(NFR) Waterproof Camera

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by rmenefee, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Few Pics with the optio W10
    Just thought I'd point out that that is a resident bow that I caught
    its got a great marco capibility
  2. I have a Olympis Stylus 500 which is an all weather camera. It could be waterproof but I'm not to sure. I dropped it in the Yakima about a year ago and it laid there about 30 minutes(it took me that long to find it) under water. Took the battery and card out and let it dry out for two day and it is still working fine.

  3. P Optio but recently had to return it since it wasn't taking good photos and the flash wouldnt go off when the lighting conditions told it to. I will replace it with another Optio, good price, features and convenience.
  4. I have done both teh Canon with a housing and the Olympus Stylus 720SW. While the Canon was perhaps a better picture taker, the Olympus is definitely more durable. My 4 year old dropped the Canon, hence the need for a new camera. (BTW, I have an underwater housing for a Canon Powershot S30 as well as a 1 Gig CF card, two batteries and a charger for sale!). So, it still comes back to what you are looking for. If this is a camera to take on the river, in the salt, on the lake etc. or an all around camera that you will take fishing with you sometimes, then your choice will likely differ. The Elph with a housing is a nice option, just not as convenient and still more susceptible to being broken witha few bumps along the way. When I asked about the 'shockproof' on the Stylus, the salesman held it up to his eye and dropped it on the ground (carpet covered cement) and then handed it to me. Still worked fine. Canon still doesn't work after a 2 foot drop...

  5. No intent to 'pee on your shoes,' but I've had two 'Oly's,' both are a piece of shite. E mail into them now .. 'ok, had this xxxx for a couple of years, and downloading photos (blury as they may be) has come to a stand-still. Think 'bolos' with me swinging the strap around in front of a brick wall.:rofl:

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