Nighttime Coho?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Woollyworm, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. Question for y'all,
    Do coho take flies at night? Could I beach fish a midnight tide during the fall migratory runs and have any luck pulling in silver?

    Thanks for feedback,
  2. I don't know about Coho's but I caught a bunch of Pinks out of Bellingham Bay this fall at night. I would fish from 6 pm to midnight during the incoming tide. Usually they would school up in two to five feet of water. I used a hot pink shrimp pattern stripped really slow on a sink tip line and did pretty well. It was really cool watching the fish make long runs when the phosophurus algee was in the water. The green streaks made by their runs were very impressive. I would guess silvers would take a fly at night as well. I've heard they like low light conditions and overcast days. The hard part would be locating schools of them. If nothing else, you will probably have the beach all to yourself.
  3. wooley worm, I used to fish at night quite regulary on a dock that has been out of commision until last week. since I was 16 and could drive myself to the pier at night. I have seen only 3 or 4 fish caught off artificial lures after dark. a tiny white crappie jig under the lights thrown to skooled silvers was the ticket. casting from the beach at night will not catch salmon. at least I have never seen it or heard it from the people I know who can really fish for salmon. but dont be discouraged the night time at lighted docks is the best time to catch silvers, they naturally come to the shallows at night and lights bring herring and squid by the millions to some docks and red or orange label cut plug herring on a spinning rod thrown to schooled fish is the best way of taking them at night. or a herring under a slip bobber thrown where you just cant see the bait. in the transition water from light to dark is where they seem to cruise alot. go down to a lighted dock at night in the summer months and there pretty alive with fishing jumping in the distance. come august in area 9 and september in area 9,10,11 should be real good fishin the way I described above. cant wait with the dock at night this fall, missed out the last few years because of closure. Ben
    rule of thumb no artificials at night for salmon, herring is the way

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