Nice 4x4 muley

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by 05tacoma, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. 05tacoma

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    I wish I could say that I shot this deer... but we have decided to call it a "group effort" kill. One of my friends jumped it and it ran down into a draw we call "the killing field" because we get so many deer there. I saw it at the top of the draw and it was running at a good clip... so I whistled and of course it decides to slow down behind a bunch of trees. I had a potential shot... but the last thing I wanted to do was miss and have it run away as my friend was another 75 feet further down the ridge. So I stood up and signaled to him and pointed where I thought the deer had walked down to. He saw it, grunted and stopped it in it's tracks. One shot from his 25.06 broke it's neck.

    So here I am with the muley that will soon be mounted and in the cabin. Oh well, maybe next year!
  2. prosopium

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    Thats a great looking deer. at least you guys got him, it would be sad to watch that thing run out of sight never to be seen again. :thumb: and there is always next year for you
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    That thing's heavy all around. Heavy rack and heavy body. Very nice.
  4. Gary Thompson

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    Nice buck, that smile will last all season.
  5. buford

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    Nice Mulage!
  6. myflysdown

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    Good Job!! I always like a nice rack!! VM.
  7. Jeff Hale

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    Wow. Beautiful buck. Great team effort.