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  1. #### ALL SOLD ####

    Okay frends, hopefully it's honesty time. I have some Nikon equipment that I'm looking to sell. It has nothing to do with it being Christmas time, or needing the money to get something else. I just have this 3 year old, or so camera with two lenses, vertical grip, and flash that I really just don't use. It is a great camera and I bet it has had no more than 20 rolls of film through it. It is in perfect condition and kept in an exteded lense-on camera, Tamrac case that can hold the other lense beneath. It is a really great camera case.

    I spent over $2200 on it all, but don't know the fair price for both myself, or the buyer. I know there are a lot of you that are deep into photography, and some of you may actually be interested in this, so if you have any interest, or could help me out with a price, I would be greatly appreciative. All offers will be considered. I would rather have it be used by someone, then sit just doing nothing. Will consider selling all at once, or parted out if need be.

    Nikon N90s auto focus body - paid $949.99
    Nikon 35-105 f3.5-4.5D AIS Auto focus w/hood - paid $459.99
    Nikon 70-300 f4.0-5.6D ED Auto focus - paid $349.99
    Nikon MB-10 vertical grip - paid $149.99
    Nikon SB-26 AF TTL Speedlight with protective pouch- $379.99

    A few other things that I wont go into detail, as a few filters, eye cup, cleaning stuff. All manuals included, just not the original boxes. All came with US warranties. Digital pictures can be added here if there is any interest.

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    Are you willing to break the package up? Trade??? I currently have a listing for some fly gear on this site under title GEAR for SALE.

    Email jay@dpamain or call 425 466-2287

  3. Nikon camera gear

    Hi Jay,

    I don't think I'd mind breaking it up, as I posted earlier. I really have no need for any more fishing gear though. Crap, I don't have enough room for what I allready have. Thanks for the offer though.

    Let me know what you are interested in. Probably would be more willing to make a better deal on the whole outfit, but let me know and we'll go from there..

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    I am realy only interested in the lenses for my daughter who has an N70. I know that would put you in an odd situation. Give me an idea of what you want for the lenses....particulary the 70-300. I willl be at the end of my cell phone (425) 466-2287 or email private

  5. Nikon camera gear

    being a photo JONG I have no idea what anything is but I want a good camera
  6. Nikon camera gear

    One good way to price it is to go to K&N camera site which has used gear. Also, search for closed items on eBay and see what they sold for.

    Unfortuately, with the advent of digital, the film bodies have really plummeted.
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