No Holds Chironomid Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Irafly, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Fine with me
  2. Here's what I am tying for this swap.... The Chicken Pox

  3. I was thinking about tying a variation of Brian Chans frostbite chironomid. Should be fun
  4. Nice pattern Baitfish!
  5. Sounds good on letting the waiting list guys in. I'm gonna tie some Andy Kim Yong Specials size 16.
  6. BTW, seriously diggin that pattern wayne!
  7. I'll PM the others on the list to make sure it's cool with them to tie 26 versus 18 so don't send yet but at this point plan on tying 26 and if you only need to tie 18 well then you've upped your own box count.

  8. Wayne, Baitfish, the whacked out crazy looking potentially kiiiiillleeerrrr patterns is exactly what I was thinking. Now I know that I'm pulling out a secret. Shhhhhhh.


  9. Whoops! I just mailed mine out. Feel free to keep the extra flies...
  10. Is there any consensus? Are we in or out?
  11. In! Just sent a PM
  12. Cool I'm half way done. My kid asked me what I was tying, told him black and pearl mids. He says oh capt. jack sparrows(name of the ship was black pearl in the movie) I thought that was abit long so CJ'S it is.
  13. Mine are done and will be in the mail soon. These catch lots of fish-they are a stillwater killer and also work great on spring creeks as well. Looking forward to trying the other patterns.

    Ryan aka Ryfly
  14. Tied and mailed.

  15. Wayne's are in, looking forward to the rest.

  16. Shipping monday with 16 and under flies, same package.
  17. Got mine tied-in the mail tomorrow! Rick
  18. Mine are tied and packaged. They'll go out in today's mail. They are the ones with red flashabou body with silver wire ribs, white bead. I tell you this because I couldn't bend my mind around tagging 26 of those little bastards. Sorry.

  19. LOL! After I take pics, just make up for it by cleary posting your recipe.

  20. Mine went in the mail yesterday-should get them today or tomorrow. Rick

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