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  1. You must be working a heck of a program to be so understanding.I can learn from this.
  2. hahaha. I have 2 young children, 1 and 5, i just turned 26, and i've been married since I was 21! I have a bit of patience lol. I think it was just ground into me. Annnnnnd I'm REALLY trying to build up some STEELHEAD KARMA!!!! hahaha

  3. Keep up the good work.Glad it worked out in the end.
  4. Lots of good karma coming your way Jon, it's well deserved. Good luck getting this resolved.
  5. Hey Jon.

    I have been following this thread from the beginning. Glad to see you didn't get burned. You really had a good attitude. I probably would have been pissed. May you hook lots of fish in the future. Glad to see a Canuck fan who isn't into burning cars when he is choked. Maybe I will run into you on the river one day.

  6. Yeah Frenchie, hopefully everything works out! Maybe we should get a Canadian roll-call going on here and all go fish somewhere in the LM. The Squam is hot right now...
  7. Squish is out, went from 100 cubic m/s to 800 cubic m/s last night...
  8. Glad its gonna work out for you hopefully. Remind me to NEVER buy anything from Nick.... Haha
  9. It great it looks like it is going to work out for you.It is really a shame somebody had to tell his mommy on him!!

  10. I'm substantially with Jerry on this one. However, we don't know if it's a shitty deal or not, because there are only two people (Frenchie and Nick) in this whole transaction that knows the nuances of the deal, and we're only hearing one side of the deal (Frenchie's). And, we shouldn't be in their deal, because it's really not any of our business.

    Not saying or implying anything about Frenchie's representation of the deal, but I've noticed there are a number of folks in this thread jumping to conclusions about Nick based on only a little bit of information from only one side of the purported deal. I don't know Nick personally, but I did one transaction with him fairly recently, and it was an exceptionally smooth transaction.

    It sounds like Frenchie and Nick have now connected, which objective appears to be the initial intent of the thread.

    Just sayin'.
  11. Have to disagree to a certain extent. I have bought and sold on this board, and the only real protection is the goodwill of the individuals. Not like eBay where you have a feedback score and you have certain purchase protections.

    There has been ample opportunity for a response from the other party, and I for one am glad I know the history (both good and bad) of at least one trader on this board.

    My $0.02 and worth at least half that much.
  12. I must apologize to a certain extent I guess. My intention is certainly not to flame anyone. I simply wanted to track down Nick to complete a transaction. I don't know what it was that Nick was busy with, or what had/has happend, it is not my business, but I can only imagine it was very serious. I will post on here when we have concluded our business, and hopefully it all works out. If that is the case, there is nothing to suggest that anyone shouldn't do business with Nick in the future. I do really appreciate all the support fella's, and I sincerely do not want this to be a witch hunt. AND for the record... I didn't contact his mother. =)

    Thanks again guys

  13. When someone on this board thinks they've been screwed, it's everyone's business unless the claims aren't true. I think frenchy's posts have merit and I do believe we need to help each other when we can as some have done here.

  14. Well, no ones knows all the details right now - so I'm not judging anyone or anything when I write this. However, it's a little funny that as soon as some people mention talking to the police and making or case or contacting relatives on facebook like his mother to say what happened, that then he finally get's a repsonse / contacted back.
  15. I agree.
  16. I totally agree with riverrafteriver. Nick Clayton was MIA till the words police and mom came up. Sounds pretty sketchy. My father died 6 weeks ago. I was devastated, but did not let anybody down. My dad would have frowned on that. I can understand a few weeks or a month of delay, but call a guy and explain your situation. Don't wait for a group of guys on the forum to get involved. Makes you look like you tried to scam and got called out. Good luck Jon. Hit me up if you ever want to hit the river. Cheers.
  17. Let me ask you folks this ........... both Frenchie and Nick put up the exact same item for sale, same condition, same price blah blah............ who are you gonna buy from first ?
  18. Wow. Interestenting read.

    I'm not going to get into the series of events that led to this situation, I will simply assure all involved, and
    those who aren't, that I am not a thief. I can understand Frenchie's concern of course, but while I may be accused of many things, stealing is flat not one of them.

    The rod and reel involved in this trade on my end is stuff I never use and just wanted gone. I bought the reel on the auction site on a whim last year and it never was spooled. Just never had a need for a reel of that
    size. The rod in question is 6 wt number 6 in my quiver and was realistically never going to see water again unless I moved it along. The rod I was to receive in this trade is one I may never use either. When Frenchie made the offer I thought it might be fun to try find a use for a baby spey even though I am very very new to two handed. I first thought it would be good for the beach but quickly read that it was a true spey rod and not a switch like its length had me assuming. So I guess my whole point here is that ne trying to rip him off just doesn't make sense. I was simply trying to unload some unused gear and I believe Frenchie was trying to do the same. Not a situation where I would be set to make big bucks even if I was the type to do shit like tha

    I have a ton of gear. I am a self confessed gear whore. I have bought and sold an awful lot of gear on thus forum. I have lent gear out. I have given gear away. I have met and fished with several of you. I have shared pictures and stories of our adventures as my son gets into fishing. I have generally tried to be a positive member of this community I so enjoy. I apologized to Frenchie privately and I will again in public. I am truly sorry for the hassle I have caused you. I would have had it any other way if I could.

    The original rod will be on its way to Frenchie tomorrow, as my rod as of now is missing. I will also be sending him the reel as a partial payment for such a hassle. If I manage to track down the rod I will be sending that his way as well.

    As for those who have made their opinions of me and this situation so clear well all I can say is that things are not always what they seem.

    I find the business involving my mother a bit disturbing but oh well. I have done similar bits of detective work trying to track down my ex wife. No hard feelings towards anyone. But to truly suggest that I spent the past several years building friendships, buying\selling\trading countless amounts of gear, sharing reports and stories, and even borrowing high end gear from other members, that I would ruin it all over some gear I would damn near give away to someone who would actually use it is assanine. And I came out of the dark only when threatened with a call to the cops or my mom? LOL that's just laughable.

    Anyway, situation resolved. Judge me as you wish. I only hope to resolve this to the best of my ability and move on.

  19. I'm so glad to see this resolved in a good way. I have a lot of faith in the people on this board and I'm happy to see that faith was not misplaced. S*** happens. Glad you guys worked it out.

    I'd buy from Nick....
  20. Good to see resolution on this one! All is right in the FF world again.
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