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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Tightline, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. In anticipation of the upcoming P.O.P. I was wondering if I could generate enough interest in a pre-party meet and greet. Jillians on Westlake? Beer, Pool, food etc etc. I am thinking Next Tuesday 10/28?

    Once we get this thing going, and get enough people we can do a fly lottery, tying demos and whatever else we dream up.

    Meet and greets were a monthly ritual at a BBQ place down in Georgia for NGT:confused:rg , and they are a blast. I am thinking this is a good way to forge some fishing alliances before the wet and cold of the Peninsula. I don't know about y'all, but I don't know a person on here.... lets get this thing going.....drinkin' some beer, and tell lies! :beer1

    If anybody has any other suggestions as to time or place, throw it out there!

  2. Westsiders meet and greet....

    I'd be up for that - location and time sound about right for me...although tying demos would be lost on me as I have not explored that side of this addiction yet.
  3. Westsiders meet and greet....

    Wicked idea brutha, although I can't make next Tuesday because I work night shift, depending on when you guys start, of course.


    "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

    - Henry David Thoreau
  4. Westsiders meet and greet....

    How's 7p sound... 7 to whenever. What time to you start World Angler?

    I don't think that we'll bust out the vices this time... just shoot some stick, watch some Baseball, and drink some beer.

    C'mon lurkers... heres a chance to tell the wife your going to the Peninsula with some buddies... and not a bunch of strangers you met off the internet!

  5. Westsiders meet and greet....


    Since I'm a new Westsider you'll have to tell me - where the heck is Jillians on Westlake? I might be able to turn up if I know where we're talking about. At least I can start lobbying for it! ;-)


    PS...Where in Georgia? I'm a Virginian and I have a son who's settled in Athens.
  6. Westsiders meet and greet....

    Virginia? Whereabouts? I used to live in Fredricksburg, Stafford, Manasas, Alexanderia, and Charlottesville, used to work in DC, three and a half years, longest place I ever lived. That's where I went to school and learned how to fish, cut my teeth on those beautiful, wild, native brookies...


    "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

    - Henry David Thoreau
  7. Westsiders meet and greet....

    Maybe we should pick a time that our Worldy party organiser can make it - I am open pretty much all of next week and live downtown so it is very easy for me. Monday night football is always good at Jillians, baseball will be over by next week but they might have some rugby! World Cup is on right now - your call.
  8. Westsiders meet and greet....

    Heck yeah, I can make it any day. I was just throwing it out there.... Worldanglr is there any time you can make it?

    nrv4mike, If your Bulldog (I'm assuming) :) is into fishing, tell him to visit http://ngto.org if he looks up "bpal" thats me! There are some fantastic people, and anglers out there... and there are a TON of great areas within a couple hours of Athens.... including Pisgah Natl. forest... one of my favorite places to go with the long rod.

  9. Westsiders meet and greet....


    worldangler...I lived in and around Blacksburg and Roanoke and points in between for almost thirty-one years. The cultural divide between where I was (the foothills of the Blue Ridge) and where you were is comparable to the one between the west side and dry side of this state! ;)

    Tightline...negatory on both counts.:rofl My son was actually a Hokie until his senior year; went to UGA on a reciprocal exchange for his senior year to pick up some Communications stuff not offered at VaTech. Now graduated after a pit stop at Tech to pick up one last class he needed this summer. He's back in Athens hoping to work his way further into the local music industry. Heard of "The Drive-By Truckers"? (He's not one of them, but he knows and hangs around them...hopes to get a road job with their next tour). And, he's not a fisherman at this time - his hands fit the guitar a whole lot better...;)

    But...he's due to spend a week or two out here with his old man next spring or early summer, and has already communicated his willingness to give FF a try. You gotta remember, his old man just took it up a couple of years ago...too late for the native brookies in Virginia...:(
    But just in time to fall in love with the PacNW fisheries.

    Mike :thumb
  10. Westsiders meet and greet....

    Sine I can walk to Gillians from my work, I suppose I could meet you guys there for beers.
  11. Westsiders meet and greet....


    Good idea, and I like the idea of scheduling when Worldangler could be there as I've not been to the Hoh. A thought would be, if he can't make it, is getting someone else from the Board that is familiar with the area to give us a briefing. ANY TAKERS?

