NFR: Weber Baby Q or Coleman Road Trip?

Discussion in 'Camping, Hiking, Cooking' started by Josh, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. it works good so far. burgers, dogs,'s a grill.
    it also does good for boiling water for coffee, soup, chilli......

    not bad. buy it at a place that sells both kinds.....
    GI joes is a ripp off, they sell it at fredmeyer, about $30 cheaper.

  2. I'm with Ive, get the propane go anywhere grill. I've had one for years and though it's taken a beating it still works great. Just make sure that you get the Weber and not a cheap knock off.
  3. Here is another option.
  4. I have the coleman road trip. It has served me well for over three years now. It has the built in stand and is easily set up. I camp in many places that there isn't a table to set a more portable grill on, so the stand is handy. I cook with the lid closed all the time it works fine. The grates are steel and clean up fine. I turn the grill on high for about five minutes then use a wire grill brush. I coat the grill with vegetable oil turn the grill to med and put on the steaks.
    I would buy another one. The only complaint I had was the regulator was bad but coleman sent me a new one right out for no charge. Coleman has a new upgraded roadtrip it is stainless steel and is more heavy duty I may buy it next time if this one wears out.
    jesse clark
  5. I have a Weber grill (the model right above the Baby Q) for home use (only have a small balcony for grilling) and it has been great. Although I have not taken it camping (never wanted to leave it in camp or car while hiking or fishing) it would be very easy to do. You would not even need the portable stand. It would do just fine on top of a picnic table, etc.

    Overall, it grills great but there is not a ton of surface area. If you plan on grilling for more than 3-4 people or very large items, I would consider a different model.
  6. Not familiar with the "Road Trip" but I'd also recommend the Weber gas "Go Anywhere". I use a variety of gear for cooking, depending on the trip and what I feel like cooking. But the Weber is dependable, easy, and does a good job.
  7. Go with the Weber 'Go Anywhere Grill'. They are great.
    Fold up legs hold the hood on tight.
    The 'flavor tent' catches 90% of the greese and vaporizes it.
    You can cook two large steaks or a rack of ribs on them.
    Warm bread, rolls etc. in foil.
    Boil water for coffee....
  8. Another vote here for the Weber "Go Anywhere". There are a lot of clones of it out there. Make sure it says weber on the handle. They are bulletproof.
  9. Here's my 2 cents. No gas powered BBQ of this size/burner configuration is going to put out enough BTU's to properly cook a steak without a real lid. I would automatically eleminate any of the grills mentioned that do not have a real lid.

    I'm a big believer of weber grills. The Go Anywhere gas grill is my choice to travel with.

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