Nice Day on the Big Thompson!

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  1. Yesterday I decided to get some fishing in before the 4th of July craziness that typically descends on local waters. I had heard some ok things about the North Fork of the Big Thompson from time to time and so I decided to give it a shot. I wasn't super impressed. ALOT of barb wire private land i.e. no trespassing. I did find a few little stretches but the river is so tiny, and I stayed about 10 minutes- caught a small brown, and then left to head back down past Drake for some Big T action. In case it wasn't evident by previous posts, I live in Colorado! I wish we had a forum and board as cool as this one. Kudos to all Washington Fly Fishing members near and far, for a great contributor site. Just thought some peeps might say "...where the heck is the Big Thompson River?". Its headwaters are in RMNP, and flow down into Lake Estes below the town of Estes Park, and then on down through the canyon onto the front range. Thanks for reading and tight lines.

    I had a really nice hour and a half on the Big T, which is NOT my favorite fishery (too close to the road, crowded, etc). One Rainbow I caught was a legit hog (for the Big T). Actually, it's the biggest fish I have ever caught on the Big T without question. Not exactly sure how long the fish was, but when I went to net him he was lengthwise of the net (not across) and he arched his back away from the net opening and laid across longer than the opening of my net!!! I measured the net when I got home and it's 16 that's a pretty nice Big T Rainbow if he was in the 16+ inch range. I'd guess 17-18 inches. He fell for a #14 BWO dry...Here's a few pics. Big 'bow is the last 2 pics!

    Pretty Brown..

    Obligatory gear shot lol

    Nice Rainbow!

    Set Free...wish I had a tape measure!
  2. Nice report. I am heading to Estes for the first time, been wanting to for some time.
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  3. great pictures!
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  4. That last fish is a toad ... nice work.
  5. That's a nice fish for the T! I lived in that area for most of my life, can't wait to move back. Nice report.
  6. That's a great looking fish. Too bad about all the no trespassing and private property... the part about CO and WY I don't like.
  7. Great report!
    16+ is a brute for the Big-T.
    I grew up just down the road in Masonville, and used to fish those waters.
    Im headed back for a short visit this summer, and looking forward to fishing it all again.
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