    BTW, I looked at the NGTO website, nicely done. But did y'all consider the predation of trout on catfish and bass smolts. The trot line catch reports are way down.

  12. Westsiders meet and greet....

    LOL... I guess I should quit guessing!!! Yes I have heard of the Drive by Truckers... they are a GREAT Southern Rock band!!! I lived in Atlanta, just outside the 285 perimeter on the Hootch..... good times!!!

    I like that idea.... that is the beauty of these meet and greets... they give an opportunity to meet some good guys, and learn a hell of a lot from many different' people.

    Until we hear back from Worldangler, its still on 7p-whenever Tues. 10/28 at Jillians.
  13. One question............

    WHen is this OP get together? I must've missed the post. Can you link me to it guys? I got an email asking about it since I mostly fish the rivers on the OP. And had no idea what they were talking about. But knew it came off of here, and see you guys referring to it. Any details?
  14. One question............

    well, ok. Damned, well, I won't be going. Been one of my favorite rivers to fish since I was 3. Love that river. But, can't stand making a trip to it if I can't fish it. So I won't be showing. But, can give the person the whole scoop now. :D
  15. One question............

    Steel - your wisdom and experience would be very helpful to many of the members of the board, myself I've only fished the river two or three times, although I usually catch at least one fish on it. Between you and LittleStone, you guys should be able to field all the briefing questions.


    I spent a lot of time in the Blacksburg area, as a couple of close friends went to Tech. I spent a lot of time exploring those streams in that region, and further north on the backside of Shenandoah NP in the George Washington National Forest. It most certainly is a different world down there, as much so, as you say, as the east and the west side of washington. Very different indeed.

    As for a time to meet, Tuesday is a REALLY bad day for me, as I work Sunday night, Monday night, Tuesday night, and Wednesday nigth, 8pm - 6am, and we're down to four people on night shift, so coverage is non existant. If you set the time to meet at 6 pm, I might be able to show early, hang out and shoot some pool and some shit, and head in to work later, maybe around 10 or so. Let me know whatever's easiest for the rest of the crew.


    "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

    - Henry David Thoreau
  16. One question............

    Sheeesh! Somebody whistles a few bar of Dixie and you Down South Boys start pouring out of the woodwork. You boys don't hang everybody, do you?:dunno
    Bob, the Never Made It Further South Than Nawlins.:rofl :rofl :rofl
  17. Westsiders meet and greet....

    6 is good... I'll be there. Anybody who can't make it, just show when you can, I am good for drinkin for... a while }( .

    heres a list:

    Backyard and Steelheader69, you guys coming? Everybody who can make it is invited... a pre party, party!:beer2

  18. One question............



    I resemble that remark! :rofl

    But let me clarify one thing. I may have lived in the South (although even that point is debatable from the perspective of an Alabaman or Georgian) but you cain't never BE a Southerner unless you's BORN a Southerner.
    Which...sigh...I warn't.
    But let me give you a quick larnin' 'bout the South...

    There warn't no "Civil War" as them Yankees claim...them book-larned fellers call it "The War of Northern Aggression." Most o' them good ol'boys what fought in the war was jus' protectin' their homes and farms from the Yank invaders.

    (An historical aside...An entire squad of conscripted Irish-American Union soldiers were hanged as deserters after they recognized they were killing poor boys and men who honestly believed they were fighting for their homeland. They did desert because they felt they couldn't bear arms against these brethren.)

    Some favorite Southern bumper stickers:

    "We don't care HOW you did it up North."

    "American by Birth, Southern by the Grace of God"

    "Help clean up the South - buy a Yankee a bus ticket home"

    Hey, don't get me started on my Southern experience. I even had a close friend for a while (from mid-70's to early 80's) who later was discovered to have been a long-time Klansman. I never knew...

    (He never hanged anyone, but I'm sure he'd have liked to. He had to give up his manufacturing engineering job after he was "outed" and started his own storefront business buying, selling, and trading "memorabilia" (as in Nazi, Civil War, etc.)

    As for Nawlins...well, the jury's still out on whether to claim that devils' playground for the South! But they will take all the Yankee money you want to spend down there in the meantime.

    Mike, Y'all

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