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Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by tythetier, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Wow, cool to see that people still read this.
    I have my 3100 and I love it!! I have been waiting to take it outside until the weather got better, so I am almost ready.
    So far it has taken great pictures of our new son, a cousins wedding reception, other bits and things here and there, and one race weekend. It takes great pictures, and I am learning more about it everytime I take it out.
    So far my favorite is being able to get the moving water shots, and the pictures I got from my race weekend with panning looked un real!
    I did get the kit 18-55 lens, and that works pretty good so far. I would like to get the next step up lens once I am done blowing money on the wifes new car, and can save up a bit.
  2. I own a D7000 and it's a pretty tough camera for a digital. It takes great pics. I also own a 5100 and it is a great camera too.
    I've used the 3100 also and I agree with porterHause and would go to the 5100 instead of 3100.
  3. My old Nikon lenses fit on my D90.

  4. Those that fit my N90S now fit my D7000.
  5. I have a d80 an love it. i'm thinking of moving to something that shoots video as well. is shoot video with the iphone - but need some better quality - and being able to use my lenses would be awesome.

    which body should i move to?...
  6. One thing to keep in mind regarding DSLR video is that they require a much different approach and more patience than a standard HD camcorder. The video is typically high quality, but they are anything but point-and-shoot. I've found that with my D7000 manual focus is often necessary, and that is difficult for me when looking at an LCD screen (the viewfinder does not work as the mirror is locked up for video mode.)

    That said, the best part of DSLR video is the ability to use different lenses. For example, with a fast lens you can shoot with a low depth-of-field and achieve artistic, cinematic effects that are impossible with a traditional camcorder.

    There is a ton of info available on the web re: DSLR video, focusing, etc.

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