photographs with better color and better dynamic range. Again, that could be me knowing how to use it better. The downside is that the camera itself is 100% NOT waterproof. That said, the cases are rated for 160 feet (or 50 meters) so you could scuba dive with it or snorkel on your honeymoon. The Canon's with dedicated housings (or Nikon, Olympus, Sony) etc. cost much more since the dedicated housings cost between $100-200.

    The Pentax are, in themselves, "waterproof". There is some fine print, however...it's something like "submersion up to 3 feet for 15 minutes" or something weird like that. But that's plenty good for the accidental dunking or sticking it underwater to get a kosher wild fish shot. And they're way cheaper. I just don't feel that I get as good a photo as the end result...but I'm picky. As they say, YMMV.
  15. Jay Allyn

    Jay Allyn The Poor-Student Fly Fisher

    I sell cameras and am a photographer and I'd say you would be better off buying something like a Canon and getting the water proof case for it. Like any of the SD serries for Canon have nice cases and you could get both a case and camera for under 500 easily....and you can't go wrong with a Canon.
  16. OhioOutdoorsman

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    Pentax is the most established with the W series,



    Olympus 720 SW. Runs a little more, but is "shockproof", a little smaller, and has the lens in the corner which helps with one handed shots such as when holding a rod or a fish. The pentax does have a shorter focal length on macro mode, which can help taking pictures of flies if you are afly tier.

    Both the Pentax W series and Olympus 720 SW represent the Creme of the crop of "fly fishing" cameras.

    I have the Olympus....
  17. Fish Hunter

    Fish Hunter Too many people, not enough fish

    I have a similar model of the Pentax. Great little camera.
  18. JRSly

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    Another vote for the Pentax Optio. I have heard good things about the Olympus as well, but the Pentax was cheaper and takes great pictures so why spend the extra money. If you are getting this camera mainly as a fishing camera I wouldn't get a camera then waterproof housing because of extra cost for the benefits that just don't match and also because it just makes it bulky. The Pentax does a great job for just a point and shoot, it is small so if fits in a pocket and it is really durable. I use it for fishing and work. If the picture quality was really important you wouldn't be putting a limit of $500 for camera stuff, unless you are considering used film as well. If that is the case, size better not be a factor to get good pictures, and if you don't need underwater shots then I would look at getting a used FM2n by Nikon. Really weather resistant, only thing that it uses batteries for is the meter, the shutter and everything else is mechanical. It is a great camera, and built like a tank. You could probably use it as a hammer. That matched with some nice glass, and some slide film is a great setup. It is what I used to use all the time, I still do when I want more control over the picture, but don't want to worry about the weather. If you can't tell photography comes second to me, but only after fly fishing.

    Really consider what you want out of this camera. How important is picture quality? How important is size? Do you need to get underwater shots, or just use it with wet hands while raining?

    For a small underwater camera that doesn't cost much, but still takes great picture I put my money on the Pentax, but I think you would be happy with the Olympus as well.

  19. Jason Decker

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    i have a pentax wp camera and love it
  20. Bestbuilder

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    I have a Pentex Optio W20 and Its great. Its small- fits in my shirt pocket, you can't do that with a camera and case. I've taken underwater pic's of fish with the fly still in the mouth- it looks cool. At 7 meg pics it has great clarity. After dumping 2 other digitals in the river and having them only partialy work after they dry out, this one is perfect for me. On a rainy day it still hanges outside my raincoat with no worries.
    The optics are also next generation. Most point and shot will go this direction.
    I give it a 9 out of 10 for the average fly fisher